Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Choose To End This Year On A Positive Note

This has not been a positive year for me but I choose to end it on a positive note. Looking only at the negative doesn't help and it usually just ticks people off. Anyone can be negative. Being positive is harder so I am going to take the challenge and try to be positive.
I am very lucky. I have a wonderful sister who puts up with me in all my moods. I have a terrific brother who is my best friend. I have a cousin who keeps my head on right(God Bless Her). I have some wonderful nieces and nephews and great nieces and great nephews who are a joy to know. I have some very special friends who reach out and touch me in ways that are amazing. I have a wonderful little cat who gives me constant joy and companionship even when I am grumpy. But the best thing is that I know my God loves me even though I don't always deserve it. He continues to believe in me and he sends people to help me on this journey thru life. I would like to try really hard to be a light for my God so that when people meet me they will know him and perhaps come to love him too. So tonight as the clock nears midnight and the beginning of a New Year, I am turning my light on. May it shine as a beacon for all whom I meet whether in person or on this blog.
This little light of mine................I'm going to let it shine....!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sometimes It Is Just How I Feel

I saw a movie on Christmas day. It was "Sherlock Holmes". I did not like the movie. I didn't like the characters; I didn't like the story; I just didn't like it. I resolved this by walking out after watching a half hour. My sister doesn't think this is enough time so my opinion isn't valid. Horse Hockey!!!!!!! I know when I don't like something. Mom and I had a deal when we were reading a book. If I didn't like it after 100 pages, we stopped. If we didn't like a movie on tv after 1/2 hr, we changed the channel or turned it off. I don't believe you have to watch something all the way thru to know if you like it. If it doesn't grab you early, it probably won't grab you at all. Why sit and be miserable? I believe my feelings were relevant and I shouldn't have to defend them to my sister. I guess the reason I am venting about this is because I couldn't put into words what it was I didn't like. I just knew I was uncomfortable and I didn't want to be there. So phooey!!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

What if?

I saw a movie today called"It's Complicated" starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. They were married to each other but have been divorced for ten years. Suddenly, he wants to come back to her but he is married to a younger woman. Meryl and Alec had three kids who are now grown but the divorce was hard on them. There were some funny moments but it was a little sad. I couldn't help but wonder if my folks had gotten back together. How different would my life have been? I wonder......would it have made any difference at all? Probably not because my folks weren't really suited for each other. I know they loved each other once but somewhere it got lost or misplaced or whatever. Still, it is a thought...........

