Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Happened Then Affects Now

Elinor came in this morning and read something to me from a book her friend recommended. It talked about love and how we view it. If we didn't feel loved when we were little, we turned to other things to find the love we craved. One of the first things we turn to is food. It sure was true for me. At first food was a friend but slowly it changed. Unfortunately, it seems that once I get a thought in my mind, it is difficult to change it. I still turn to do you change a belief that is some 60 years old? I'd like to get rid of it but it clings to me like a vine. I am feeling a little lost.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Fox Boys

There is nothing worse than having a cold day and being locked out of your home. It seems that John(the one in the middle) locked himself out and consequently, locked his brothers out too. Aunt Muff and Grandma to the rescue. I drove over and picked the boys up and brought them over to our house. We gave them sustanance(ham, chesse, and pepperoni on rye with a root beer on the side). Once fed, they are now resting on the sofa downstairs watching tv. Hopefully, this will inspire Maureen to give us a key to her house in case this happens again. No matter; it is nice to have the boys in for a visit for any reason.

Monday, October 26, 2009

No More Butterflies

It is COLD today and rainy too. It was so rainy that Elinor missed her train up in Tacoma. It came down in buckets.
Rain is something the Northwest is famous for. That was one the things that I wasn't looking forward to but for the first two years it wasn't so bad. Now it is making up for it.
No more butterflies this year. They got smart and have moved on. Of course, butterflies don't live very long anyway but they sure don't like the cold during the time they are here.
Winter is coming. In fact, there is talk of snow........YUCH!!!
I didn't like snow before but now, I like it even less. The thought of falling makes me really nervous. If it snows alot this winter, I will be hibernating for sure. Only five months til springtime and butterflies...........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Artists At Work

It is crazy at our house today. Isaac Bailey, my nephew from Phoenix, is here taking photos of Elinor's dolls for her new book. He arrived late last night due to a delayed flight and he has been working non-stop since about 10am. Isaac is an amazing photographer. He has a real feel for dolls and how to make them look really fantastic. He knows his craft well. It is a joy to watch him create magic. Of course, to create magic, one must move furniture all over the place. He has shot in almost every room in the house.
My job was to supply him with things to make a photo shoot go well: Bottled water(not Arrowhead) and Dove chocolate pieces. Another talent is to laugh with genuine appreciation at his humor. None of this is difficult for me. Isaac is definately one of my favorite people. You rock, kiddo!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Less Is More.......For Sure

I have just finished reading about the new royal Caribbean vessel which will hold over 5400 people and is 18 decks high. Yuck!!!!!!!!
I would get lost on just one floor much less 18. I am so glad I never traveled on one of those. I had such fun on the small ships that I travelled on, especially, Cruise West. Not only did I not have to spend all my time in elevators, but I actually learned so much from the crew. It was really fun because they knew who I was and I knew them as well. The food was excellent, the accommodations were very comfortable, and the itineraries were supperb. From Baja to Alaska to the Columbia River, each cruise was enjoyable and unforgetable. Give me a small ship anytime. What say you, Shoup? Carolyn is my travel buddy, the best ever. I don't believe she would have missed our small cruises for anything. Me neither.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Change In The Times

It is calender time and this years will be a little different from past years: I haven't been anyplace. I actually haven't taken that many pictures. However, I hope that those of you who receive them will like them. They are made with love.
I am looking forward to picking them up tomorrow. I would like to see how many I can finish before Elinor gets home.
When she is home, I can't work on them downstairs because I don't want her to see the of them is for her.
This year was also hard because they aren't selling the stickers they use to. Many of those that I have used in the past are no longer available and I will have to come up with alternatives. This could prove challenging but have no fear, gang.......I am up to it......I hope. We shall see. For now.......TALLEY HO!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 thanks.

I just saw a remake of a movie called "Fame". It is story of a bunch of talented kids attending the School of the Performing Arts in NYC. The original was made about 29 years ago and was fantastic. The remake is sad. Yes, the music was updated......actually, they only used two songs from the original and there were some talented actors but nothing that topped the actors of the first "Fame". Why bother?
In the first film, you got caught up in the characters. You began to look forward to seeing them launch their careers. You liked the teachers because they really seemed to care about the kids. The songs were great and the dancing was out of sight.
I look at this picture which I think is pretty good but if I were to go back to Homer, AK and try and take this picture again, I really doubt it would come out as well. I ave only seen one or two remakes that were worth anything: Little Women, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and A Christmas Carol.(The one with Alaister Sims was a remake.) It can be done but it is rare.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cats In My Life

