Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Great To Be Home

I enjoyed my trip emensely but I am sure glad to be home. It was so nice to see Elinor and Cashew
again. There is something very comforting about a little cat curled up beside you and purring. And there is nothing nicer then a sister's hug except a equally nice one from my brother. I had a wonderful time in Virginia. I saw everyone I wanted to see almost. I had an opportunity to help several people that I love. I saw my Camera Crew, The Golden Girls, my 730am Curves people, Lynn Smith, Donna Turgeon, Nancy Ade, Ruth Gil and my wonderful cousin, Margaret. I enjoyed lunch with my dear Aunt Pat, had Sunday dinner with Carole, Brian and Julia plus the Child. I got nuzzled by Punky and Laurel, licked by Nani, Kelsey and Reynard and igonored by Blue. I'm glad to visited Virginia but I am glad to be back home in Washington. It is my home now and I am grateful and feel blessed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Little Clean Up

Tomorrow I leave for Virginia but before I go, I have to do some major cleaning or else, I may come home and find someone has done it to me. I live in clutter and there is no denying it. I just can't seem to find room for everything and I don't want to part with it.
I 've told Elinor that she doesn't have to look but since she will be caring for Ms Cashew, she will be looking. Don't get me wrong. Elinor is not a neat freak but she says my room could make her one.
Ah well, I will try to improve or she might have second thoughts about inviting me. Where are those seven dwarfs or Mary Poppins magic bag or the rats and pidgens from ENCHANTED when you need them. There is NO JUSTICE!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What's left out at Fort Stevens

Well, there is a lot of old bunkers and it is a great place for kids to run around. For me, it is textures. Carolyn, you would have a field day here. This is definitely your type of place. I would love to see what your pictures would look like.
Anyway, It was a interesting place and I will probably go back when I have more time. I would like to see the beach because this place is located at the mouth of the Columbia River and that would truely be something to see. I will get there soon. Right now all I want to do is get over this cold. I HATE COLDS!!!!!!!YUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It be blooming here

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I took Elinor over to Gresham, Oregon so she could teach a class and I went exploring. I decided to go back towards Astoria, OR and check out Ft Stevens. I thought it was a fort built during the time of Lewis and Clark but this was a WWII Fort. Since the Columbia River is a major mover of goods from Eastern Washington and Oregon, it is a vital concern. Portland has a good size harbor and I am sure that during the Second WW, people were worried about being attacked by the Japanese.

They probably weren't too far off either. There are alot of power plants along the river and several dams. Bonneville has pill boxes still standing as reminders of the past. If the Japanese could have hit our mainland, they could have messed up the Northwest plenty.
I didn't see too much of Ft. Stevens because I had to get back to pick up Elinor at 430pm and I was three hours away but I will go back there again.
I had fun taking pictures of the blooming trees. I am sure that the East is just as lovely but I have to say, when you see Mount ST. Helens looming to the north and Mt Hood, towering to the east, there is no comparison.
I do love Virginia and I am looking forward to my visit but I will miss the mountains here. Blue Ridge, eat your heart out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


One of the hardest things for me is patience. I use to say Patience is a virtue but sometimes a problem and that is still true for me. Waiting is hard and yet when I get rushed, I usually screw up.
Yesterday Elinor and I were going to Curves but she was reading a book and she wanted to finish it before we left. She said she only had a little ways to go but we didn't leave for an hour. By that time, I didn't feel like exercising at all(not that I really did in the first place). I went but my heart wasn't in it. Besides, I felt like I was coming down with a cold and sure enough I did.
It didn't matter that we didn't go first thing.....after all, what else did I have to do?Nada and yet, I was angry. I don't think I did anything to indicate it to Elinor. I hope I didn't. It certainly would have been a dumb thing to fight about. I've got to work on this patience thing. You need patience with photography and also with people, especially oldsters and kids. I would definately like people to be patient with me now that I am almost 60. I better start treating people like I want to be treated.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Pal Donna Turgeon