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas was an incredible day. Elinor had decided to give her daughter the 12 days of Christmas. This is truely an experience. The girls hid the 12 gifts in the living room and we made Evie open these first. The first was a lovely picture of the Savior. Elinor had had it reframed. She had found the picture in an antique store and there was a little note on the old frame that said the picture had been given originally as a seconf anniversary gift. When they reframed it, they out the story on the back of the new frame. The second gift was some wonderful old pictures we had received from my cousin, Nyia, of my Dad when he was a young man. There were two sheets of pictures. Three was three boxes of notecards. Four was four bowls. Five was five washcloths. Six was chores that Elinor could do for Evie. Seven was seven spices. Eight was a jewelry box with girly stuff. Nine was........sorry my brain dried up. Ten was ten thing of napkins(Evie entertains alot). Eleven was the show stopper. Elinor wanted 11 notes of love. She asked me and Maureen and the boys. We even got Christian, Mo's husband to write one. Then I decided to ask others to participate so I called Laura, Isaac, Cindy,Ross, big Ross, and Alberto.
In the end, we had about 11 plus 5. We made Evie read each one and we all cried. They were really beautiful. The twelth present was some gadgets for the kitchen. It was a cool gift.
We then went and open the rest of the gifts. The girls got lots of cloths and I got a printer for my computer. Too cool. After that we attacked the stockings. It was 2pm before we stopped for food. The rest of the day we took it easy and then we went to see Sherlock Holmes. I am sorry but I hated that movie. I just didn't want to be left behind. Oh well, it was a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was lovely. It was filled with good friends, family, great food, a living nativity, and above all, music. Evie had been cooking for days. When we arrived on the 23rd, we were put to work right away by making pigs in a blanket(little sausages wrapped in crescent roll dough). Christmas Eve day was filled with last minute shopping and getting the turkey breast cooked, cutting cheeses, fixing veggies, dips, and bread pudding. It was a feast.
At 6:30, people arrived. It was fun seeing people that we had met last year. We had a prayer and the feast began. People also brought food. There was a very tasty chili and a truffle that was to die for. After the food, the younger people went upstairs to prepare for the Nativity. It was fun to watch the children but I missed seeing Joe Coleman as the donkey. Joe is serving our country in the Navy and is at sea.
Then we had carols. Evie and the girls sang an amaizing number which I wish I had a recording of. Then some of the kids performed and finally, Evie ended with a song called "Mary did you know?" It was haunting. People headed on home and there was a general cleanup done. We ended with a family tradition of reading When Christmas Went Insane. This is a story that was written by my great Aunt Laura who was a visiting nurse(a Catholic nun). One Christmas, she decided to not buy any Christmas gifts but she changed her mind at the last moment. The story has been handed down from Aunt Laura to her sister Elinor Kreer(my grandmother) to my Mom to my sister to my niece Evie to my great niece Elinor. I love this tradition. My Mother read this story every Christmas and Elinor did a good job of reading it too. Our family is blessed with traditions and this is a good one. My Mom would have loved this day from beginning to end.

Everyone Should Have A Christmas At The Colemans

If you want to find out what Christmas is truely about, you should spend it with the Colemans. My niece Evalyn is absolutely incredible. When we got there on the 23rd, her middle daughter, Izzy was out doing a very special good thing. She had met a father who had his adopted daughter with him. Izzy could see that something was not quite right with the daughter. Izzy has been working with special kids so she is sensitive to their needs. The father told her that they were having a real hard time because the daughter's behavior was a little bizarre and their friends found it difficult to be around her. They were trying to get her diagnosed but it was slow going so Izzy volunteered a day where she would stay with the child so the parent could have a little time for themselves.
She took the child for walks, drew pictures, made her meals, took walks, name it, she did it. The parents were able to clean their house,run errands, just breathe for a little. Izzy would not accept payment for this. She just wanted to help and do what she knew she could. The little girl love her and it was really a beautiful thing.
On Chrismas Eve, Izzy and her younger sister, Maggie, dressed up as elves and delivered toys to a family that didn't have much. What a great way to truely celebrate this special holiday.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Christmas Unreal

I think Cashew has the right idea. I just want to hide under the Christmas Tree. It has been crazy around here. Elinor has out done herself. She has created 1 quilt, 6 bags, 5 capes, 12 tumbling angels, 10 cookbooks, a twelve days of Christmas, and she still has to fill my stocking. That won't be hard because my stocking is small. I have to fill her stocking which is four times as big. It was tough but it is done and not with nasty things like kitty litter or coal or rocks although I did give a lot of thought to the rocks. It has been a lovely Christmas so far. Ross and Sharon have given us a new puzzle, one of those that are the shape of the thing the puzzle is about: PANDAS. Good grief. My dominos friend, Carleen has given me a picture of the DOMINO QUEENS. That is the name of our group. Our visiting teacher gave us homemade of which was made with mashed potatos(It was also made with coconut and was absolutely fantastic.) One of my OA ladies gave me cards made from her photos. My buddy, Donna ,sent me a solar cat. Of course, I told her I won't be able to tell if it works until April which is the next time I will see sunshine. Luckily, she is patient. Another OA lady gave us some bulbs in a lovely red pot. She says this will brighten up our house in Feb when they are suppose to bloom. That is, of course, if we don't kill them before that time. Elinor and I are not real good with plants in or out of the house. Christmas is a hoot for sure. I am delighted and honored that people have thought of me but I still like the under the tree idea. Hey, Cashew, save me a spot.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What A Weekend!!!!

