Saturday, December 31, 2011

A View From My Gut

This is what I see when I am down watching TV
at night: Cashew lying on my stomach. This is her comfort zone and I guess it is mine too. There is something very soothing about a 11 lb cat stretched out on your torso, snoring. Yes, she does snore. She also purrs, loudly and there is a difference between the two.
Occasionally, I scratch her ears, her neck, the top of her head, or the back by her tail but she doesn't enjoy this as much as when she is parading on my desk.
I love this little cat. She is my pal and she seems to like my company for which I am grateful.
Happy New Year, Little Friend. And a Happy New Year to you, Cuz. You know how this feels from a dog lover's point of view. And Nani is heavier than Cashew so maybe she is lying beside you and not on you which might be a little uncomfortable for you. Whatever, at least it isn't Punky.
Happy New Year to All.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


It is funny. At this time of the year, one does not expect to see leaves still on the trees. After all, it is winter. And yet, there are a whole bunch of trees around here that still have most of their leaves. Our neighbors across the street have a tree that still has a bunch. They had raked up a slew of them only to find their yard cover again with a new batch in the morning. We don't really have that problem because most of our trees are fir trees.

Ain't life a kick?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So This Is Christmas

The John and Yoko song has been running in my head for days now. I was watching the final episode of the Sing Off and this was the last song.

Our house is all decorated thanks to Evie and two of her friends. They had come down for a concert on Friday and they helped with the tree.

These are actually pictures of past Christmas but so what.

Elinor's mod nativity is still beautiful, Cashew still likes to meander under the tree and Santa Claus is still riding the chicken. We are celebrating a little differently this year because I will not be going up to Evie's.

I know the Coleman Christmas will be wonderful but the bod just doesn't cooperate anymore on trips.

However, I will not be neglected. The Domino Queen, Carlene, has invited me to Christmas dinner. Maybe we will bring out her ukelele and sing a little. She plays really well. Elinor and I will celebrate here and there. Living with my sister is a little like Christmas every day anyway.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Goodbye Old Blue

I sold an old friend today: My old Toyota Blue Camry. It was a gift from a dear friend, David Adison. He sold it to me for a $1.00 and I sold it for $999.00 more.

Old Blue was a great car. It got Cashew and I safely to Washington State and we did alot of sightseeing in the first year we were here. Of late, it has been a godsend to my niece, Maureen, who used it to drive to work to save gas. She usually drives an Excursion which uses diesel. I will miss Old Blue and His Flying Flower. Thanks, David, for a very special gift.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Little Imagination

We saw a great movie today: HUGO. It was an interesting story of a boy who works in a clock tower in a railway station. His parents are dead and he must stay hidden or he will be taken to the orphanage. His father was a clock maker and he loved to tinker so the boy also enjoyed it. His father found this mechanical man but died before he could fix it. So the boy began to tinker.

I won't tell you any more because I don't want to spoil it for you but it was really cool.

Speaking of which, it is really COLD here today. We about

froze in the movie theatre. I've heard about saving money on turning down the heat but I could have used a blanket today. BURRRRRRRRRRR.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Years In A Row

It is blooming again: Our Christmas Cactus.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful sights imaginable. The lovely blossoms, some red, some pink, and some white. It is just amazing.

It really lifts your spirits. We've had a lot of rain lately but how can one be sad when this is flowering in your kitchen.

I think this must be a gift from my Dad. He was always so good with flowers and plants of all kinds. He had stuff growing outdoors and indoors. He and his wife, Mary Jo, even had tomato seedlings growing in the basement.

