Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunset and Sunrise

2010 is almost gone. Today is the 31st of December. The sun is shinning and it is breezy and crisp. Elinor and I both have colds but we've survived long enough to enjoy all the family that have been here for the past few days. The Wedding was beautiful and joyous even in the rain that prevailed the whole day. It didn't dampen anyone's spirits.
Isabel and Johnny were married at the Portland Temple and then a ring ceremony was held at the reception for those of us who couldn't attend the Temple sealing.
The reception was lovely. There was good food, fabulous cookies(the theme of the wedding was milk and cookies which both the kids really like), and some cool dancing. There were four generations of love from all the families involved. People had flown in from as far as Kasikstan(my niece, Cindy), Pittsburgh, PA, Morris Plains, NJ, St. Louis, Provo, and Phoenix. People had driven from Silverdale and Vancouver, WA and Corvalis, OR. We all
had a fantastic time. Izzy and Johnny are now in Hawaii enjoying their honeymoon(I hope) and everyone else has left to return to their respective homes.
Elinor and I have been Blessed by her sons and we feel blessed as we look forward to 2011(THE SUNRISE).
I wish all who may read this a safe and healthy New Year and I thank God for all I have learned in 2010(THE SUNSET). PEACE. LOVE. JOY!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sicker than a dog

I hate being sick. Diarihha and upset stomach. Not good. Everyone is down in Corvallis for the rehearsal dinner. I stayed home because I really felt sick. I hate feeling sick.
The wedding is tomorrow but I don't think I will be going.
We shall see.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas!!!!!

We started celebrating Christmas early this year. My niece, Cindy, arrived from Miami and that was great. We so enjoy her visits. She resides some of the year in Kasikstan which is a long way away. So we are delighted to have her back in the States. Her daughter, Leigha and her fiance, Stephen, are also here from Logan, UT. Leigha has just graduated from College and we are all so proud of her. She and Stephen haven't set a date yet, but there is another wedding in the future. Yesterday, Elinor and I drove down to Eugene, OR to pick up her son, Isaac and his lovely wife, Heather, and their two children, Elijah and Charlotte. It was really fun to see Elijah again. And I finally got to meet my great niece, Charlotte, who is 5. The kids flew to Eugene because they got a great air deal. Today is Christmas day but unfortunately,
Elinor is not feeling well. That didn't stop us from opening gifts. Cindy brought us some lovely things from her travels to Greece, Turkey and India. Elinor gave me the makings of a Dominos
party, complete with plates, napkins, and prizes of other games. She also gave me two watches which I am wearing on each wrist. I gave her a movie pass for three movies which includes popcorn, a gift card to our favorite restaurant(Rib City) and a blues buster to her favorite antique shop and $25.00 to spend there. Elinor gave Cindy tights, slippers, and lotions and coffee to enjoy while here. We gave Stephen a backpack and hat and gloves. Leigha got all sorts of dodads. Rachel sent us some things she had made including an album of pictures of her family which we will treasure. Laura also sent some pictures of her tribe and a cute little travel bag for Elinor and I. All in all, it has been a nice Christmas. We got four new movies and three new puzzles(two from our dear brother, Ross and his wife, Sharon).
The two pictures above are from Christmas's past but memories are what Christmas are for me. As Elinor and I were driving down to Eugene, she read aloud from The Christmas Carol. Mom use to read that every year. She wrote in the book her own little message and that made us both feel warm and toasty. Then last night, Elinor read The Littlest Angel. Traditions and memories..............that's Christmas for me.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Cactus

I am not sure how this poor little plant has survived but it has. In our house, this is positively amazing and profoundly beautiful. Our Christmas cactus has bloomed and it is cheering our hearts during this very rainy time. So feast your eyes and enjoy some yuletide joy and wonder. I would like to believe this is a gift from my Dad. He loved plants and he even did a little cactus gardening when he went to visit my Grandparents in Tucson, AZ. He 'd be down on his knees in the garden and would inevitabley back up into a cacti or two. Ouch!!!!! Thanks, Dad.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting Off The Ground

I feel like a real klutz today. It seems that I mis-counted the money in our money jars. I thought we had $400.00; we actually had $200.00. We took the money to put in my account because I am the one who put the purchase on my credit card. The bank ran the coins thru their machine and low and behold, it was short. At first I was mad, but then I thought about it and realized I just screwed up.
I am not sorry for the purchase which was really cool; I just hate feeling like a fool. But I also recognize a growth in me today. Before, I would have sulked and made everyone miserable. Today, I was angry at first but I calmed down and took it in stride......much to my sister's relief. Live and learn. I am blessed. At least, I am not without funds. The purchase we made will make a lot of people happy and I am ok with that.