Monday, August 31, 2009

Miss Lily

I apologize for using an old picture. This young lady is now NINE years old and looks much older. If you want to see a more up to date picture of the incredible person, look at
This is her mother's blog. If you look at some of the entries you will see that Miss Lily is creative in her own right. She has a very keen imagination and I always expect great things from her.
Well.....Happy Birthday, Miss Lily. Have a great year!!!!

Happy Birthday, Cuz!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a reader of my blog, you will note that every entry has at least one comment.......CuzDC. That's Margaret, my incredible cousin and one of my dearest friends. We were thrown together alot when we were kids. Our mothers were sisters with an age difference of 7 years and a shared trip around the world. We were only 11 months, 352 days apart. We were both the youngest in our families. We both had an older sister and an older brother. We both were in love with horses(she owned them, I dreamed about them). We both went to the Grier School. Margaret was a legend, I just attended. We both cared for our mothers in their old age. Margaret is still doing so. She also cared for her father. We are both too heavy but she gets more exercise than I do.
She is my hero, my advisor, and my good friend. Happy Birthday, Cuz!!! Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!

What A Trip!!!!!!!

I think it was 61 but maybe it was 62..........Margaret will correct me, when my Aunt Pat, my Mom , Margaret and I went across country in a Nash Rambler. We traveled about 5 weeks and went from VA to CA to AZ to IL. What a trip. We were suppose to camp out every other nights. Actually, we only camped out 5 nights. Our mothers hoped we would diet............HA!!!!!!!!
Actually, my mother had the nerve to serve us metracal once and we said phoooey!!!!!!!!
We saw Dodge City, Estes Park in Colorado, San Francisco where Margaret fell in love with Alcatraz, Hearst Castle where we both fell in love with the pool,DisneyLand and Old Tucson.
I learned alot that summer. I learned a whole bunch of cuss words from my cousin. We fell in love with two horses named Billy Jo and Stinky in Tucson and we both became proficient at singing "Harrigan". It was a great summer and lots of cool memories.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Singing Happy Birthday

There is nothing I like better than singing Happy Birthday with my sister, Elinor and tonight was no exception. Tomorrow is my cousin, Margaret's 60th Birthday so we called at 9:01pm our time which is 12:01am her time and sang.
Unfortunately, Margaret was probably out in the barn mucking out stalls but it will be there for her to listen to when she comes in. You might ask how did I know my cousin was out cleaning stalls at midnight. Cause that is what she does. I just wanted to be the first to wish her a Happy 60th and I was too.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

She Still Comes To Me For Comfort

Cashew has an eye infection. I noticed it because she seemed to be winking at me for a prolonged period of time. So today, I hustled her off to the Vet. They examined her and flushed her eye and then gave me some meds for her. We have to go back on Tuesday. I have to administer an oral med thru a syringe and then apply a cream to her eye. But she still comes to me to be scratched and patted. I love my little friend and am sorry she doesn't feel well. And I will always be there for you, little girl.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Something happened last night. I was suppose to have dinner with someone and I was looking forward to it. Elinor came with me and we went to the restaurant. We were suppose to meet at 6:30 and we got there at 6:28. I told the hostess that we were meeting someone and she said that no one was waiting so we sat and waited. At 4 min. to 7, we left. The person I was meeting had had a doctor's appointment but she said she would be there.
When we got home, there was no message from her. I called her cell phone and left a message. Later, at 9:15, I called her home and left a message but she did not call me back. I was hurt. This person is not an easy person to be a friend to but I have tried. I feel like this is too much. When I called her this morning, she said that she had gotten out of her doctors late and came right to the restaurant at 7. Obviously, she didn't check her cell phone. She didn't seem to think this was her fault but this is not a friendship I will keep any longer. It is not worth it. I was worried about her but she wasn't concerned enough to be worried about me. Phoooey!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thinking Past

Elinor wrote her will yesterday. She had never done so before.
It was an interesting experience because she asked me to read it. Outside of correcting some colons and commas, it was pretty good. I am thinking about redoing mine as well. Not that I have really anything to leave anyone but it is nice to put things in order. Put it all down in black and white; cross the t's and dot the i's. It does make one think. I watched a movie today about a young man who wanted to be free from all things. It was called Into the Wild. He wanted to go to Alaska and live on his own. So he did and he ended up starving to death because he got some roots confused. In the end, he said that all the beauty was only good if shared. Something to think about.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boy, Sometimes I Have To Be Soooo Careful