I am lousy with plants but somehow this keeps growing. I am grateful for the blooms. It does my soul a world of good. Thanks, Dad.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Much To Be Thankful For

What is about 12am that makes me thoughtful?
I don't know but there it is. Today is Thanksgiving. The house smells so good right now. We have been baking pies. We didn't make them....just baked them. Pecan and two favorites.
It was fun watching Evalyn Coleman teach her eldest daughter, Ellie, how to make a crust. She made 12 of them so I think she has it now.
Later this morning, Maureen and the Coleman girls and probably Thomas Fox will be running in the Turkey Trot Race(5k). Better them than me.
Joe got in last night. I am delighted because I didn't think he was coming. Also, Izzy and Johnny Harris will be here. Izzy has to share holidays with Johnny's family. The Ettobi family will be arriving from Silverdale. They are friends of the Colemans but they have won the hearts of us all down here.
Ellie's dear friend Heidi and her family will join us and there are a few more so we should be able to get rid of one or two of those pies.
I am grateful for so many things: My sister and brother, my sister in law, my nieces and nephews and all the greats, the Domino Queens, my good friends back in Virginia, my wonderful cousins....Margaret and Carole...and last but never least, Cashew.
Thank you, God, for all these wonderful people. Please bless them each and everyone.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Goodbye Glenwood

When I first moved to Vancouver, one of the first things I did was to find a church that I could attend. I tried several different ones but to no avail. Then I found Glenwood Community Church in Battle Ground. When I walked in, there was canned music playing. The song was one of my favorite hymns: Bones of Elijah. They use to play it all the time in Virginia and it always made me feel good. I thought it was a sign.

The Church asked new people to fill out communication cards so I did. They contacted me and I went in to talk to the assistant minister. He was very nice and I thought I had found a home.

Now almost four years later, I don't feel that way. At Glenwood, I am invisible: not to the congregation but to the ministers.

I don't expect them to speak to me all the time but when someone sits in the same place and is always early and they come in for a mic check, you can at least say" Good Morning" or "Hi". I realize they are busy but doesn't take that long especially when you say hello to everyone else. It's not like I'm hiding or like you can't see me. I am not exactly small shall we say.

I have tried to fit in. I have tried the Bible study classes but I didn't enjoy them as much as I use to in Virginia. They kind of remind me of a short story class I took in college. We dissected the story so much that I lost interest in the whole thing. I've tried to be involved by working at the Vacation Bible Camp but I guess it is not enough.

I may try another church or I may just go with Elinor. The Mormons don't ignore me. I am always welcomed from the Bishop to the Missionaries to the women in the Relief Society.

Lynn, if you are reading this, don't panic. I don't believe I will join the Mormons but it is nice to worship where you are wanted.

Friday, November 18, 2011

We Got The Gloomies

It has been raining forever here. I know that is one of the Northwest's drawing points but it is not one I appreciate for any length of time.

I want some sunshine. It might make people a little more friendlier.

We have some demonstraters down in Portland. The thing about these groups of people is that they are disrupting the city. Now I have no problem with people expressing their dissatisfaction with how things are but when they prevent others from doing their jobs or getting to their homes....well that doesn't set well.

People are afraid to go into the city which hurts business. When business is hurt, then we have more unemployed so who is that helping?

I don't get it.

All you hear on the news is bad stuff. One of my favorite singers had a song called "Sure Could Use A Little Good News" and we could. How about a little sunshine?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tribute to the beast with apologies to Billy Joel

She can kill with a swipe, she can wound with her claws,

And she can ruin your faith, she has her own laws,

And she only reveals what she wants you to see.

She hides like a kitten but she's always a puss cat to me.

Ooooh, she takes care of herself (licka lick).

She can wait if she wants, she's ahead of her time. (especially if it is dinner time)

Oooooh, and she never gives out, and she never gives in.....she just changes her mind.

She is frequently kind and she's suddenly cruel.

But she can do as she pleases, she's nobody's


She'll purr and she'll snuggle and then walk over you.

She plays like a kitten but she always just Cashew.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


There is a problem when you don't blog daily.....people don't check on you. You become invisable. I stopped blogging because I didn't feel I had anything to say. I certainly didn't have any new pictures to show. There was just the old stuff and the old me.

Well, there you have it.......or had it. I am back.

I don't like being invisable.

The question is will they come back?

Are you still there?

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thanksgiving is coming and with it, changes.

We will still be having it at Maureen's but this year, there will not be a football game. Instead, people will be running in a race. This will also be the last Thanksgiving with the Coleman Family for a while.

Joe is at sea now but he will have a new post next Thanksgiving: Washington, DC. Maureen is talking about renting a house at the shore and holding Thanksgiving there and so things change.

