Saturday, January 31, 2009

Super Bowl 2009

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. It will be the Arizona Cardinals against the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know most of the people in our family are rooting for the Steelers. My cousin, Robert
Darby was a die hard Steeler fan and so is my nephew in law, Joe Coleman. Big brother, Ross will also be rooting for them. Even President Obama came out for the Steelers. I like them as well but you never can tell. Sometime teams that are not suppose to do well fake you out. One team can get cocky and make stupid mistakes. They don't take their opponents seriously.
I hope both teams play well; that there are NO bad calls; and that NOBODY gets hurt. After all it is only a game or is it? We will see.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do You Have Everything?

Elinor and I thought we had this routine down pat. I asked her if she had her cell phone, if she had money to tip the baggage guys, had her journal, a good book, her calender: You know, the important stuff. Yes, she had all that. So what did I get this afternoon but a call saying.."Muff,
I need you to send my meds" So at 25 min. to 5pm, I race to find the fastest cheapest way to send her meds to her. It turned out to be UPS at the lovely charge of $53.00.
I'm making a list and checking it twice...........gotta add meds to that list. WOOOOOF!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well. at least I understand why......

Shingles. That is what I have. It is a virus which has to do with chickenpox. It seems when you have chickenpox, the virus stays with you and is dorment and then one fine day, IT WAKES UP!
There is a rash but it is a painful rash. It feels hot. It is usually on one side of your body: in my case, the backside. Wouldn't you know. I sit alot and I sleep on my back so there is no relief. There is no remedy. It can last as long as two month or longer if you are really lucky. It affects the nerve endings so you are constantly aware it is there and even when the rash disappears, you still feel it. I can't take a cold bath which might feel good because I can't fit in a tub. I don't think I could get out of one if I could get into it. Oh well..................and so it goes.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things Always Look Darkest When You Are Down

I have a real knack of seeing the darkest things when I am depressed. This happens when things seem to be bad but aren't really. I am just having a hard time seeing the good. My weight is up; I have a rash of some sort which doesn't itch..... it just hurts; Elinor thinks I am always yelling at her( I am not allowed to raise my voice). Things just seem lousy.
I know I am lucky beyond belief. I have a home. I have a wonderful sister. I am not destitute. I may be uncomfortable but that is not as bad as it could be. I am just at odds with life right now. I will try harder to bounce back. I know I can change my attitude but right this minute.........phoooey!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There's a New Day Dawnin'

Today is Inauguration Day. Barack Obama will be sworn in at 12oopm. In Washington, DC, the streets are filled, people are packed in like sardines but here in Washington state, it is just the same but there is an air of anticipation, excitement, happiness. I know things will not change overnight. We didn't get in this mess in one day and we won't get out of it easily but we are all looking forward in the hopes that things will begin to improve. I pray that God will watch over our leaders, give them wisdom to make good choices and patience to see this job through. I also pray that we have patience and perseverence to give our leaders the support that they will need. Meanwhile, I intend to enjoy this NEW BUSHLESS DAY. Amen

Monday, January 19, 2009

All Nighter

I remember when I was in college and I had to stay up all night to write a paper. Boy was I a mess!!!!! Last night was an all nighter and I feel just as bad as I did many years ago.......
We had been to a double birthday party for Maureen and Thomas. It was a lovely party but we all had tooooo much desert. Desert was chocolate chip cookies baked in a pie tin and when they were finished, vanilla ice cream was ladled in. It was deliscious and I had tooooooo
much of a good thing. Could not sleep so I stayed up and finished the last of the Harry Potter books for the second time. Those are definately 7 of the best stories I have ever read. Today I feel..........well I don't feel good. Moral........don't have so much sugar before bedtime. Yuch!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Togethers

Today was a get together with my Mexican Train Domino buddies, Carlene and Carolyn. We have a wonderful time playing this crazy game. We laugh, snarl, growl and howl. I am the only one that does all four things. I am very competitive and so is Carlene but it is a fun type of competition with no hard feelings.
We meet over at Carlene's house and she serves refreshments. Carolyn and I both bring things so that Carlene doesn't have to bare the burden. Sometimes, there is a fourth player....Berta. She is a delightful lady who has trouble counting up her score. She suffered a stoke a while back and so counting is a problem but we don't mind helping and she is a good sport about it. We have had other fourths: Carlene's grandson, Kenji and another lady named Bubba. They are all lovely people and I am grateful for the outing. Elinor doesn't like playing games and I love it so it is good for me.
Elinor does, however, enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles. Well, she did until we started this one we are doing now. My niece, Evie, got it for us for Christmas and we are going to get her for it. It is the puzzle from HELL. When we finish it(and we will finish it), I will take a picture of it so you all can see what a nasty thing it is. To all other nephews and nieces, remember, PAYBACKS ARE ROUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Wise Old Bird

This is our winter of discontent. I believe that is Shakespeare and he must have traveled to Washington state. I realize winter is the northwest rainy season. It is also cold and damp but this year it seems colder and damper. I have also found that the more one complains, the worse it feels. Ergo, I am shutting up right now.
I have decided to make a real effort to look on the bright side. Yes, it is cold and wet but I live in a nice house with a nice roommate. I have a room which is covered with lovely artwork. I have plenty of good food(Elinor makes the best soups. Her chicken is fantastic) so I have no right to complain at all.
Recently, I decided to sponser a child who lives in Uganda. His name is Bosco and he has had a really rough time. I am honored to be able to help this child. I am doing this with my great nephew, Thomas. I supply the money and Thomas is writting the letters. Bosco and Thomas are close in age so it seemed like a great idea. When I look at Bosco, I know I need to stop beefing and get with the program. After all, it truely is more blessed to give then receive and it is definitely more fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've Been Attacked By a BUG!

I hate being sick! I particularly hate being sick to my stomach. This bug is just plain nasty so I have been resting and reading. In fact, I have rereading all the Harry Potter books. I was so mad that the sixth picture isn't coming out until late June or July that I decided to reread the whole series. It is a fine saga whether it is the first time or the second or sixth or what. It is just a good story. Especially when you are sick. The only problem is that when I am really in it, the books are so heavy it is difficult getting to the bathroom in time. Oh well, such is life.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Good Old Friends

I saw a movie today that made me laugh and cry. It was "Marley and Me". If you like pets, this is a good one but have your kleenix ready because it is a tear jerker. These are some old friends that I have known. The spaniel is Bailey who belonged to my niece, Evie. The two dogs near the cannon are Shadow and Butterscotch who belonged to my friend, Carolyn. Butterscotch died unfortunately but Shadow is still going strong. The grey cat is Gigi and she belonged to me. I lost her a couple years ago. I know that some people don't believe that pets go to Heaven but I believe in the Rainbow Bridge and I know I will see me friends again. I just hope they all get along. I think they will.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


It has been 2009 for an hour and I am glad it is here. I hope it will be a better year for all. I make no promises to myself other than that I will try and be a better person than I was last year. I will try and be more understanding, more patient, and more useful if I can.
Good Luck , World. Here we go!!!!!