Thursday, January 27, 2011

To The Men Whom Have Impacted My Life

I don't have pictures of them all and that's a fact but here are a few. The top is my Grandfather, Arnold Totman. He was my mother's father and I use to visit him every summer with Mom. He told the best stories and I loved to talk with him. The middle picture is my Dad doing his favorite thing:gardening. He was a poet in the garden. The flowers were incredible and always interesting. He didn't always have luck with the lawn but he never stopped trying. He was a most generous man in helping people but I didn't alway appreciate that because I didn't think he liked me. Looking back, I can see I was wrong. He wanted me to succeed and do something I enjoyed. The bottom picture is my wonderful brother, Ross. He has always been my closest friend. He encouraged me and has constantly believed in me. He can make me laugh and he is the BEST traveling companion in the world.
There are others who have done much for me during my lifetime: my brother-in-law, Gary Bailey, my nephews-Ross,Isaac, George, Joe and Christian, my shrink JJ, and my cousin, Robert Darby. I have wonderful memories of Gary when we made fudge together. What a great time we had. Gary was also a gifted story teller and a Civil War buff with the talent to make history come alive. My nephews have each added to my joy with their love and kindness. JJ literally changed my life in so many ways. He is still a dear friend even though I haven't seen him in several years. His letters always offer wisdom and hope. Robert Darby left this world far too soon. This big strong yet gentle giant would come and help when ever asked. His generosity will never be forgotten by me. It was an honor to know him.
I have been very lucky in my life and I am grateful for all these fine men. Thanks, guys, for everything.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Women Who Love and Have Liberated Me

I watched Oprah Winfrey's Master Class which celebrated
Maya Angelou. What an incredible person she is and how beautiful-- inside and outside.
She talked about how love liberates and she told about her grandmother and her mother who both told her she would be famous.......that she would make a difference. I thought about the women in my life who have given me love and encouragement: Elinor at the top right. Maureen at the top left. Lynn Smith and Donna Turgeon......dear friends.

My great niece Ellie, Laura the Snugglebug and my darling, Evie. They have each made a major difference in my life. Lynn helped me find God and showed me how keep Him in my life. Donna helped me find myself. My nieces allow me to share in their lives which gives me a chance to share what I can. My wonderful sister has become one of my dearest friends, companion and counselor. I am learning to trust her with alot of my excess baggage. There have be others as well: My cousin, Margaret, Annie Wiehe and of course, my Mom. This crazy blog only allows you to put up 5 pictures so there you go. And I haven't begun to mention the guys..........Don't worry fellows.......I haven't forgotten you.
My thanks to these wonderful ladies.......I hope I can return the favor to each of you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Courage With a Capital C

Elinor and I went and saw an amazing movie today:The King's Speech. It stars Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush, two fantastic actors. The story tells about King George VI, Queen Elizabeth's father. The King stutters badly and needs help but it is a tricky situation. Geoffrey Rush plays an Australian guy who happens to be good at helping stutterers. Together, they strive to help the King to talk to his people during one of the most challenging times in history.
It was incredible. I hope you will all see this picture. Do Not be misled by the R rating. The King cusses but it is valid to the picture and there is no taking the Lord's name in vain. I was blown away by this movie
and I believe you will be too.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Family Tree

This seems to be the year of connections........connections to the family tree. Last year, our family got together for a wonderful wedding in December. Seven of Elinor's 10 children were here and they managed to hook up with the other three by phone so that ain't bad. It was a joyous time,enjoyed by all.
This year, Elinor and I are trying to connect with our family tree thru geneology. I found a website that mentioned Arnold Washington Totman who is my mother's father. It had some incorrect information on it so I notified them and today I heard back from them. How cool is that? We also made contact with a cousin whom I have only met once many years ago. We got an address and phone number from my Cousin Margaret in VA and Elinor called her. They talked for about an 1/2 hr and it was fantastic.
Family history is wonderful way to reach out and touch others. I am excited to begin this journey with my sister.
Talley HO!!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year?

Well, here it is....2011 and how did I spend the past two days of this brand new year? Coughing and sneezing. Elinor and I both are sick; our house is a mess; and we have enough trash inside to sink a battleship or at least a large yacht.
However, tomorrow is a new day and I intend(at least I think I intend) to make some changes. We will try and start cleaning our room. Steady, Cashew, this is just an intention. It ain't a done deal, yet.
Things will get better.........We just have to start.