Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Magic Of Avatar

If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor. It is an experience for the senses but see it in 3d. It does not make sense not to. Elinor and I saw it today. We sat in an ice cold theatre with no popcorn and we couldn't move. We were rivited. The story is an old one but the update is good. It does tend to make you want to go and kick everyone burning up the rainforest and polluting the streams and ocean. It does make you want to listen to the wind, smell the grass, enjoy the birds and Thank God for His infinite wisdom in creating this beautiful world. I wish we were better stewards.
We still can be. If each of us tries, we can make our part of this world a little piece of paper, one bottle, one can, one plastic bag. Inch by inch, row by row.............

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Negative Vibes.......GET THEE GONE!!!!!

I can sabatoge myself faster than a speeding bullet. I can convince myself that something won't work in the blink of an eye. I am like a little kid who stomps her foot and says "NO" in no uncertain terms and then pouts. That is me in a nutshell when it comes to changes especially food changes. Diets mean failure to me. They never succeed and of course, I am never wrong. I went to the Curves Management class today with Elinor. I have tried this before. In fact, I taught it back in VA so why am I trying it again. Maybe this time, I won't do myself in. Ha!!!! As I listened, I felt myself become angrier and angrier. Diets make me mad because I hate deprieving myself of things I like. This time I want to psych myself out of that state. I don't know if I can, but I must try. My weight is horrible and I feel horrible. My feet hurt, my legs hurt, my back hurts...........I am miserable and then some. So we will try again. One day............ok, one hour at a time. I am stalking success.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It is amazing what a little sunshine will do!!!

We have sunshine today. My spirits have lifted about two feet . It is truely amazing what a day with no rain can do for you. Suddenly, things that were getting you down are not doing so any more. People that irritated you are not so bad today. I am beginning to feel human.
Elinor has returned from her trip to California. She visited her old friends in Hayward and had a particularly nice visit with her dear friends, the Karalies. Frank and Ottie are two of the nicest people I have ever met. Ottie is from Germany and Frank is Hungarian. Ottie has an orange tree in her yard and she sent me back an orange. It was fabulous. Elinor has come back refreshed and renewed which is always a blessing. I think the sunshine must be a gift from Ottie. Thanks. I needed that.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have you ever been an alarm clock?

Have you ever been an alarm clock? That is what I am in our house. Elinor tends to sleep late and she often has to get up early. Since I get up about three to four times a night(nature calls), I am generally up when she needs to be. And I am alot nicer than a ding-a-ling.
There are many ways to wake someone up. Believe me, I have done them. I have been know to run and jump on people(that was when I could run and jump and it was usually on my father on Christmas morning). My favorite was when I would have to call someone and I would say "Rise and shine, you all......Greet the New Day!" I did that a few times when I worked for Howard Johnsons Hotel. That is certainly enough to wake somebody(an add some greyhairs while I'm at it). I have grown more mellow in my old age. Now a gentle knock on the door usually will suffice. But beware.............I've still got some "Greet The New Days" in me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Unusual Day For Sure

I had a bad dream last night. It was really scarey to me. I dreamt I was at work( I don't know what I was working at) and I had to park my car on a very steep hill because there was a lot of construction around where I was working. I went some place(again I don't know where) and then I headed back to my car. I walked and walked but I couldn't find the car. I went thru a housing developement and thru the houses themselves but I couldn't find my car. I felt so lost. I woke up and was cold(and in our house that is REAL cold). I had a headache and my jaw was sore too(which means I was clenching it). I felt so depressed. I went downstairs. Elinor was just waking up and I told her I had had a bad dream and felt lost. When she came down to breakfast, she asked if she could give me a hug. If there is one thing in this world that really makes me feel good it is a hug from either my sister or my brother. They are without doubt the best huggers in the world. Elinor suggested that we go to Curves and then go to see the movie INVICTUS. We then went to Curves and had a nice workout. On the way home, Elinor saw a birch branch in someone's front yard. She wondered if they really wanted it so I went around the block and she went up to ask. At first no one answered but as we were about to leave, this lady comes out. Elinor goes and asks her and it turns out that the lady had gotten the branch from one of her neighbors. She was going to cut it up but said, if we wanted it, we
could have it. So Elinor loaded it into the van(she had her two suitcases in the rear from her gig on Wed). Of course, it didn't fit but I drove slow and nothing fell out so there you have it. The branch has a new home in our back yard(The 2010 junkyard has offically begun). We went to see INVICTUS and it was amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. It is one of the most up lifting movies I have seen in a long time. It is about Nelson Madela when he first became President of South Africa. He had the difficult task of uniting a country that was thought to be past uniting. The unifying factor was the sport of rugby(it is not a sport I understand at all).
It was very similar to the 1980 hockey game at the Lake Placid Olympics between the Soviet Union and team USA. The movie was directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. If you need a boost, this one will give it to you.
I don't feel lost anymore.

Friday, January 1, 2010

What A Way To Start A New Year!!!!!

Elinor out did herself! She decided that I should find a place for my new printer so she set about to help me. She did this by helping me pick up my room, vacuum my room and generally straighten my room. Now don't get me wrong. I am not a neat freak but I am not a REAL SLOB.......just close to it. Anyway, the room is clean and the printer is set up and it was a generous gift from my sister.
I guess we must have gotten in the cleaning mode because we began to put the Christmas decorations away today as well. We hit the living room first because of the Christmas tree. We were busy putting this and that when we came over to the fireplace and noticed it was wet. It seems our chimney is leaking. Oh joy!!!!! So we had our dear friend, Todd, from across the street come over to take a looksee. He was over here anyway because we had another mishap last night. The shelves housing Elinor's plastic doll furniture gave way. We both thought there was an intruder. It scared the heck out of us. Todd fixed the shelves and he and his lovely wife, Kathie, put a tarp over the chimney so it won't leak anymore water. I might add that it has been raining cats and dogs all day. Oh well, Happy new Year, All..........and God Bless my big hearted sister.