I remember the first cat I got. She was gray and my Mom got her for me when I had my tonsils out. I named her Miss Curiosity because she got into everything. We called her Miss C for short. That's her in the 3rd picture. Miss C got out one day and ate something that was poison and died. I got another gray kitten name ChiChi but she wasn't as nice as MissC. She was killed by some dogs. Then there was Johnny but I don't remember what happened to him.
We went and found a little orange tabby who when he curled up looked like a pizza and that became his name. About two months after we got Pizza, it looked like someone had blown him up because he developed alot of fur. He was really gorgeous and he knew it. We mated him with a siamese named Pong and she had the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen: three raven black males and two tortise shell females. I got one of the females and named her Scarlett O'Hara.(Guess who had just read Gone With The Wind?) Scarlett was hit by a car and I was heart broken. I don't remember what happened to Pizza.
I didn't get another cat until I went to DC. Mom and I found a stripped gray cat in June and called her Gemini. I lengthened her name to Gemini Boo Radley Dumb Cat because she didn't have a whole lot of smarts but she was fun.( Guess who had just seen To Kill A Mockingbird?)
I lived in a little efficency on P St in DC and the apartment below me had a bay window. Gemini would come out and wait to greet me when I came home. She had a cool habit of sleeping under the blankets by my feet.........that is until I saw The Godfather. When I felt that fur with my toes after seeing that movie, I don't know who jumped or Gemini. Unfortunately, Gemini ran away when I got a new mattress. Mom let the delivery guys in and the cat got out.
I then found Charlie or Charles Katz. Charlie was strickly a one woman cat. That's him, clawing at the screendoor. Charlie didn't like anyone else........especially guys. When I moved in with my brother, Ross, Charlie would hiss at Ross all the time. Ross would come home and say "Hey Charlie" and Charlie would hiss and Ross would say"Back at you, bub". Charlie lived to be 14 but he was having problems and one day, he went off to die. I never found him.
I decided to get a cat instead of a kitten. I found a beautiful gray longhaired cat named Angel but Mom renamed her Gigi(Mom's favorite movie). Gigi was another one woman cat but she would stay near to Mom. She liked classical music. She lived until she was 17 and then she got sick and I had to put her down. I cried like a baby. My wonderful cousin, Margaret, allowed me to bury her on her property at 1030pm. I was a mess.
I began to look for a siamese kitten and someone told me of a lady who rescued cats. She had a kitten and I went and fell in love with not one, but three cats. The little siamese kitten was adorable and I called her Cherrio. There was another little kitten who was an orange tabby. I called him Cheddar. The last was a full grown cat......a flame point siamese and I called her Cashew. The two kittens died within four days. They got distemper and hadn't had their shots. Cashew had her shots so she survived. She is my constant companion today. That is her asleep on my bed. She is the best cat I have ever had and I love her lots. I am grateful to all the others before her and I hope to see them again at the rainbow bridge. God, you did a good thing when you created the cat, especailly, Cashew.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name

I have never met anyone who had my name. Oh there are Marys and Maries but I have never met a Marie-Fay before. Today I came the closest I have ever come. I met a Maria Faith. The young lady by that name was being dedicated at my church this morning. She is only five months old but she was as cute as a bug's ear. She had a delightful smile and her mom says she smiles all the time. She was particularily happy since her mom had just breast fed her. I kept expecting her to belch on Pastor Paul as he held her but she didn't.(He was very grateful for that). It was a lovely dedication. Her parents and grandparents were there. It was really nice.
According to Pastor Paul, Maria means bitter but there is a sweetness that goes with it. I had not heard that before. I thought my name meant "bitter faith or rebellious elf". I still like that definition. It fits me but maybe it is rebellious faith or bitter elf. I seem to be constantly changing.

Friday, October 9, 2009


I like sunsets. There is something so soothing about them. Sometimes it is the warm colors. Sometimes it is the fading sun as it sinks slowly into the west. Sometimes it is harsh and foreboding. Whatever, it means the day is ending and a new day will begin tomorrow. It will be a fresh day with no mistakes until we make them.
It is time for sleep and dreams(hopefully good ones). It is a time for rest and it is time for Cashew's dinner(at least that is what she says).
Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sam Break

I had a Sam break today. Maureen called this morning and said that Christian, John, and Thomas were all sick. She didn't want to send Sam to his daycare because if he was sick, he might spread the germs around and the lady who takes care of him is pregnant. Would Grandma go and take him out for a while to give him a break?
I took the call and explained that Grandma was working her tail off to get ready for her trip to Houston's Quilt Market which is the biggest quilt show in the US of A. Elinor is teaching and participating in some round tables while she is there for about 10 days. The last thing she needs is to get sick so I volunteered. I picked Sam up after dropping off Elinor when we finished Curves. He wasn't real excited to go because he didn't want to leave his brothers who are more fun than Aunt Muff(no offense meant and none taken). I finally got him to go when I said I would buy him something. We went to Target and I got him some Star Wars guys and some Gatorade for his brothers and father. I then got him a Happy meal at Mac's House of Fine Beef (McDonald's) and took him home. I really enjoyed talking to Sam. He was telling me all about turtles and frogs. Then he told me he had seen a fight between a frog and a rabbit and the frog won. I told him I would have liked to see that. What an imagination. He is a cute kid and I love him. I'll take a Sam break any day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elinor Peace Collette Coleman!!!!!!!

The real special thing about today is that it is my great niece, Ellie Coleman's Birthday. What an incredible young lady she is and how I do love her. She is thoughtful, kind, loving,hardworking and a blessing to all who know her. I listened to this exciting young woman on Thursday evening talk about her trip to Uganda where she and her partner, Heidi are creating an home to rescue children from the streets and give them a home, food, and a education . I marvelled at her dedication, her resolve, her willingness to fight for these kids so that they can have a better

life. Being around this lovely person is like a breath of fresh air. She is springtime and she is definitely one of the reasons I am glad to be in this area.
I am blessed to know you. I am honored to be your aunt and any time I am with you is time I will always treasure. May God always keep you safe and may you continue to serve Him in your own special way. It is a good way. I will add a very well done to your Mom and Dad and your sisters for helping you become the special woman you are.

Well Done, Christian Fox!!!!!!!!

Today is a special day for several reasons. This man here ran 26 miles in a marathon. He finished. I don't know how fast he ran but he finished and that is what counts. Christian has been training himself for a while. He has been watching what he eats, pushing himself, never giving up. It is a great feat and one worth noting so I am noting it and saying "Well Done, Christian!!!!! Well Done!"