Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Think Spring Is Coming......Maybe

I think spring is coming.....it's trying. There are crocus blooming and the forsythia is thinking about it. There is a bush outside my window and I can see a few blossoms.
There is a lot of sadness at present. I keep reading about Japan and all their woes. I remember how much Mom and I and Aunt Pat enjoyed our trip there. There was so much beauty. My prayers go out to the people. I wonder what will happen. They are now talking of radiation poisoning. We are so lucky here in this country. I am so lucky.
Spring means hope and the promise of good things to come. I do hope for improvement. I do hope.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Found Another Cousin!!!!!

Can you believe it.....we found another relative!
No, it is not this delightful girl standing next to me in this picture but it is her cousin too.
Elinor and I are doing geneaology big time. Elinor has most of the files since she was the one who was most interested. We have been entering them onto the computer and it has been fun. I was looking up the Totman Family(my Mother's paternal side) and there was a website for a Richard Totman. On his site, he mentioned my Grandfather, Arnold Washington Totman. He included his phone number and Elinor gave him a call. He wasn't at home so she left a message and low and behold, he called us back. He lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and Elinor talked to him for 1/2 hour. It seems that he is the Grandson of Frank Garfield Totman who is my Grandfather's nearest brother(two years difference). How cool is that? We had a picture of the nine Totman Siblings(there were actually 11 children all together but two died very young). We also had pictures of Frank Melville Totman and his wife Emma Vesta Judkins
our Great Grandparents. Small world...........you just never know who is going to turn up next.