Friday, February 18, 2011

There Be Snow Here!!!!!

OK....stop laughing. I know that most of those who read this blog have had more snow in one minute than we have had in one day but what can I say? This is how it looked when I came down for breakfast two days ago. By noon, it was all gone. Not that I was sorry to see it go....I wasn't! I do not like the stuff. I do not like slipping and sliding. The thought of falling is not my idea of fun but still, for just a was pretty.
We do not get alot in the back yard because of the evergreens. We have about nine of them and they shelter us big time.
Oh well......a little more than a month until spring. I can be patient.......maybe.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Geneology - My Father's Side

Elinor and I are knee deep in geneology. We have been having the best time too. Tomorrow while everyone else is watching the Super Bowl (Go Steelers!), we will be having our own Geneology Bowl.
We are working on my Dad's side at this time. My Dad's wife, Mary Jo did some major research for the family. She uncovered some wonderful info so we have a good foundation to begin. We have some wonderful old pictures and some history that my Uncle Jack wrote out. Jack is the guy in the bottom picture. I was suppose to be a boy and if I had been, I would have been named for him. He was a wonderful guy whom I did not appreciate until after his death. I am sorry about that. It is one of my major regrets. Jack is also in the picture with his parents, Betty and O. Ross McDonald. The last picture is of my Grandfather McDonald with his daughter, Isabel O'Neil. Isabel and I never hit it off but Elinor enjoyed her alot. They had this artist thing together. I didn't really know my Dad's side of the family and for this I am truely sorry. They were all very interesting. I will try and write more on this subject as I learn more. I am glad to be learning about them. It does go to show you that you should appreciate people more while they are alive. Word to the wise for all nephews and nieces....don't wait too long.