Monday, September 29, 2008

Where Does It Come From?

Where does it come from.......this amazing inner strength? She has it in abundance. Oh, She is not perfect.......not by a long shot. But when it comes right to the nitty is there.
Last night after cooking a lovely dinner, we talked about what was going on with Elinor and her work. My sister is having a few crisises and she needed to vent. Maureen was acting as the middle woman so to speak because she is also friends with Elinor's partner. It seems everything comes thru Mo. It was a good talk and a helpful one for Elinor but it was a sad one for me.
I am a selfish person sometimes and I wanted to be the helpful one but I am not. So I listened and this morning, I cried quietly because I feel
useless at this time. I know I have my gifts but when it comes right down to it, they are not of use at this time. So I am feeling sorry for myself and I am wondering why I am here if not to help. What I don't want to be is a burden to anyone. I must try and put my fears aside and do what I can. This is not my time to serve Elinor..........maybe I can be there for MO.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Not The One You Need

Everyone wants to be the hero, the one to save the day but sometimes that is not the case. Elinor is having some hard times and I can not be life buoy. It is not that I don't want to be but we are two different women with two different lives trying to blend and it can't quite happen.
Don't misunderstand. The desire is there. The love is there but the understanding isn't right on.
I can listen. I can sympathize. I can hug. But that is it and I have to accept that. It isn't personal. It is just a fact. We have lived two very different lives and my experiences are not hers and hers are not mine. I wish I could help more but I can only do what I can do. So I listen. I sympathize.
And I hug.........................

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Invasion of the Skateboarders

I have been invaded by skateboarders. It seems that our back patio is perfect for skateboarding and my nephew, John and his friends like to come over to try their skills. So far, no one has killed themselves(thank God) but I have to say that I like the idea that they feel comfortable over here. I like John's friends......they are nice kids and it is fun to hear their youthful voices.
Being a great Aunt is fun sometimes........ok.....most of the time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I'm draggin' a little today........I am not sure why but there it is.
What do you do when you are draggin'? Well, I can tell you what you don't do. You do not sit around and twiddle your thumbs. First of all that is boring. Second of all, if you have arthritis, it hurts. Third, you get calluses on your butt. So I got up and went to Bible study class(it is good for the soul) and I went to Curves(it is good for the rest of you) and I dumped trash. I went shopping and got some nice food which I hope is good for me and I began to work on my calenders.
Hopefully, I won't be draggin' anymore tomorrow. Tally HO!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rossy

60 years ago today, my Mom brought me home. It was my brother's birthday and she didn't have a present for hims so she placed me in his arms and gave me to him. Ross took her seriously because he has been watching out for me ever since.
We have had some really good times. It was Ross who took me to my first circus, my first rodeo, who introduced me to esgargot
and baked alaska( not the best combination but awfully good nevertheless). He came to more softball games then either of my parents. We have taken trips together and shared an apartment together(until he met Sharon). We have bet on football games because we had to keep in touch so this meant we would talk at least once a week. He taught me to play blackjack and to win.
He also taught me how when you are down and out that you still pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start over again. He has been my hero and my dearest friend. He came up from Texas and helped me move to Washington State. He came to the family reunion. He has encouraged me all my life. I am soo grateful for this wonderful man and I thank my Heavenly Father for putting me in his arms those 60 years ago. Thanks for not dropping me, Bro.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Every so often, She comes into my mind

At this time of year, I always think of Mom alot. Mainly since it is my birthday time and I wouldn't be here if it were not for her (and Dad). But it was the special time we spent together at the shore. This picture is my favorite because it was at Chicoteague, VA and it was our first time there. I remember that we stayed at the Refuge which was very close to the bridge to Assateague Island where the wild ponies are. They had a litttle corral with two ponies and I loved to pet them.
The beach at Assateague was right out on the Atlantic and the water was rough but it was glorious and we had such fun. Mom wasn't hurting as bad then. She enjoyed having the wind and sun on her face. We had clam chowder(the Chicoteague Clams are famous or they were then) and I am sure we were reading some book(because we were always reading some book). It was a happy time.
I miss Mom so much and I am so greatful for the time I had with her. She may not have always
done the right thing as a mother but she did the best that she could. I guess that is what really counts in the long run. You do the best that you can. Thanks, Mom.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have a Purpose

