Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Joy of Being Appreciated

My Great Niece , Ellie Coleman, is moving down to Portland shortly. She will be going to school here and I must say , we are all excited about it. Ellie is a delightful, beautiful and charming young women. Everyone likes her. She saw this picture and asked if she could have a copy. I told her that she could look at any of my photographs and take whichever ones pleased her. She took about 10.
I am thrilled. I am pleased to do something for someone I love but as an artist, I am pleased that someone wants my work.
I have often dreamed of selling my stuff but that just hasn't worked out. I would love to be making some extra moolah but I just don't seem to have the knack. I am not a great photographer but I am not too shabby either. I still love taking pictures. I hope that will never change but recognition is nice too.
I do appreciate those who have given me good feedback, especially you, Marg, since you are the only one now who comments on this blog. You give me encouragement which is vital. Just think..............a whole apartment with my pictures as the highlight. FARRRRRR OUT!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Interesting Memorial Weekend

Well it was suppose to be sunny but it wasn't. Elinor arrived home on Sunday from her gigs in the east but she was limping. It seems that sitting on a airplane for 7 hours isn't exactly what the doctor ordered. Maureen, my niece nurse, recommended that she go to Kaiser and be seen so as to rule out a blood clot so Monday was spent seeing doctors. She had blood work and then they wanted her to go and have a sonargram so we had to go to the emerency room. We arrived at 630pm and didn't get out of there until 230am. Needless to say, we are not operating on full burners today but good clot. It seems she has a cyst be hind the knee and it is irratating her. Ain't that fun?
We did have a nice cookout at Maureens on Sunday. She invited several families and us for a potluck dinner and it was fantastic. I cooked hamburgers that I had made the way my Mom use to way back when and they were good. It was a fun time.
We also visited my Brother-in-law' s grave site. I know Ellie misses Gary so it was nice to go there. There were plenty of people out visiting their family members. It is good to remember
those you have lost. Yes, a very interesting Memorial Weekend.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Real Treat

Had me some cherries today and boy, were they good. They brought back so many lovely memories. We had a cherry tree in our back yard in Scarsdale. Every year it was a race as to who would get the most cherries: us or the birds. The birds usually won but I managed to get some.
My second best memory of cherries is on the trip I took with my brother, Ross. We went to Vancouver Island in Canada. After we got out of Victoria, we found a roadside stand and we bought a bag of cherries. They were the best tasting things this side of heaven. We were spitting pits all along those island roads. I hope some of those pits sprouted some new trees.
A most delightful fruit and one of my all time favorites.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Winter Just Won't Let Go!

