Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I wish with all my heart I had a picture of Secretariet back in 1973 but I don't. This picture was taken at Churchill Downs but not at the Kentucky Derby and not that year. I wish I had been there. But I saw it on tv. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so excited because this horse was special. You could see he was. The race was fantastic and so was the Preakness, two weeks later. However, it was the Belmont that really did it for me. I yelled and screamed the whole race and then I cried. He was so magnificent, so effortless......totally wonderful and he won by 31 lengths. UNREAL!!! I am not sure why this horse has meant so much to me but I have always been in love with him. I cried when he died. Even now, I watch his races on You tube and they still thrill me. I have seen the movie SECRETARIET and it was wonderful. I knew how it was going to end but that didn't make any difference. It was a great story. This is a movie I will own and this horse will always be a part of my life. Big Red.....YOU ROCK.....now and forever.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I am really fed up with the election this year. I don't know about anyone else but out here, there are so many negative ads that I am ready to say to hell with the whole process. In stead of telling what they can do to change our situation, these candidates just call each other names. I don't want to vote for any of them. I wouldn't mind if we just had to hear it once but you have to listen to four and five of these ads in a row. And they all say the candidate's name and that they approve of this message. Well, if they approve of these messages, I don't approve of them. Negativity is not helpful. Tell me what you would change and how you would change it. That is helpful. I put new words to a tune from ONCE UPON A MATTRESS called Sensitivity.
Negativity...negativity...what's the matter with that? Too much hate and too depressing. It's just a bunch of crap!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Was Lost Is Found

Yesterday was really weird. I got up and was going downstairs to drop off some laundry. I had to make a pit stop and I took the laundry in the john with me. On the way out, the phone rang so I answered it. I then proceded downstairs. Somewhere along the way I lost a pair of underware. I got down to the laundry room and they just were not there. I went back up to the bathroom and they weren't there either. I looked in my room. I looked on the stairs. Nada. I became convinced that I had flushed them down the john. I couldn't believe that I had done that but I was left with no alternative.
Then this morning, I was preparing to go downstairs again with some more laundry when I looked over at the window where the phone is and there were my undies.
I had a good chuckle and thought I would share it with my readers.
They were lost but now they are found. I was blind......now I can see.
Too funny!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And The Sun Shines Thru

Did you ever have one of those moments when something becomes very clear? Well, I did.
Last Wednesday, we went out to lunch with some friends and they told us we had a flat tire(actually, it was leaking but it was getting flatter).
We decided to take it to the tire place and let them take care of it. We got there at about 30 min. before they closed. Elinor went in and they took the car and examined the tire. They told us there was no problem. When we got home, the tire still looked flat(low) but Elinor said it was fine. I fussed but let it go. On Sunday, my nephew, Joe Coleman, said "You have a flat tire". I was mad at the tire place but I couldn't do anything until Monday. I fumed about it but then I began to go over what had happened and BINGO! The light shone thru!!!!!!
The flat tire was on the back right side.......that is, if you are sitting in the driver's seat. If you are standing in front of the car, it is the left rear tire. Elinor probably said it was the left rear tire because she was looking at the car. The tire place,checked the left rear tire but they based it on if you were sitting in the driver's seat. (I found this out when I called AAA. They always go by sitting in the driver's seat). It all depends on where you stand.
The other thing I learned was that when you gut tells you to do something, you really should do it. If I had gone back to the tire place the next day, I wouldn't have had the flat tire Sunday. The light shone thru AGAIN. How cool is that? A twofer!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

( Baja Sunset and Mulnamuth Falls)

(Privoloff Islands birds and an arctic fox)

(siberian indian woman)

On September 18, I lost a old friend:CruiseWest Cruise Lines. This was a small ship operation that started in Alaska and grew to take in fantastic cruises in Baja, The Snake and Columbia River, The Wine Country, Japan and the South Seas. They offered an up close and personal view of some of the most beautiful places on earth. I was priviledged to make three journeys on this line with my good friend, Carolyn Shoup. We went to Baja and Copper Canyon, Alaska, and the Snake and Columbia River. The ships were not fancy but the trips were incredible. We saw lots of wildlife, met wonderful people and saw breathtaking scenery. I am sorry to hear this company has gone out of business. The travel industry is poorer for it and so is anyone who enjoyed seeing nature at her best.
Well Done, Cruise West. Thanks for all the memories.