I have often asked God what my purpose is and today He told me. I am an encourager. That is what I do. I am a cheerleader and today I will be cheering on a new friend at her softball game.
We were reading Romans 12:3-8. In it, Paul instructs us to use our talents that we have received from the grace of God to help others.
I am going to try to do that to the best of my ability. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for this gift. I think You are doing a great job!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

60 at last

Today is my 60th birthday. My body certainly feels it and it looks it but that is my fault. I have thought alot about this day, mainly because I never thought I would ever reach it but here it is none the less.
I have a lot to be grateful for and I think this is a good place to be verbal about it. I am grateful to have found God and to have Him in my life. It was a long search and sometimes I haven't always
felt His presence but He has always been there for me. I just have to keep my "ears clear".
I am grateful for my family. My darling sister, Elinor, who has taken me into her home and given me her love and understanding. My wonderful brother, Ross, who has always been my best friend and chief booster. His lovely wife, Sharon, who has been a dear friend as well as a sister. My nieces and nephews who always make me feel important in their lives.
My cousin, Margaret, whose sage advise and loving comments
keep my head on straight. My darling Aunt Pat who was always a good friend and a wonderful travel companion, whether it was traveling in Japan or paddling on Lake Barcroft. Her excitement was contagious.
My dear friends: Nancy Ade, Ruth Gil, Carolyn Shoup, Lynn Smith, Donna Turgeon, Annie Wiehe, Carleen, Berta, and Darci. I would be lost without you all.
To my good Dr. John Gualtieri, who guided me out of myself.
And to those no longer here physically but always with me: My Mom, My Dad, Grandparents,
Aunts and Uncles, David and Mary Adison, Roger Wiehe, Robert Darby, Uncle Shield, and my sweet brother, Gary. Thank you all.
Finally, to the special pets in my life who have shown me love when I needed it and a soft body to pet and cuddle: MissC, Pizza,Scarlett, Gemini, Charlie, Gigi, Hi Test, and most especially, Cashew.
I have been truely blessed and I will try to remember to appreciate all of you who have welcomed me into your hearts.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

Today is September 11, 2008 and I am remembering . I was working at Diplomat Travel and one the accountants had a call from her husband saying we should turn on the tv. At first, we thought it was a horrible accident but then the second plane hit. Then we heard about the Pentagon. We didn't know about the United flight that crashed in PA until later.
I can remember crying and thinking how horrible and frightening to be in those towers. Later when I saw the pictures, the videos, I couldn't believe the courage of many of those people. I wondered would I have had any courage? I don't think so. I know I am sounding like I am just putting myself down as usual but I really don't see me being that brave. I would have been terrified. I probably would have just sat down on the stairs and given up.
I don't want to forget 9/11. I want to honor those people as much I would honor our troops in Iraq or Afganistan. I need to remember.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Outing With Thomas

One of the many joys of moving here has been the opportunity to get to know my great nephews. Thomas
Fox is a bundle of curiosity about lots of things. At the moment, he has expressed an interest in photography. His Aunt Evie has given him a 35mm camera and he has been very keen to try it. Since this happens to be one of my major interests, I have tried to help. At first, he went thru the
fun of buying film and then loading and then opening the camera every few shots . He has since learned that that is not the proper way to see how many pictures you have taken. I decided to

invite him on a camera shoot. We went to the wildlife refuge in Ridgefield which is about 1/2 hr away from us. We saw lots of animals. We walked some because when we first got there we were at the walking part of the refuge, not the driving part. We finally got in the right area and Thomas found a snake skin and then he saw a real live snake. We also found a praying mantis, a heron and a blue bird of sorts. I tried to remind him to be calm, focus, and relax. For the most part, he did very well. He certainly was observant. Focusing was a little harder. Also, a 35 mm can not see at a great distance so some of his pictures are a little hard to see but he does have a good eye. I think I will try taking him to the zoo next time. The animals should be a little closer and he should have better luck.
Even so, we had a great time. I really enjoy being with this kid. He is special.