When we first started out, she was just trying to get back to her art. Now she has become an art promoter extraordinaire. When I called her to day, she was out on the road over to Chicateague to try and get some galleries to carry her prints and note cards.
She is really doing it and I am so happy for her and proud of her because she has really done a fantastic job.
She has gained confidence in herself and what she can do. She has grown as a person and an artist. I can't wait to see her new products.
I am still waiting for her to use some of my pictures for her art but I am patient. I know she will eventually. Well done, Donna.
To see more of her work, check out

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Project

The only problem with living with a creative person is that they insist that you be creative too.
Elinor say I should have a project so we are working on putting all the info we have on Mother together in an album.
We have found a number of letters, pictures, etc some of which I haven't seen before. Others are old friends. It is fun to see some of the old pictures because they tell stories to both of us. Some of the stories I know and others I don't. I seem to have alot more of the stories because I was lucky enough to spend more time with Mom and she never tired of telling certain stories. It is fun to to do this with my sister. I only wish our brother, Ross, could share it with us too. I know that right now is not a good time because he and Sharon are getting ready to go on their cruise. I will try and remember to bring this to the reunion in August. It should bring back alot of memories from the grandkids as well. Nothing like a little project to get you to thinking and dreaming.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Oregon Coast

I've been on beaches all over the world and I know there are some incredible ones but the Oregon coast is truely awesome. No matter how many times I see it, it just blows me away. The big bloulders that stand as sentries, the amazing colors of the water, the intensity of the waves is unforgetable. I have special feelings for the oceans. Walking in sand is a great source of joy to me. I always find peace there that I can't seem to find elsewhere. Next time, however, I will come better prepared. I will have my walking stick, a chair, and a towel. Of course, my camera will always be with me because it is a part of me. I really do love the sea. I am so glad that I am near the coast.

You have to see it through a child's eye

One of the benefits of moving to Washington
State is that I am living near my great nephews and nieces.
Yesterday, we went to Cannon Beach
on the Oregon Coast. We traveled on Rt 26 over to the beach. The ride over was through the area hit by a cyclone earlier this year. It looked alot like the area around Mt St Helens when the volcano blew back in 1980. Whole strips of ground were flatten, trees uprooted and broken in twos,threes, etc.
They had bad flooding in this area as well. The coast seemed untouched at least in the area we were in. We first went up to Ecola Park where there was a beautiful view(See tomorrow's blog).

John(in blue) 12 going on 13(5 May) and 9 year old Thomas(in green) romped and chased each other with Sam(3 going on 4 if we let him) tagging along. Sam got so involved in playing that he forgot to tell his Mom that he had to go to the bathroom. This, of course, was not one of his wisest decisions of the day(Sam hasn't quite got the potty training down yet) His mother , Maureen, a women of incredible patience, took the barebutted boy into the bathroom to clean him off. The underware was tossed and Sam was reclothed without the benefit of drawers(undies).
On to the beach. It wasn't really warm enough to swim but that didn't stop the two older boys from wading and getting wet. Sam played in the sand and had a ball burying his mother's feet. His mother put his swimsuit on him and he laughed and played with utter delight. Again, he got so wrapped up that he had another accident. Maureen was not a happy camper but she still showed incredible fortitude as she tried to make it clear to Sam that this was not acceptable behavior. Sam apologized in tears and Maureen looked to heaven for help. It is hard to be mad at this little kid and eventually, he will get the idea. I managed to get a picture of him after the first episode and I have promised to make about 100 t-shirts to be given out at his graduation.
All in all, it was a delightful day and I am grateful that I am not a parent.... just the good old Aunt.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I've got Virginia on My Mind

It is only 14 days away from traveling back to "Old Virginy" and I am really looking forward to it. I've printed out my best pictures so I can show my friends what I have
been doing with my camera. As I look at some of the shots, I try and remember where I was and what I was looking for. I 'm looking forward to getting together with the "crew" and maybe taking some shots. I really miss going out with someone and shooting pictures. I know, Marg,..... I just haven't done it yet.
My cousin said I should put out a proposel and see who takes it. I just haven't got it right yet but I am working on it. I have to find some place here in Vancouver where it isn't too far for someone to go. I still don't know people's schedules but it is a good idea and I am going to give it a whirl. Meanwhile, I 'm thinking about Virginia. I hope Punky and Laurel are ready to have their pictures taken. Ms Nani too. It is fun to take pictures of old friends.
Ok, back to the present.