The reason for the holiday remains the same: a time to give thanks and a time to share. It is still good. We shall see what next year brings. Meanwhile, I intend on enjoying this year.

Next week, Elinor gets home, the Coleman family arrives and the race will be run.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


There are times when I just want to blend with the scenery. Sometimes there are times when I want to just sit.

Sometimes, I want to dance .

And sometimes, I want to soar away.

Life is weird that way. Emotions go crazy and we don't know how to handle things. It is 12:15am on Sunday. I would like to thru the night...float on the towards the anywhere but here.

Just a thought.........Strange.

Friday, October 14, 2011

It Is More Blessed To Give

You know the old adage it is more blessed to give than receive...? It is true. It is also more fun.

Recently, Elinor received a calling from her Church: humanitarian committee. It was a match made in heaven. She is loving it and because I live with her, I am loving it too. She started out getting everyone to contribute to making hygiene kits. These consist of two hand towels, two combs, four toothbrushes, two bars of soap, and one tube of toothpaste. This all fits into one gallon zip lock bag. The kits are for victims of disasters but they are also great to hand to the homeless. There are several agencies here in Vancouver like SHARE and OPEN HOUSE MINISTRIES which help people who are homeless. Last night, after we had been collecting all this stuff for a couple weeks, we got together and assembled kits. Today, we drove to SHARE and OPEN HOUSE MINISTRIES and delivered them. It was cool.

Our next project is socks. The neat thing is that once you get started, it actually becomes fun.

We've been making a list of things we can gather. Some are obvious but others are not like

alarm clocks. Since both SHARE and OPEN HOUSE are interested in helping people get back on their feet, alarm clocks make sense. After all, you have to get up to make appointments and interviews.

This ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Butterflies are free....

Today is my Aunt Pat's Birthday...she would have been 89 years young. I never see my Aunt growing old although she certainly did. But that is not how I see her. She was vibrant, excited about life and curious. There was a joy in her that was wonderful to be around. We had some great adventures. I remember exploring Lake Barcroft with her by canoe. It was sooo much fun. And walking around Tokyo looking for those plastic sample of food so she could take them back with her to show the kids at Hayfield.

Whenever I see a butterfly, I think of Pat....flitting from flower to flower...drinking in life's joy. Happy Birthday, Aunts. Love ya lots.

Maroo Foo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Answer To A Letter

Last month I read the biography of Thomas S. Monson who is the President of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints better known as the Mormon Church. I was deeply moved by this book and even more so by this incredible man.

I was so moved that I actually wrote a letter to him. I never in a million years expected to hear a reply but today I received one.....not exactly the way I thought but perhaps even better.

President Monson sent two missionaries to personally answer my questions. They were not the missionaries who are attached to Elinor's ward. These two were two I hadn't met before. I must say I was a little taken aback when I answered the door. Elinor hadn't come home from Church so I couldn't figure out who they were. I was slightly confused and then my niece, Evie, arrived. When I finally understood that they were here because of the letter I had written, I was dumbfounded.

I figured that the letter had gotten lost or he was just too busy to write. I wasn't angry.....just a little disappointed but not anymore.

The two missionaries explained that they had been sent by the Mission President on behalf of the Prophet(President Monson). They had come to answer any questions that I had about the Church. Actually, the only question I had asked President Monson was whether I could partake of the Sacrement with Elinor when I was visiting her Church. The answer was yes I could.

We had a lovely discussion joined in by my niece and sister. It was really a cool experience and one I shall never forget. President Monson wanted me to have a complete answer and a letter would not have done that because there could be not give and take. This way I got my answer and he made sure I got the correct information. I knew I liked this man. It was a wonderful "open" letter from a very busy individual who took time from his schedule to reach out to another person and let them know that he cared.

Please, Heavenly Father, Bless this man and take good care of him. The world needs more like Thomas S. Monson.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bouquet

I lost a friend today... Ruth Gil.

