Monday, May 31, 2010

Choosing A Road

Elinor and I got into a fight today. We were going into Portland to her hairdresser and it was to a new address. I did a mapquest but we ended up lost anyway. Elinor said she lets me drive because I know how to read maps but sometimes that is not enough. The directions said to turn on a Cesar Chavez Ave except there weren't any signs that said Cesar Chavez Ave. I was getting more frustrated and she was just being critical. We finally found the place. I also found old Cesar Chavez Ave. It was 39th Ave. There were no signs from the street we were suppose to be turning from so we missed it. What a pain. I should know better. In Virginia, there are many streets that start out as one thing and end up something else. The best example is Maple Ave which becomes Chain Bridge and Ox Rd and who knows what else. Then there is Duke St which becomes Little River Turnpike which becomes Main St. which becomes Route 50. Go figure.
To quote the King in the King and I........"It is a puzzlement!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Condo For Rent

Wanted: Renters. Lovely condos with a view. Not sure what the view will be but there will be a view. Very unique homes, complete with perches. Freshly painted. Located in a good neighborhood. Neighbors consist of squirrels, several dogs and a few cats who are lousy at catching things. Rent is reasonable for the right tenant. See owners: epb or MFM.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

They Don't Make Them Like They Use To.

I watched the Preakness today and unfortunately, Super Saver, the Kentucky Derby winner, lost. Actually, he lost badly. It was sad because we need another Triple Crown Winner. What we really need is another Secretariet. Of course, that will never happen. I was able to pull up his run for the Triple Crown on YouTube and it was so exciting to watch that magnificent horse run again. I remember watching the Derby that year. I was going to be 25 and it was 25 years since the last Triple Crown winner, Citation, had run. Secretariet set a new track record on Derby Day. Two weeks later, he ran an incredible race at Pimlico but it was the Belmont that really did it. He took the lead and just kept pulling away further and further. 31 lengths he won by. He just demolished the competition. I have always felt sorry for the horse, Sham, who was his closest competitor. He was a great horse too and in another year, he might have won but not in 1973.
I remember watching in my apartment and just crying because it was so beautiful and he was so beautiful. What a horse. He will always be my favorite. There is a grandson by the name of Barron who has the look. Who knows?

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little Help For A Friend

Elinor asked me to help her today. She has created these dolls and she wanted to show how the beading was done. Cashew decided to assist as well. These are some of the pictures she didn't use. The red at the top is actually like a skirt on the doll but it looked so neat that I just photographed it. I also liked the face on this one. What a haughty proud beauty. (Too much Jane Austin of late).