Today is the beginning of Memorial Weekend and it is cold outside. It 's like winter just doesn't want to say goodbye. Not that I want it to leave but after all, it is almost June.
Maureen and I are planning a big cookout on Sunday. Hopefully, Elinor will be home to enjoy it. It is going to be a potluck type of cookout. I went out and got hotdogs, hamburger meat and buns for both. At one time, we were going to have this event at our house but Maureen decided it would be better at her house. No problem. I also got some outdoor toys/games because there will be kids there.
Saw a fun flick tonight.......the new Indiana Jones movie with Harrison Ford. It was good but not great. I went with Maureen and Thomas who had seen the movie with his father earlier that day. It was fun to see but I wouldn't want to own it.
Harrison Ford is getting up there......65 ........only 5 years my senior.
So many things are changing.......gas hit $4.00 today. It is really disgusting. This world scares me. It makes me wish for a real Indiana Jones even if he is old, he is still cool and we could use a hero these days.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Why is it whenever we have a really great idea, somebody rains on our parade.
I got my money from the gov't and I wanted to do something fun with it. I decided to see if I could fly my nine year old great nephew, Thomas, to visit his cousins in St Louis. He would have loved it. I checked the airlines and found some difficulties. It seems that if a child is under 12 he/she has to pay an unaccompaied minor charge of $75.00 each way. I can understand the airline's reason for this. You certainly don't want a kid acting up on a plane or getting accosted in the airport or getting lost when making a connection. I had thought that if the flight was straight thru that there wouldn't be a fee.......WRONG.
You are charged regardless. I would have been willing to drive up to Seattle if I could have gotten out of the fee but nooooooooo.
So I booked a tentative reservation with American Airlines for Thomas to fly to St Louis. Then I checked with his mom to make sure the dates were ok. She was leaving on the 28th of July and returning the 2nd of Aug so I tried booking the same dates. Unfortunately, his Aunt Laura(the hostess) was busy that week. I tried about 6 other dates and finally we found a week in early July that worked for both families.
I called to pay for the flight only to find that American had changed the fees and the flights THEY had booked were no available for unaccompanied minors. The price had increased up to almost $600.00. I was furious. I tried so hard to make this work and now I can't do it. I am angry at the airlines. Like everyone else, they just don't give a damn. How did we get so far from good and fair customer service. I was told the price would hold and they lied. I used to love the travel industry but I am disgusted with all of them now. I hate it when I have NO recourse.
Nobody cares whether you use them or not because some other poor sap will. Not traveling doesn't hurt the airlines, it just hurts the traveler.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, I have found my first drawback of living with Elinor. She does NOT have air condition and it is HOT HERE. It is almost 9pm and this house is very warm. I have windows open and ceiling fans going but I am dripping. The heat zaps me of energy and I just hate it. It is only May. What am I going to do when it is summer. I don't know gang but this is not good.
I don't sleep well in the heat. I don't do anything well in the heat. Of course, Virginia wasn't any better: in fact, it was worse but I had air condition. I know.......I am whining and that ain't good either. Think cool and drink lots of water. Think Cool........I am cool........ very is getting cooler........slowly but surely........step by step..............inch by Burrrr,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Something Different

I didn't feel like showing a picture that I took so I am showing a picture that I drew. There is a thing on my computer that is called paint and you can paint so I did.
I need to get out and take some more trips but I don't like to when Elinor is in town. She leaves tomorrow so I will get back on the road. I want to head north again and back to the coast before school lets out and all the families are traveling.
I also have some more gardening to do. There are weeds that are calling to me to come out and kill them and I am happy to oblige. I am feeling a little bloodthirsty about weeds. Shame on me.
Oh well, such is life.

Monday, May 12, 2008


There are some people you just naturally want to be near and Evalyn Coleman is such a woman. She is fun to be around. She is like a light and we are the mothes attracted to it bright beam. Everyone wants to be with Evie. She is charming, vivacious, bright, beautiful, loving, kind.......just plain nice. I watched her today with my great nephew, Sam, who is 3. She was so cute with him and he just adores his Aunt Evie. You can't fool a 3 yr old. They know who to trust and who not to.
So do I. This gal is a keeper.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Reality

Today is Mother's Day and it marks the 5th one that I have celebrated without mine. I loved my Mom. She tried to be a good parent but she didn't always succeed but she tried. She introduced me to wonderful books and theatre and places. She gave me a home and her love. She read aloud to me and encouraged me. She shared movies with me and ice cream.
I have been lucky because I have had other mothers too. Ruth Gil has been like a mom to me in many ways. She is a generous soul with a kind heart. A little critical but thats ok. Then there was Miriam Ryan who had the coolest backyard and a stream to explore. Annie Wiehe with her cheerful hello and her joy in playing scrabble. Aunt Fay with her Willy Fly stories. Dear Aunt Pat whose delightful curiosity and sense of adventure made her my favorite relative to visit and to be with. Mary Jo, my Dad's second wife, and her Mom as well both had their influence in my life.
I have been nurtured by the best and I am richer for it. They taught me and now I can pass it on to my nieces and nephews. I hope I can enrich their lives as much as these others have enriched mine. Thank you, ladies.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gardening? ME???????

Who would have thought it? My old man must be laughing himself silly. But yes, I am out in the garden pulling up ...........well there in lies the problem. I do not know what is a weed and what isn't so I am pulling up anything that looks like what I think a weed looks like. I am very good at recognizing dandilions. I think I have those down pat but the rest is pure guess work. God, please forgive me for destroying your handiwork but I am doing my best.
This is what comes from my sister saying "why don't you try sitting out on this stool and pulling up weeds?"