Oh the Joy!!!

I know Joe looks like he is crying but he isn't. He had a cold and pink eye but even with all that, this was/is a happy child.
His mother was singing the alphabet song and Joe was getting into it. What a wonderful little boy.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!

Today my family gave me another birthday.
We had tacos with everything on them, some beans with cheese, and ice cream sundaes with special M&M's from my crazy cousin in Virginia.(THANK YOU, MARGARETTA.......TOO FUNNY). There were alot of people too. There were the Fox Family(Christian, Mo, John, Thomas,and Sam), The Colemans(Joe, Evie and Ellie), Christian's Sister, Trish and her husband, Tom and their three kids:Helena, Andrew, and Vaughn, and my dear friend, Carleen. It was lovely and I am most appreciative of the love from these wonderful people. Maybe 60 won't be soooooo bad. We will see.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Trip to Tillamook

When visitors come, you naturally try and pick something to do that they will like. George and Christina love food and especially, love cheese so we decided to go to Tillamook and visit the cheese factory.
It was a hoot. The factory offers a self guided tour and they take you thru the complete process. Afterward, you are invited to sample some of the cheeses and purchase them. Tillamook makes a great cheddar cheese. They also make very good ice cream. We got both.

If you look at a map of Oregon, find Rt 5, then just outside of Beaverton, find Rt 6 that goes over to the coast. It was a beautiful drive. We then went up the coast to Cannon Beach and back on Rt 26. Rt 26 is not as pretty because it still shows all the destruction of the floods earlier this year. Actually, what happened is that a cyclone went thru and ripped up trees all over. It is sad to see.

In case you are wondering about the picture on the bottom, that is a vat of cheese before it becomes cheese. Anyone for a bath?

As Promised, Here's Little Joe

Meet Little Joe Bailey. He is one year old and absolutely adorable. A very easy kid who unfortunately, has a case of pink eye. Of course, that doesn't stop him from being cute and funny. Even his cousin, Thomas enjoys entertaining him.
His mother, Christina, is wonderful with him as is his father, George. He is loved and cherished.
He is also curious about everything.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Little Boys and Cats

His name is Blue and he belongs to my best friend, Donna. When this picture was taken, he was just a kitten and like all kittens, he was very curious.
My great nephews are like that. Right now, my great nephew, Joseph, is visiting from Germany. I will have pictures of him shortly but right now, this will have to do.
Joseph, like Blue, likes to explore. Everything is new to him and he just has to check it out. Naturally, parents must be vigilant against anything dangerous but it is amazing to watch this little guy. His older cousin, Sam, is also into everything but it isn't really new to him. He just likes to get into it. Today he got a hold of some scotch tape and was having a wonderful time wrapping it all over his body. Of course, it helped that his mother, Maureen, was also playing with the tape. No harm, except to the tape, but just fun.
Little boys(human and feline)............... have got to get into everything.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Probably Didn't Spell It Right But I Sure Did Like It

Have you ever been with a true Chocolate lover. I don't mean those people who just have a hersey
bar and think they are really eating something. No, I talking about true connosuirs of the stuff.
My Nephew, George, and his lovely wife, Christina, and their beautiful son, Joseph, are visiting from Germany for a couple of days.
My niece, Maureen, who knows every chocolate seller in Portland, took us to two places today which were incredible.
We had Mexican chocolate truffle, salted caramel chocolate, chocolate with Rosemary and then we went to the second place. Oh my gosh.......!!!!!!!!!!
There was a chocolate with peanutbutter and jelly, one with apricot, one with figs, one that tasted like chocolate pumpkin pie(fabulous, I kid you not) but the one that really blew me away was the bacon caramel......AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
George and Christina have become very knowledgeable about chocolate but Maureen is no slouch either. Of course, George and Christina are coming from one of the chocolate capitals of the world, Germany. I will tell was an experience and I will have to spend at least an hour at Curves tomorrow to make up for it but what a way to go.