Sometimes I have to be so careful when I am listening to the sermon in church. Today, I just couldn't get into it. The guy was a guest speaker and I just couldn't follow his train of thought. I know there was something for me, but what it was was lost on me. I'll try and do better next time.
Elinor says a good speaker knows his/her audience. They know when to stop. This guy didn't seem to and he sure did lose me. Maybe I was there for the music because that was really good. We have a young woman who is giving a concert in two weeks of her own music. She sang today and I had tears in my eyes because it really was beautiful. Maybe that was God's message for me. If so, Thanks, God.........I heard that one.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What A Gift I Was Given

Today I was asked to be a witness and a listener to someone's 4th step. For those who are not familiar with Overeater's Anonymous, there are twelve steps that one can follow to learn to live with our disease of compulsive overeating. The steps range from admitting you have a problem to accepting that there is a power that is greater than yourself that can help. Then all you have to do is turn it over to that power. Before you say anything, let me say that THAT IS A MAJOR SIMPLIFICATION OF THE STEPS. You also must list your defects, tell someone other then God, make amends where possible, and so forth. It is very hard to do. It is also hard to listen to someone else's because you often hear so much of yourself that it makes you sick. But it is an honor to have someone trust you enough to tell you all their faults. I admire this woman's courage and trust. I thank God for allowing me this opportunity and this privilidge. I hope I am worthy of it. I will certainly try.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Little Courage Goes A Long Way

Now is that a face to love or not? Today is Lyndi's
birthday and I wish her a happy one for sure. I have come to admire this tenacious(sp) lady in many ways. She was a single mom for a long time until she met a fabulous guy named D. She raised two wonderful boys who both had problems with drugs. One unfortunately died but the other is making a real effort to straighten out his life.
Lynn has also had a number of problems but she is putting herself thru college and doing a good job at it. She is a loving , compassionate woman who wants to help young people and I believe she will succeed.
So here's to my niece, Lynn Marie McDonald-Burks. Have a great day and HANG IN THERE, LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What is it about this woman that brings out the heat?

Elinor is gone. I put on a plane at 7am this morning and now it is 97 degrees out there. The last time she left it went up to 106 degrees. It is dangerous when she goes. However, she will return on Friday. I hope I can last. I am actually doing better this time. I am not so depressed. Today I have had four phone calls just for me. Three were from OA members and one was from Annie Wiehe. I had one visitor.....our neighbor, Charie, who thought we didn't have fans and brought over one. How thoughtful is that?
I am soooo blessed and I want to keep remembering that.
Don't stay away too long, Sister dear.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just A Flick Of The Tail And She's Gone

It always happens when we have visitors. They forget to close the door to the backyard or to the garage. Today we had my great niece, Maggie Coleman, over with three of her friends. They came down from Seattle on the spur of the moment and crashed at Maureen's. Today they came over to see Grandma and to make the cutest headbands I have ever seen. They are reminiscent of the roaring 20's with little flowers or feathers or whatever and they are a hoot. Grandma was showing off our garden and the screen door was left open. Not only did Cashew walk out but a stray cat came in. Maggie asked me if we had two cats and I said no. She said" Is it black? ". Sure enough there was a strange cat in the house. Well, then I started to look for Cashew. She was no where so I sat by the screen door and sure enough, she came back.
This cat has a lot of nerve is all I can say. I mean really. She has got it made. I'm nice. I feed her. I change her box. I scratch her ears, neck, back and her tailbone. What more could you ask for?
Raunchy little beast. But she is safe and sound and I still love her.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Person's Junk Is Another Person's............Art?

Today was so cool.
We went scavenging. We hit two Goodwill's, one Salvation Army and one Counrty Thrift Store. You will not believe what Elinor found. Me, I am just the driver. I sit out in the car and turn her loose. And what she finds. These are just some of the things. There will be more pictures later.

But, they fit in. They belong. Why? Because Elinor knows what works. What a hoot!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

They Ain't Sitting in Rocking Chairs

I just got an email from a friend in the Golden Girls Softball Organization with the results of the Senior Olympics: One Silver, Two bronzes, and One Fifth place. Not too shabby for one organization. 20 years ago, 18 ladies got together to play softball in a tournament and they had so much fun, they stayed together and grew. We are now 150 members strong and still playing pretty damn well. We have four league teams, 6 tournament teams, and 4 Olympic teams.
This wonderful organization changed my life and brought me two of the dearest friends I have ever known.
Congrats, Ladies and thanks for the memories.