She was my mother's friend first but she was my friend last. She was a crusty old gal full of spunk. She had class as well. She always looked good. She had a good sense of humor and a great love of people. She believed in service. She spent years touring around in the book mobile taking books to senior homes and the home bound. She brought a cheerful smile along with her friendly face. My mother use to help her. That is how they became pals. When my mother died, Ruth became my pal. I would visit her down at the Westminister Retirement Cottages in Lake

Ridge, Virginia. We would go out to lunch or do errands or just talk. As Ruth became older, she took some nasty spills and finally, her daughter, Sally, moved her closer to her near New Market.

I am glad I knew Ruth Gil. I will always treasure our friendship. I am sure my mom will have a pleasant welcome for her. Have fun catching up, ladies.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He turned 69 years old. It is funny because he sure doesn't sound like he is 69 although I am not sure what 69 sounds like.

He sounds like he has always sounded to me....loving. Dearest friend, protective brother, clown, all-around good guy.....that's my bro.

I love this man with all my heart. How did I get to be sooooooo lucky to be a part of his life. I treasure every day I know him. I ask my Heavenly Father to watch over him and his wonderful wife, Sharon, and keep them safe. I am so Blessed to have my Rossy in my life.

You are the best, Bro.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well I made it!

63...Good grief! Who would have thought it? Surely not me. Does this picture look like someone who would be 63 someday? I don't think so. Nevertheless, here I is.

It has been quite a birthday. Elinor began it by making me a bag for my scriptures. It is beautiful. It goes over my shoulder and I love it. She made it out of material designed by my niece, Laura Gunn. I have to take a picture of it so you can see.

Then I got serenaded by my cousin, Margaretta, at 9:01 pm on the 11th. She said I was officially 63 because it was midnight in the East. The next day, I received an emails from my nieces Cindy Foster,Lynn McDonald-Burks, and Mo Fox; facebook hits from Ashton Bailey, Wendy Bailey,and Ellie Coleman; I got taken out to brunch by the Domino's Queens and then we played(I came in 4th). I got phone calls from Cindy Foster, Ross Bailey, Evie Coleman, Annie Wiehe, and Lonnie Schmidt. I got cards from Lynn Smith, Carolyn Shoup, JJ Gualtieri, The Golden Girls,and Twinbrook Chiropractic. E-cards from Ace Adams and Margaret Darby. A

beautiful print from Donna Turgeon of a seagull that we both took pictures of on the Eastern Shore. I also received a cute cap and a sock purse from my brother, Ross and his lovely wife, Sharon and fresh flowers from my friends, the Larsens.

In other words, today I was treated like royalty. It was a lovely birthday and I will treasure the memories for a long while. Thank you one and all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our New Sink

This picture does NOT do this project justice by any means.

What you can not see is the lovely shelves in front of the chest of drawers. They are red and white and are now holding all of Elinor's dyes and paints. There is a nice long table there as well. There will be a counter running from the sink towards the table. The back wall is the Grandchildren's art display and I must say we have some real talent and imagination in our family(no surprise).

Our incredible neighbor, Todd Dixon, has done a masterful job and we are so excited. We are planning on having a Garage Warming Party to welcome our lovely new sink.

It sure does make coming into our home a real treat. Thanks, Todd. Well done, dear friend.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Is That Time Again.....Happy Birthday, Cuz!!

I don't have any recent pictures of my cousin, Margaret....mostly because she hates having her picture taken as much as I do. Sooooooooo

these are from our trip across country with our mothers. The train was in Kansas I think. What I remember is that there was dog poop uo in the engine and I couldn't figure how the dog got up there. The one with Margaret dancing is at Frontierland at Disneyland. How Margaret ever ended up on stage is beyond me( she was a shy young thing in those days ). The one with the horses is in Tucson near my Grandparents home. The horses were Billy Joe and Stinky. We sure did have a good time on them. Didn't you get tossed, Marg? Good memories. I am glad I know you, Margaret. I treasure our friendship more than you will ever know. It was fun singing to you at 12:03am this morning. Elinor and

I both enjoyed hearing your voice. May this be a wonderful year for you and your family. Love ya lots, Cuz.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pick Myself Up, Dust Myself Off.........

