Monday, March 31, 2008

Weird Weather

Well, winter has slunk back to its den at least for a little while. All the way up to the retreat it rained, snowed, sleeted, hailed and occasionally, the sun shown thru. Can't figure it. I only spent one night at the retreat. Somewhere along the line I pinched a nerve in my back and could barely move so I came home. I had a really nice time and I did meet some lovely ladies so it was a successful outing.
The place where the retreat was held was in a part of Washington I had not seen. It was actually out in the boonies but very lovely. If I had been feeling better, I would have taken a few shots but I just didn't feel like it this time. I will return to that area though.......maybe for another retreat.
For now, I am trying to get things ready for Virginia. I am looking forward to seeing my friends and especially, my Cuz. Hope you guys aren't having any of this weird weather back there when I get there. Once was definately enough.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hey, What Happened?

I woke up this morning all excited about going to my first retreat here in Washington and what am I greeted with......SNOW! Who ask for this? Not me, that's for sure.
I don't like the idea of traveling off to some place I don't know in the snow. I will have to find those chains and take them along because I do NOT like fines of $400.00. This was not nice. I want my Spring back. Here Springtime.........come on, Baby.......come on back.........Please!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ms Cashew has a pedicure

She may look happy and serene now but she sure wasn't a while ago. I had noticed that Ms Cashew's nails were a little long which means I have to cut her nails. I only clip her front nails because if I were to do her back paws, I would be in shreds.
I am very careful when I clip her nails. I even have special clippers so I don't hurt her but she doesn't like it one bit. Never the less, I persevered and she has now been clipped. I will now bind up my wounds until the next time I think her nails are toooo long( idiot that I am) and we will once more into the fray. Tally Ho OUCH!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One of Elinor's Projects

One of the more unusual requests my sister made of me in Nebraska was to go to this nice little hardware store right down from the Cosmic Cow and just take a bunch of pictures. Being the obedient person I am, I did so. These are some of the results. I have no idea what she will do with them but I had a great time with what I did. When is the last time you really looked at a small hardware store. I don't mean like Lowe's or Home Depot but the little old hardware store like when we were kids. They were a hoot and as you can see, the patterns were incredible. I will await Elinor's imagination with baited breath. Go on.........let your minds wander.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Pink Shrine

It is something everyone should have at least once in their lives:

Actually, it is a bathroom that has been decorated to the nines.
With pink doodads. And pink fabric.
I first beheld the Pink Shrine on my trip to Nebraska. It is situated in the Cosmic Cow which for those of you who haven't been reading the blog is the incredible fabric store belonging to my new friend, Roxanne Ohare. I am not sure how this started but I know my crazy sister had something to do with its hatching. She has definately been contributing religiously ever since. It is a hoot.
Every encounter with Pink is subject to scrutiny.
Does it belong? Is it worthy? One can never tell what will show up.
I will be submitting an entry of my own. They seem to be lacking in pictures and I have a flamingo that may just be right. We shall see.
Keep fingers crossed, please.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fiber Fest

Is this a trio or what? These three people are three of the most creative people I have ever met. The lady on the left is Roxanne Ohare. My sister, Elinor, is in the middle and the lady on the right is June Vogltance. Each one is vastly different but they share a love of fun and creating with fabrics.
Fiber Fest was an all day event on Saturday,the 15th of March. There were to be six teachers teaching six different uses of fiber. I helped Elinor put together 20 kits to make a needle case for her part in the Fest. It was a hoot and I enjoyed being useful. There were 17 people at the event and each of them was totally delightful. A few of them had taken classes with Elinor earlier that week at Roxanne's shop, The Cosmic Cow, so I already had met them. June has a mailorder shop which is on the Internet. It is called Vogies. Check it out. She had just come back from Kenya and she had some incredible stories to tell.
Each teacher taught about 1 1/4 hrs and although some of the projects were not completed, the ladies were far enough to have an idea of what they had created. Everyone had a great time including me. I showed some of my pictures and got some very nice feedback. All in all, I now understand when Elinor says Nebraska is not the state, it's the people. They are truely terrific and I will look back on my time there as well spent.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Nebraska Exploration:Day 2

I tell you, when you can't write and you want to, it is a definite hassle. To make matters worse, Elinor now has the virus so she is miserable. The difference is, she has deadlines and I don't so it is harder on her.