Junkyard Garden

If you don't have one, you should consider it. Junkyard gardens are fun. Our good friend, Robin Garner, started us by really making over the garden adding two rivers of rock and planting various bushes and flowers all over. Robin's idea was to have as little fuss as possible.

Elinor had other ideas. She found this book called Junkyard Garden and she went nuts. We already had a number of things such as the frog playing the sax in the front. We also had several birdbaths. The japanese lantern holds Mom

We built the fairy house last year. Elinor went to Goodwill and rummaged and found several pieces of pottery, an old red wicker chair, and some bird houses. She is on the lookout for a pink flamingo like they had in the fifties so if you see one, send it on. This has really been fun. Try it. You will like it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Friend Is Back!!!!!!

Oh joy! Oh rapture! Oh joy and rapture!!!! My friend, George, is back!!! For those who don't know, George is my camera. I haven't been able to take pictures for a while and I have missed him. I emailed Canon which is his maker and asked them for advice. They were very helpful but I still needed help so I went to my camera shop and found the answer. It seems that George's flash circuit is on the blitz. Rather than trying to fix it, I am indulging in a new flash attachment which will be stronger than the one attached to George. Then I will be able to take better pictures inside. I am one happy camper. I immediately went outside and took pictures of the garden and I may have some results later this week. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


My friend, Carolyn , loves textures. For her, that made the most interesting pictures. Looking thru my pictures, I have to agree. Textures are cool looking. The pictures on this page are all from different bridges I have seen. I love the wood grains and the colors of the wood. Wood is amazing whether you are looking at tree standing in the backyard or a pile of lumber which happens to be in our garage at the moment. Our chimney needs some repair and some guys from Elinor's church came over and took off the old and are putting up some new. What kind and generous men they are. We are soooo blessed.
Textures.............are kind of like people in a way.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I learned a new thing today: H.A.L.T.
It means Hunger, Anger, Lonely, Tired.
I learned it at OA. It is exactly what I have been lately. I don't much care for it. It makes me feel like an ass. I think I would rather be a wise old owl. Those four words have made me feel so depressed that I wasn't sure if I could ever pull myself out of it. As the saying goes, I was so low, an ant could crawl under me. I've used that before but I like it. I went to the OA meeting today and I spole for the first time in months. I was mad at them but I had no right to be. I haven't been following the program so of course, the program isn't working for me. I think I need to make a change. I'm thinking.................

Friday, August 7, 2009

Do Not Miss This Movie!!!

I saw an amazing movie today: Julie and Julia. It was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it to everyone. It was thought provoking, funny , loving and just plain good. The more I see Meryl Streep, the more I love her. She is an fantastic. Stanley Tucci, who plays her husband was delightful. I became a big fan of his when I saw Shall We Dance?.
This is truely a movie to kick up your heels in and it makes me sorry that I use to make fun of Julia Childs. She was incredible. I am really glad I saw it with Elinor because we always enjoy seeing movies together.
Two other pieces of fun. Elinor is going crazy with the garden. I hope I can take some good pictures of all that is happening there. Also, my wonderful Golden Girls of Northern VA are at the Senior Olympics in Palo Alto. The 70's team has played 5 games and won all of them. They have one more to play in pool play and then they go for the medal. The 65's have split their games. The 50's and the 60's start in a few days. Go Golden Girls!!!!!!!YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


She is a woman of many talents. But her best talent is being the best sister anyone could ever have. There is tremendous love, understanding, and generousity in this woman and she shares it all with me. Ain't life grand?
Elinor Peace Bailey......YOU ROCK!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Where Did It Go?

Lately, when I play my games, I keep hearing this add which says "We all have confidence". The ad shows a guy batting, then a young man taking a foul shot and then, Tiger Woods making a putt. What I want to know is when did I loose it? Where did my confidence go? I wasn't exactly a daredevil when I was a kid but I tried a few things. I can remember riding a tricycle down Huntington Hill which was absolutely nuts. What was I thinking? I can also remember climbing out of the attic window and sitting on the roof. I even slipped once and still did it. I use to climb the horse chestnut tree in the driveway and going waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay up high. If I had fallen, I would have broken my neck for sure.
Now, it is all I can do just to go down three stairs in the back yard to turn on the sprinkler. I don't feel steady. I am terrified of falling because I don't think I will ever get up. So where did the confidence go?
I use to think I was pretty good with the camera but lately, my pictures don't show it. I just don't believe in myself anymore. The fear of failure has become foremost in my mind. And it is only in MY mind because some of the pictures are still good. So where do I find the "it" that will make me feel like me again? It is somewhere.