I'm pooped. We have been entertaining this weekend. Saturday was with the Fox boys and Sunday, Elinor invited the missionaries who attend her ward to dinner. She also invited two lady friends and her grandson, John Fox. The two ladies were a mother and daughter that Elinor visits in service to the church. They are delightful and I enjoy them as well. Sister Thurber is the mom and Loni is her daughter.
The two missionaries were both from Utah. One was from northern Utah and hadn't quite served a year. The other was from southern Utah and had served just over a year. Both were nice young men and very grateful to get a homecooked meal. Elinor thought John would enjoy being included so she asked him.
Monday was my Christmas party with the Domino Queens. We each brought a Christmas ornament and a gift not more than $10.00. I made ornaments for each lady: stars made out of dominos. Elinor helped by adding a ribbon to hang them by. We decided to have a gift for the winner, one for the loser, one for the persons who got the most double twelves, the most double elevens, and the most double ones. It worked out so that everyone got something. I got the most double twelves. My gift was the video "Cheaper By The Dozen" with Steve Martin. It is a movie I actually don't own and I like. I bought the winner's gift which was one of those erasable boards(small) and I lettered it so that it says BRAGGING RIGHTS on one side and NO 1 on the other.
We had a great time. Now back to Christmas gifts.....................

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Presents

If you are a Bailey Grandchild, then you better not read this. We are having a ball with Christmas this year. Elinor has gone to town. She has 25 grandchildren and she is making something for each. We worked together on a cookbook for the nine older boys and Lily Gunn. We put in some old family recipes like Gary's fudge, their Grandmother Oleta's noodles,Elinor's baked chicken and baked eggs, and Great Grandmother Walton's coffee cake, biscuits, and cheese balls. We also put in my chili. Elinor added pictures, photos and some cooking tips. It is really neat. For the 5 younger boys, she is making capes

We have Super Sam, Ethan and His Coat of Many Colors(Joseph eat your heart out), Lucky Luke, Joltin' Jonah and I'm sorry but I don't remember little Joe's. Whatever,.....
they are cute as the dickens.
More later.

A Little Celebration with The Fox Boys

Last night, Elinor decided to take her grandsons out for a little celebration. Naturally, I went too. We took the boys to see "The Christmas Carol" which if you haven't seen, you should. It was really a cool experience. Unfortunately, Sam, who is 5, got a little scared.

After all, we are talking about ghosts,death, and such. Elinor tried to get him to come to her but he wouldn't so she being the true grandmother, went and sat behind Sam. She laid her hand on his shoulders and talked him thru it. It was truely lovely. We then took the boys for hamburgers and fries at the Red Robin which is a decent chain in this area. It is a family style restaurant with 60's style decor. Sam had mac and cheese, fries, rootbeer, and a small ice cream sundae. He then said he was going to be sick(he wasn't.......this is just a ploy for attention) It was a fun evening. These are some amazing kids and I am glad to have a chance to know them.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More of Our Christmas House

Here are some more of our Christmas decorations. The blue rooms is the "chicken" room. You can see Elinor's cloth nativity. The bed is in the library.

The food was laid out to welcome our visitors. The dolls in the last picture were welcoming people as they came thru the garage. The garage got cleaned out too so it wasn't wasted.

Open House

We decided to have an "Open
House" for Christmas. Elinor decorated every room with Christmas cheer
and this is what some of it looked like.

No room was left undone. The pink part is in Elinor's room. The big tree is in the living room. You can even see Cashew exploring. We made the mistake of setting it up and decorating it and then we decided to move it. Needless to say everything fell apart and we had to start over again. The blue banner with chickens is displayed in the kitchen and last picture is of Elinor's new nativity. It is made of everyday materials but not used in their usual way. I love it the best. We are hoping for alot of people but that may not happen. At least the house got cleaned. I even vacuumed my room. Cashew fainted. What can I say?