There she is.....the lady on the left....with dark glasses and the V for victory sign or does it mean something else. I can't tell nowadays. Her name is Lyndi. She is my niece and she is partly named for me. Today is her birthday. I have come to admire this tenacious woman. She has been on a roller coaster most of her life. She is my brother's oldest daughter and one of my favorite people.

She was a wild child and there were times when I wondered if she would make it. Just when you count her out, she gets right back in there. Recently, she has been going to school to get her degree in drug counseling. She has one semester left and she will have it. I am so proud of this young woman. She just doesn't give up. She just picks herself up, dusts herself off and goes out and kicks butt. Way to go, Lyndi.....WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Elinor in Wonderland

Elinor and I both enjoyed the movie Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp. Elinor was so taken with it she had to create her own garden. Isn't this fun? It almost makes me wish I could sew.....notice I say almost. She is sending the pattern to her partner, Beth, in Nevada so it should be out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet Joan Crowford

This is Elinor's new creation and one I am very in love with. Joan is a fantastic crow complete with her own nest. It has all sorts of dodads on it and it is just fun.

Recently, Elinor had to make three of these birds so we had a flock in our workroom. It was fun. To quote the original......"I am just too much"

Friday, August 5, 2011


You are probably wondering why there are three entries for today. I haven't taken pictures for a long time but I felt like trying.

This is a beautiful flower that a dear friend gave us. It was positively HUGE and I just had to try and get it. Not too bad for such a long absence. I am delighted and excited. We may have to try again soon.


Who Is Spying On Who?

I love to open the door to our terrace so that Cashew can get some fresh air. She seems to like it too. This morning was a little different. We were being spied upon. These two just stared at each other for a while and then ..........................................NOTHING.

Cats are just weird.

Our Latest Puzzle

Elinor and I love doing jigsaw puzzles but we are fussy. We don't just do any puzzle; they have to be interesting. This is by a terrific artist named Colin Thompson. He has written children's books as well as illustrating some and he does puzzles. We have all of his and they have each presented a challenge. Elinor loves the detail and the colors. I'm not sure what I like but I do enjoy doing them. He did one called the Library: all books but with some strange titles like LORD OF THE PIES, GONE WITH THE WINE, and LADY CHATTERLEY"S ROVER. Then there are all these little details like little restaurants, mice, and other silly things. The puzzle above had books with arms and legs. If you are looking for a fun thing, try this guy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where was the camera when I needed it?

I sang Happy Birthday to my sister at 12:01 this morning. She laughed because we were both up too late but it was fun. This morning I was reading in bed when the telephone rang. It was 9:20am, not too early for us but there was no way I was going to make it to the phone before it finished ringing. I waited to see if it was someone who knew us and sure enough, it was. They called again. I started to get up but then out charges Elinor in her Birthday suit. I just about didn't make it to the bathroom because I was laughing so hard. It was her son, Ross calling to serenade with his wife, Wendy. It was a hoot.

My sister is 71 today and I wish her the very best of birthdays. I hope she gets calls from all her kids and her grandkids. I hope they all appreciate what a wonderful and incredible person she is and how she continues to add to their lives. She certainly adds to mine. May God Bless her and keep her safe.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Decade Of Fun

We saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 this morning. The movie was suppose to start at 12:01am but it malfunctioned and didn't start until 12:50am. It is now 3:27am and we are home again. It was fun. The saga is over and it ended on a positive note.

If you haven't read the Harry Potter books, try them. You will get hooked. It doesn't seem to matter what generation you get hooked. My parents enjoyed them; my siblings enjoyed them; my nephews and nieces and great nephews and great nieces enjoyed them as well.

Four generations in our family. The movies were equal to the books. They were well made and with only an exception or two, kept the same cast all the way through.

It has been great fun. Thanks, J.K. Rowling. Well done.....well done indeed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Are Doing It Again

It's that time again. Time for the last chapter of Harry Potter and yes, we are going to the midnight show again. Last year, we took John and Thomas Fox. This year, only John is going.

Thomas will be going on overland trek with other Mormon kids to get a feel of what it was like to be a pioneer. We will miss Thomas but we will suffer on.

Elinor and I have already watched the other seven videos from this series. It has been an incredible run. I have enjoyed the books and the movies equally and I will miss these characters.

