Sunday, November 28, 2010

Izzi's Shower

Now is this a bride or what?
Isn't she lovely?
We had a shower for Ms Izzi up in Silverdale on Saturday. Elinor and I left at 6am and drove up so as not to miss the 10am beginning. The shower was held at a dear friend of the Coleman's. Most of the women were from their ward and it was delightful. The gifts were thoughtful and most generous. The big stack in the picture above is all from Izzi's grandmother, Elinor. She went nuts in creating charming Chirstmas tree ornaments but there was also a special hanger for the wedding dress and the guest book. If you want to see the guest book, go to and go to Elinor's blog. The book is fabulous.
The food was delicious and a good time was had by all. Getting the stuff back to Utah is going to be a trick but I believe they do have a plan. I haven't heard if it was a success or not. We shall see.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks

This picture was taken 3 years ago. Unfortunately, I don't take pictures like I use to but the scene is the same.
This morning, many of the family participated in a Turkey Trot( a 10 k and a 5 k). So with that in mind, we didn't rush quite as hard to get over to the Fox House. Elinor had to make her famous cheese ball and deviled eggs(Joe Coleman's favorite). We finally got over there and the eating began(appetizers, that is). Some of the late arrivals decided to have the annual football game so most of the guests trooped down to the school field. The rest of us sat and talked and cooked.
After the sport fans returned, Christian Fox welcomed us to his home and we said grace and the serious eating began. There was the turkey, of course, nicely carved by Joe. This
was followed by a lovely salad, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potatoes and apples, and Evie' s delicious rolls. There was cranberry sause(one by Evie and one by Mo......both good), Martinelli's sparkling cider, pickles, and olives.
After dinner, we had music by Evie. We sang carols, Christmas music.........the Coleman Girls
sang "I'm gettin' nuthing for Christmas" and we even had a Christmas polka danced by Ellie and her friend, John.
Finally, it was time for desert: PIES!!!!!!! Pumpkin, pecan, cherry, and Tom's famous Chocolate Pie. I just gained another 10 lbs writing this entry.
We sat around the table and everyone said what we were thankful for. This is probably one of the most beautiful traditions we have. There are a few chuckles, lots of love, and quite a few tears. We are a blessed family. We've had our share of problems but we also done pretty well in dealing with said problems. Every family has them. Some fall apart but we pull together. I love this family. I am thankful for every member whether I hear from them or not. They are a part of me........perhaps the best part.
Thank you, God, for this wonderful, crazy bunch. God bless us everyone.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day Minus One

Here's the latest Thanksgiving news. Evie and Maggie broke out of Silverdale and made it down here safely. Joe should be here now as well.
Elinor and I have always been a little miffed that we didn't have leftovers to make sandwiches out of so this year, we decided to cook our own turkey. It has been a long time since Elinor has cooked a bird so her estimation of the length of the cooking was a little about 2 hrs and 15 min too long. We now have some turkey jerky as leftovers. We haven't tried it but she doesn't have a great deal of confidence. I figure if we have a lot of gravy, who cares? Elinor figures this overcooking will come in handy when the family goes to Missouri(when Christ returns).
Oh well, and so it goes.............

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And I Thought I Had It Bad......

It snowed here last night and it was cold but I was fine because I didn't have to go any place. My niece, Evie, was not so lucky. It snowed up in Silverdale and she lost electricity. She was suppose to be down here today but she couldn't get out. Her husband, Joe, was due home but we haven't heard if he got there or not. Ev says it is 47 degrees in the house........BURRRRRRRRR.
We have heard they will not get power on until Friday. That is crazy!!!!!!! and COLD!!!!!!!!!
So when you think you have it bad, just remember there are others who have it far worse. I hope Joe gets home quick so he can warm his wife up.

OK, now it's snowing!!!!!!!

We are having our first snowfall tonight. It is cold and it is icy and I hate it. This is not fun to me. I dread going out because I am so scared of falling. I use to not mind but now, I really don't think I would be able to get up and the visions in my mind terrify me. I hate being embarassed and I would be. I also do not want to land in the hospital because that would really do it for me.
I can only hope this clears up by Thanksgiving and this coming Saturday. If anyone is reading this, please say some prayers for this fat old broad. Come on Springtime.......

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Raining

I had heard the rumors long before I moved out here. It rains alot in Washington State. They are NOT rumors. It does rain alot here and when the sun doesn't shine, it is COLD. Both Elinor and I are cold but it is fact of my life .It has been raining on and off for about a week now. I feel soggy and who knows, maybe a little moldy too. Oh well, Thanksgiving is coming and that means family. We started our celebration early by going to the midnight premire of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. It was fantastic!!!!We took John and Thomas Fox with us because how can you see a Harry Potter movie without kids? We also took our trainer from
Curves, Louise, with us. She is lots of fun and we sat in the second row(that is all that was left). I am glad it wasn't in 3 D because there were two parts that I would have gone thru the ceiling if they had been. Yesterday, we went to a craft fair where our friend, Nancy Palomino was showing her stuff. It was very pleasant and Elinor bought a few things. I didn't. The calenders will have to do for Christmas presents this year.
Evie will be down on Tuesday and the girls(Ellie and Izzi) are flying in from Utah on Tuesday evening. I assume Joe and Maggie will be here on Wed. Thanksgiving should be alot of fun. Saturday, Elinor and I will go up to Silverdale for Izzi's bridal shower. Her wedding is in December (28th). The next few weeks will be nuts.
It can rain. I suppose it is necessary. I would be very grateful if it didn't snow but it is not something I have control over so I will leave it in the hands of one who does. Thanks God.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Great Aunt Evie and the Little House

My Great Aunt Evie was a neat lady. She and her sister, Great Aunt May(whom I am named for) owned a lovely little house in Three Rivers, MI. It was a farm and it was beautiful. My parents were married there in 1937 on June 26th. Elinor was looking for something and came across the guest book for the Little House. Sure enough, there were all the names of the those who attended my parent's wedding. There was my Grandfather McDonald's big signature and Grandfather Totman's neat and tidy New England scrawl. My father signed as the "trembling groom". His brother, Jack's signature was very neat. Mom signed twice: Once as Evelyn G Totman and once as Evelyn McDonald, Bob's wife. I recognized most of the names and oh, the memories they brought back. Aunt Fay (Aunt Fay is the other one I was named for) and her boys, my mom's sisters...Barbie and Pat, my Grandmothers. How lucky I was to know these wonderful people. How they added to my life. I have fond memories of the little house and picking blueberries and raspberries. Of eating fresh corn and swinging in the hammock. I dearly loved Aunt Evie. She was a cool lady with a wonderful sense of humor and a smile that wouldn't quit. Thanks, Aunt Evie and Aunt May. Bless you both.