Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Fiesty Little Lady

My Dad's second wife died on the 27th of January but I just found out today. I had been trying to reach MJ but no answer. I called my nephew, Ross Bailey, because he lives in NJ and not that far from CT. He contacted the police and they told him she had fallen on the 25th and died two days later.
I have tried to keep in touch with MJ because I always liked her. I remember when I met her for the
first time.....she made my Dad laugh. I loved that. I enjoyed being around her. I liked going with them when they visited her Mom in NJ. I liked what she did for my Dad.

I made a horrible mistake by asking her not to come out to California for my Dad's birthday. She and Elinor didn't get along and I thought things would go better. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! She never forgave me and I have never forgiven myself. I tried to make up for it but I don't think she ever forgot.

I am sorry, MJ. I tried to show you in every way I could that I really loved you and I was just stupid.
I hope you can forgive me now.

I will always be glad I knew you. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Breath Of Spring From Nebraska

Her name is Roxann O'Hare and she is one of Elinor's dearest friends....mine too. She is visiting us from Nebraska and we are having a ball with her. She and Elinor love to create together. Roxann always  brings a project. This year it was aprons. She has been working non-stop on one and it is great. In between, she and Elinor have been journaling. Check Elinor on Facebook and you can see what they have been up to. Roxann is like a shot in the arm for the winter blues..

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Pal Nani

 This is one the most intelligent dogs I have ever met. Her name is Nani and she is incredible. Unfortunately, she has not been well of late. It is never easy to say goodbye to a friend but it is
especially difficult to say goodbye to a pet like Nani. She and my cousin, Margaret, have been together for about 16 years, I think and that is a long time. They have had a lot of good adventures. I was lucky to share in one very special adventure: Nani goes to Washington. Nani had just passed
her obedience class and could sit and stay so we climbed in the car and drove to DC and visited some of the major monuments and took pictures. We had Nani visiting the Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, FDR's memorial, the Korean War memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. It was a hoot. We had such a good time we wrote a book. It never got published big time but it was one of the best times I ever had.
I know this is a hard time for Margaret and Nani and all of us who know them and love them. You are a good dog, Nani. Well done, and we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Safe Journey. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Can't Believe I Did That!!!!

I can't believe I did that!!!! One of the Domino Queens, Sue Moore, asked me to speak at the Relief
Society meeting on the 13th about genealogy and I said yes. I hate speaking in front of people and I certainly don't want to be involved that much in the Relief Society. It is not that they aren't a great group and they definitely get a lot done for the Church but that is too involved for me. Yet I said yes.

I love genealogy and if I can spark someone to jump in and get their feet wet than that is good. For me, genealogy is more than just names and dates: it is the stories. The stories are what make the people real. I am so sorry I didn't get caught up in this sooner. I would have listened more closely to my Grandfather Totman's stories about his childhood. I would have tried getting some information from my Grandmother McDonald or listened to my Grandfather McDonald. Maybe he would have told me when he changed his name. He did it somewhere between 1900 and 1906. I know this because he was Oliver Ross Ewing on the 1900 census and he was O. Ross McDonald when he married my Grandmother in 1907. I figured he wouldn't have changed his name after he met her

. We always wait too long........bummers.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Robert

I had to look hard to find this picture. I remembered someone saying this was a symbol he liked.
I do like to remember the " gentle giant" who would go out of his way to help. Of course, he could be ferocious when it was called for. I loved how he would give a big hug in greeting. He was a good friend. I can still see him gently holding his little cousin tenderly in his arms. What A guy!
Hope you have a nice celebration today, "He of Shining Fame". Happy Birthday. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bye Bye Love

I just read that Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers died. All I can hear in my head is  "Bye, Bye
Love" and Wake Up Little Susie". It brings back memories of Horse Haven Inn and Jeanetta
La Rosa cooking up some of the best French fries I have ever eaten. It was there I learned the "Twist". It is the only dance I could ever do. I didn't have the rythem for anything else. Oh well, the gal standing next to me could do it all. If you are wondering what she is wearing, that was our gym
uniform. Can you believe it?
As I have watched the end of the year memories of those who have passed away, I wonder how many will remember the Everly Brothers and Peter O'Toole and Jean Stapleton. Well I remember them and as long as someone does, then they are still here. "Bye Bye, My Love, Goodbye.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, World!!!!!!!!

It is 11 minutes before midnight here in Washington State. There are already fireworks going off but they are too soon. People like to shoot off fireworks just to make a lot of noise and to scare my cat. Cashew is nowhere to be found. Can't blame her for that.
Elinor and I celebrated by going to see "Saving Mr. Banks" this morning. It was a delightful film but the part I liked best was the end when you see Mr. Banks sing "Let's Go Fly A Kite". What a happy song and what a good idea. Let's all go and fly a kite. Let us be happy and share that happiness with others.
I know we all have problems but being miserable about them isn't helpful. Being hopeful is the key.
There is a solution if we are willing to look and try and work. Sitting back and doing nothing gets nothing. Doing a little bit is better then not. I am one of the worst offenders but I think I will try to change that. It is a thought.
Happy New Year World, especially to you, Cuz.