My second day in Nebraska was a little easier because I didn't have to worry about a key. I decided to go to Pioneer Park which is in Lincoln. Pioneer Park is a lovely city park which happens to have a golf course, walking trails and a wildlife refuge complete with buffalo herd, elk and other interesting things. When I walked into the nature center, I met a delightful lady who was busy giving the snakes their Friday baths. I know that there are many snakes that like the water but I have never seen them being given baths. I met Icy and Pearl. Icy was a Bull snake found in a freezer. He was no bigger than a rubber band when they found him but he has grown and is still growing. Right now he is about 4' long and they think he will be 6' very soon. Pearl was an albino Rat snake. The reason I don't have any pictures of the snakes is that I felt they were entitled to their privacy. OK, I 'm a chicken and I don't care for snakes.

I walked around the trails which were near a pond. There were some Canadian geese. There were also some cages that held birds that had been rescued and could not be return to the wild for their own sakes. Hence, the owls.
I never did see the buffalo herd. Stop laughing, Lynn. I say that because all thru our trip to Kentucky, we saw signs telling about buffalo and we never saw them once. Very discouraging. I think it is because I didn't have my brother, Ross, along. Now HE attracks buffalo like crazy. They like him so much that they want to kiss him and they have VERY LONG TONGUES, don't they Ross? We found this out in Waco, TX.
Anyway, my second day in Nebraska was delightful and not to be missed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Things I like about Nebraska

It is amazing what you can see if you just look.
These pods were so cool that they just beckoned me. This thing above me that looks like a golf ball stuck in a plant is called a gall ball. A fly comes along and lays its eggs and forms this ball. When the fly eggs are ready to hatch they just break out. All goes well unless a woodpecker happens to see this little ball and punctures it for the baby flies. The little guy in the water is a muskrat. I had another picture that had a animal that looked similar. That was a nutria. They are bigger. Same family but a bigger version. I sure am glad to get that cleared up.
This 24 hr virus has turned into 48 hrs and I still am having problems but Nurse Elinor has been very kind in supplying jello, animal crackers, and gingerale. I hate being sick but we are on the mend. I also owe a special thanks to Cashew who has not left my side. There is something very comforting about a little cat snuggled up to you purring. Ok, Ross, I know you wouldn't agree but she has been a good friend.

Nebraska Journey

I must apologize to everyone for neglecting my blog. Elinor and I traveled to Nebraska last Wed.
and returned late Monday after spending most of the day in the Omaha Airport. Then I came down with a 24 hour bug so now here we are.
I had a ball in Nebraska. I have heard about it so often from Elinor(it is her favorite state) that I just had to go too. We arrived on Wed in the evening to be greeted by our hostess, Roxanne Ohare. What a delightful lady. We drove back to her home, stopping at her shop to drop off Elinor's suitcases with the dolls in them so we wouldn't have to do that the next day. Roxanne's shop is called the Cosmic Cow and is fabulous. It is full of fabric of the most amazing colors I have ever seen. We then drove to her home which is about 30 min. away. Her house was built by her husband, Rich who is definitely a sweetheart. They have a cute little dachshound named Sabena and three cats. The only cat that I got to know was Ashes who was about 18.
The next day Elinor had a class of 7 to teach and I decided to go exploring. Roxanne was kind enough to lend me her car, a Honda , which had a very tempermental key. This key and I did not agree at all. I couldn't get it started. Finally, with some help from Roxanne, I headed off. After driving for a while, I decided to stop and get a map and some water so I pulled into a Walgreen's. After I made my purchases, I went out and tried to start the car. Could not turn the key. O h well. I sat in that parking lot for a half of an hour feeling very sorry for myself and finally I got the key to turn. Do I go back to the shop or go on my way? I decided to chance it and went on my way. It was a beautiful day and I wasn't going to sit in a shop all day so off I went.
I decided to go to Denton where there was an Audabon Park. I t was doing some work with the Prairie Grasses and it sounded interesting. It was out in the boonies and required one more stop(bathroom and gas). Of course, I couldn't get the key out so I had to leave it in the car and pray. Finally, I arrived and actually got the key out of the car. The Park was lovely and I walked around as much as I could(knees were not feeling great). I saw some birds, a muskrat, and a few turtles but it was the prairie that got me. The peacefulness, the was incredible.
Spring is just coming to Nebraska but even with its winter coat still on, it was lovely to me. I could imagine my ancesters traveling across in a wagon. In fact, there was a spot at this park where wagons did cross.
I spent about an hour and a half there and then I tramped out to the car. The key would not turn. I spent another 20 min. there turning that key before it finally clicked. I drove back but I swore that I would not drive that car again using that key.
I am glad I took the chance and drove where I did. I came away with a special feeling for this wonderful state.