It has definately been good fun.

Once more, into the fray, dear friends.........LUMOS. Let there be light.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zyg Nagorski

I received a call from my Brother, Ross, today. We both talked about the events of yesterday and how we almost lost a great nephew, Luke Gunn. Luckily, Luke is doing well.(See previous blog).

I asked Ross about his wife, Sharon, who is also in the hospital after undergoing some surgery on her leg. Sharon is improving daily and Ross told me that one of the things they do is read the paper together. Today he read about the passing of a dear friend, Zyg Nagorski. Zyg and his lovely wife, Marie, were friends of my family when we lived in Scarsdale, NY. Originally from Poland, they escaped during the WWII and made their way to the US. Mom met Marie at the Scarsdale Tennis Club. Yes, my Mother once played tennis( stop giggling, Cuz). The women became friends and so did the husbands. For years, the Nagorskis came to our house for holidays and cookouts. They were very good friends. They all

love to discuss current events and what was happening in the world. They formed a group called the Curious People. Zyg and Marie entrusted their oldest daughter to my folks while they were overseas in Egypt. Young Marie was suppose to be going to Syracuse but she would have none of it. She worked at Schraffts as a waitress and boy did she bring home the tips. Young Marie was and is very beautiful. When I first moved to DC, she was a big help to me.

When my Mom remarried, Zyg and Marie continued to be her dear friends. It was always a joy to see them. When Mom and Ken moved to Washington, the friendship continued. I will always consider them very special people in my life.

Dad and Zyg grew apart but Zyg was always sad about that and tried to make up. My father wasn't very good about making up. Maybe he will now. I hope so.

Safe journey, Zyg and thanks.

Monday, July 11, 2011

In A Moment......

This is an old picture but it is all I have. We almost lost this sweet little boy tonight. He and his family were visiting friends and the friends had a pool. Luke had been swimming with a life jacket on but he asked if he could take it off. His mother asked if he was going to swim any more and he said no. She took it off.
The grownups were talking when the friend's little boy spied Luke at the bottom of the pool. They got him out and the friend performed CPR. Luke spit up water and was taken to the hospital. It appears as if he will be ok but Holy Cow!!!
I prayed like I have never prayed before and God answered. Thank you, God. Thank you!!!!!
This is a precious child. I would not like to be without him. How incredible!!!! It was just one moment.............
Just an update. Luke is fine. His Grandmother talked to him in the hospital this morning. It seems that Master Luke decided to go swimming without his waterwings. Little boys just have to try things on their own. We are all so grateful that this little guy is alright.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Is Anybody there?

One of my favorite musicals is 1776. It is about the writing of the Declaration of Independence as seen through the eyes of John Adams. It was because of this musical that I became a fan of Adams. Towards the end of the show, there is a showdown between those who want slavery and those who don't. The South threatens to vote no if the part of the Declaration concerning slavery isn't removed. John Adams doesn't want to remove it. "History will never forgive us" he says. He is left alone in the Congressional Chamber and he wonders..."Is Anybody There? Does anybody see what I see?
I got an email from someone who felt that it was not right for Congress not to have to deal with Medicare and Social Security like the rest of us. They have voted themselves a retirement package that is incredible in benefits. Why do we allow that?
If they gave up their package, we might be able to make Social Security last a lot longer. When did serving in Congress become a full time business?
The guys who served in 1776 didn't get any benefits. John Adams had a heck of a time making ends meet. His wife Abigail had to run their farm by herself. She was lucky if she saw him once a year much less every night. So I ask Congress.....Is anybody there who cares whats going on? Serving your country shouldn't mean serving yourself.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Golden Girls Do it Again !

The 65's and 70's teams both brought home the silver medals from this year's Senior Olympics in Houston. These pictures are actually ones I took in Kentucky a while ago but these people were in Houston(I think) and they were probably doing what they are doing in these pictures. I'm sure Lynne was napping. I'm sure Margaret was running to second and I'm sure Weeksey was catching a fly ball.

I am proud of these ladies and I am proud to be affilitated with them. It is truely an honor.

Well Done, Ladies. Well done indeed!!!!!!!!!