Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Best Christmas Present Ever

How lucky can you get? I get one of the nicest Christmas presents ever in the middle of May. My
great niece, Elinor Peace Collette Coleman, asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I really don't need much so I said....... "a little of your time". To me, spending time with someone I love is a real treat. Ellie is a delightful young woman who has a great sense of humor, a to die for smile, and a laugh that lifts your spirits higher than a kite. So when she said she had some free time, I was delighted. She told me she would pick me up at 9am today so believe me, I was ready and waiting. We drove into Portland and went to the Japanese Gardens.
What a beautiful place and one that resembled the many gardens I had seen in Japan. To get to the gardens, we had to go up a hill. It was a hike but Ellie was patient and waited for me. When we got to the top, I saw a nice little tram. It didn't matter . I was glad I had made the climb. Ellie
paid the entrance fee and we walked around. We came to a lovely pond and we were entranced.
It was so peaceful and pleasant. I took some photos of my lovely niece but I didn't do her justice. Her inner beauty matches her outer beauty. What a joy to share time with this lovely person.
We walked a little while and then we took the tram down. Before we left we stopped at the gift shop and I purchased a book about Japanese gardens for Ellie and a little bird bell for my sister.
While we waited for the tram, Ellie bought a year membership. Now she can come back and even bring a friend. I hope she will bring me again.
We drove to a nice little restaurant called Hesler's and had breakfast with Maureen and my sister, Elinor. The food was great, the conversation lively and the morning fantastic. This has been the best Christmas present ever. Thanks, Ellie.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Weekend!!!!!

What a weekend indeed! Elinor held an open house this weekend. We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and boy, it was something.

She held demonstrations, answered questions, gave tours and talked. Then on Saturday, she taught a class to six women. Evie came down from Silverdale to take care of the food. She fixed the nicest buffet with fresh fruit, veggies, make your own sandwiches, and some brownies. It
was fabulous. We had 25 people show up on Friday. Some bought some patterns and fat quarters. For those who don't know. fat quarters are not my thighs; they are pieces of material
that make up a yard. Elinor had made them up of Laura's new fabric which is fantastic.
Definately a cool weekend.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and of course, I am thinking about my Mom. This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken in London on our first trip there. What a great trip that was. We stayed at an old hotel near Russell Square. On one day we would walk around London visiting things like the Tate Museum, Westminster Cathedral, The Tower of London and then, on the next day we would go on a excursion to Stratford on Avon, Bath, Oxford, and Stonehenge. Mom alway had a book with her but she just enjoyed showing me things. Thanks Mom. Thanks for everything.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I was touched today

I got a really nice surprise in the mail today. I received my Golden Girls directory and also a T-shirt and cap. I expected the directory but the shirt and cap were a surprise and a joy. I remembered how much I owed this wonderful organization. For 15 years, I lived, dreamed, and played softball. I lived for Wednesdays and Saturdays. I cursed the rain, the darkness, the heat and the end of October. The sweetest words were "batter up" and "you're safe". Two of the dearest friends I have ever had were made playing softball. I am so grateful to this incredible organization. It brought me out of my shell and for 15 years gave me a home. Thank You, Golden Girls.

I don't see any more trips in my future

Today I realized that I
have probably taken my last trip. I am just not able to do it any more. I feel sad about that because I use to really love to travel but not now. I have let myself become fat and now my knees and legs just don't work like they use to.
Oh, I hear you all say well, why not take off the weight. Right!
It just doesn't work that way. The will to give things that I like just isn't there .

I no longer seem to care about that. No matter what I do, the compulsion to eat is stronger. I am grateful for all the trips I was able to take and I am sorry about all the places I will never see now.