Monday, March 10, 2008


One of the fun things I learned when Carolyn and I took our photography courses at NOVA was to look at textures. Elinor enjoys these kind of pictures too so now I am looking for interesting things to photograph.
This particular picture was taken at the Crawfordsville Covered Bridge. It just caught my eye. I wanted to show some others as well but this blog site is having problems when I try and put in more than one picture so you will just have to see them one at a time.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Trip Down to Oregon

Friday morning, Elinor and I set out for Philomath, OR. For those of you who like to look at maps, take Rt 205 to Rt 5 to Rt 34. If you can find Corvallis, it is the next town on 34. Elinor had to teach two days and we thought it would be fun to go together. It was. It took us about 2 hours to get there and after I got Ellie settled in the Quilt shop, I took off. I decided to go an explore eastward because that is where we are having our family reunion.
I travelled on Rt 20 going east toward Lebonan and Sweet Home. I was looking for covered bridges because there are nine of them in this area. I found three. This one is the Crawfordsville
Bridge and it was built in 1932 . It isn't use anymore but it is in a lovely setting. I found two more
bridges in Sweet Home. They are not in use either but they were lovely to see. I will show more pictures of them later. I had a lovely time driving around and I managed to find my way back to
the Quilt Shop without too much trouble. I will save the other 6 bridges for another time.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Road Trip

Tomorrow I take my first road trip with Elinor. We are going to a place a little south of Corvalis, OR and we will be gone over night. We will leave very early in the morning so I am looking forward to a pleasant day.
The place where we are going in not far from all those lovely covered bridges and I am looking forward to exploring.
I hope this will be the first of many trips with my sister. It is nice to be around her, exchanging ideas and thoughts. How sad we missed so much time together but how wonderful to make up for that lost time.
Here is hoping that I get lots of pictures and here is hoping I can be a help to my companion. I do treasure her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You Never Know What Your Call Might Do

If you have been reading this blog, you have probably noticed that my moods have been on a roller coaster of late. It is difficult to move away from all you know and live where you don't know anyone except your family. I have been feeling lonesome of late and today, I got a bunch of pansies via my cell phone.
My cousin, Margaret, called out of the blue. Normally, on Tuesday at 830am, I am at my Bible study class but today, I just didn't feel like going and boy am I glad I didn't. Talking with Marg is a joy because she doesn't give a lot of bull. She says what she needs to say. I don't mean that she is unkind or cruel but she doesn't beat around the "bush". She gave me some good advice and I am going to try and use it. I needed to hear her today. I feel better and I think maybe, things will improve.
Thanks, Cuz..............these are for you.

Monday, March 3, 2008

That Old Gang of Mine

Two years ago I heard the call of the Sea Lions of Astoria. Carolyn Shoup and I had taken a trip up the Columbia and Snake Rivers. On the return, we stopped in Astoria, a charming town near the mouth of the Columbia River. In the distance, you could hear this loud roar coming from the distant
piers. Carolyn and I hiked up there and it was a hike and we saw these huge beasts just sprawled out on the docks. Occaionally, they would sit up and scratch or bark. It was totally amazing. I paid a visit to Astoria on Thursday and I had to stop at the pier to say hello. They were just as big as I remember and as loud. I remember how fascinated and enthralled Carolyn and I were. That was a good trip. Carolyn, if you are reading this, I promise to take you to Astoria to see that old gang of ours. They are still an awesome sight.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tired and Gray

Out on a drive to Grays River, I passed this wreck. Looking at it tonight, it reminds me of me.
I have tried to find my niche out here but sometimes I just don't think it will happen. It is not that I did so much in Virginia but at least there seemed to be people around when I needed them. I just don't have any real friends out here and family isn't enough. I can't even seem to get on the right track with God anymore. Of course, that isn't His fault but I seem to have lost my way. I miss being able to go over to someone's house and just talk. I miss having someone to go out and take pictures. I miss my world. Washington state is wonderful. It is a beautiful place and all but it takes time to make friends. You have to know people's schedules. I don't know anyone's here and I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself.
I love my sister. When she is here, I seem ok but I am finding it difficult to cope when she isn't around. I try and go out on my own but my heart isn't really in it. I've got to get a grip on myself because this really isn't good for me. I know it and I don't like myself very much now because my weight is up. I keep trying to shake this depression but it is rough going right now. If anyone is there, please say a prayer for me.