I never could understand my father's fascination with gardening but I am trying. I just pray Elinor doesn't have any poison ivy in her garden because I won't recognize that either. Oh well......once more into the fray or grass or ivy or....?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Boys will be boys

These handsome young men are my great nephews. Each is amazing in his own right and yet they do share a number of qualities. The skateboarder is John Fox who just turned 13 this past Monday. John is reaching the stage where the big thing is having his voice drop(and it has). He has decided that jumping off our patio stairs on his skateboard is the thing to do so this past Saturday he and three of his friends did just that. I made sure they wore helmuts but it still scared me silly. One of his friends was nervous so I told him not to do it. I think I eased his mind by telling him that being nervous would make him tense up and he would be more likely to hurt himself so he didn't do it. Nobody ragged him and I thought that was cool. I ended up taking the guys to lunch and then dropping them off at the mall.
The picture of the five boys is actually two families: Thomas
Fox is the imp doing the devils horns. The other young men are the Sanders boys from Pullman, Washington(eastern part of the state). They are Caleb, his twin brother, Isaac, Noah on the end and the little guy in front is Jonah. I had the pleasure of entertaining Caleb,Isaac, Noah and Thomas on Friday for Pizza, Rootbeer floats and a movie. They were great fun and it was very interesting to find out some things about them. Isaac is taller then his twin brother and he seem a little more mature. He is interested in electronics and likes to take apart machines. Caleb is hooked on archeology and the Egyptians. Noah likes palentology and plants and animals. His favorite dinosaur is the T-Rex. Thomas is a rock hound and he loves to tease but he is a good worker when you need one.
The last picture is of Isaac holding his one year old sister, Harper. All the boys seem to enjoy taking care of little sister and I like that quality too. My brother was great with me and we still have a special bond even though he hasn't had time to comment on my blog of late. Are you there, Bro?
I must say that this more interaction with young people than I've had in a long while but I think I did alright. I hope so. I would like them to remember Aunt Muff fondly.

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Than Friends

I just watched a report on the Kentucky Derby which was Saturday. In the race, a beautiful horse name Eight Belles broke both her front ankles and had to be put down right there at the track. It was sad. She had run a good race and actually finished second but now she is gone. It would seem

that the race horse breeders are being a little careless with the breeding because there are a lot of horses breaking their legs lately.
During my trip to Virginia, I had the pleasure of being around several very special animals who were more than just pets to their owners. They are friends. The two horses and the dog belong to my cousin, Margaret. They are very special to her and she gives them great care. Laurel and Punky, the two horses, are beautiful animals. Although they take a lot of care, Margaret dotes on them. I have already written about Nani, the German Shepherd Dog, who I think is one of the coolest dogs ever. The cat is called Blue and he belongs to my buddy, Donna. She found him when she was visiting her mother and fell in love with him. He is a beautiful cat who considers himself a dog which is probably a good thing since he lives with two dogs. Of course, I have my good friend, Cashew, and I don't even want to think about life without her. I am not sure what my point is but I really feel bad about that horse. Maybe it is because my niece had to put her dog down this weekend too. I guess I am just appreciating Cashew alot more now. If you have a pet, thank them for their love and take good care of them. They do add a lot to our lives.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Is This a Face or What?

Did you ever see such intellegent eyes? This is Nani and she resides with my cousin, Margaret, in Clifton, VA. She is really a very nice dog with a fierce bark and you really do not want to get on her wrong side.
This is probably one of the best pictures I have taken of this lovely animal. It is one of the few pictures I took while visiting this April. For some reason, I just didn't feel like taking photos of people. But this dog was a whole new ballgame.
In case you were not aware, she is a German Shepherd Dog not just a German Shepherd. The breed is known by the full name including the dog part. Originally bred in Germany, when they brought the name of the breed over, Hund or dog was part of the translation.
Thanks for posing, Nani. Good Girl!!!!!