Monday, April 25, 2011

We Came To The Brink Distinctly......

Back in 1960, there was a musical on Broadway written by Frank Loesser called Greenwillow. It was a gentle story about a family where the father is always off wandering leaving his wife and children to get along without him. The eldest son believes he is cursed to follow in his father's footsteps so he swears he will never marry. This does not bode well for his girlfriend. In comes this delightful minister who shows the son that he doesn't have to follow his father: His calling is to stay at home. This musical has been haunting us of late. There is a song sung by the Grandma and her old boyfriend called "Could've been a ring". It tells how they almost got married but "they never". She says "I were cautious". He answers "I were clever. We came to the brink distinctly, cosy close to mostly, mighty near to nearly but we never." I don't know why this song affects us but we find ourselves singing it at the craziest times. We sang it tonight as we were coming home from Goodwill. Elinor had just purchased a real milk can and it is now sitting in our front yard. She was looking for a cow and she probably would have bought one if she had seen it "but she never". Oh well.....there you have it. "I were cautious; she were clever." Way to go, sis!!!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's The Thought That Counts

In all my pictures, there is not one rabbit. For shame! I am well aware that Easter is not about rabbits or easter eggs or any of that stuff but tonight, my thoughts drift back to an Easter I spent in Washington, DC. I was living in DC at the time. It might have been my second year there. I was lonely and feeling blue and really sorry for myself. As I recall, there was not much on TV so I decided to watch Bonanza. GREAT DECISION!!!!!!. They had an episode called "Caution:EASTER BUNNY CROSSING" and it concerned Hoss Cartwright. For those who don't remember Bonanza, it told of a widower with three grown sons: Adam(very austire), Little Joe(Michael Landon at his sexiest) and Hoss( the gentle giant). This story centered on Hoss who was trying to help some orphans. The lady who ran the orphanage wanted him to dress up like an rabbit and hide easter eggs. Picture this 6'3", 300 lb. guy dressed in this giant white suit complete with ears and tail and trying to get on his horse. The horse takes one look and bolts. Hoss finally catches the horse but then he comes upon a stage robbery. Hoss isn't carrying a gun ...where would he put it? What does he do.....he throws the easter eggs. I laughed until I cried and then I laughed again. My sides hurts but I assure you the blues were gone. Recently, I googled the show and found scenes from it on Youtube.(Unfortunately, they have since removed them). It still made me giggle. I will always remember Dan Blocker who played Hoss with great fondness. For one hour, he made laugh with pure joy. Happy Easter to all and remember what the real meaning of the day is..........Christ Has Risen.....HE HAS RISEN INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Perfect Gift

You know when you have someone you really love and you can't think of anything to get them for their birthday or for Christmas? Get them a party!
That is what Elinor gave me for Christmas last year and yesterday, we had the party. She gave me invitations, paper plates(two sizes), napkins, and prizes. Well, yesterday, the Domino Queens had a spring party and it was a hoot. We held the party at our usual gathering place which is Carleen Yamashita's house. Everyone brought something for lunch. Berta brought a salad, Carolyn brought a jello salad, Carleen had Chicken Alfredo and rolls, and Sue brought four types of homemade cookies. Carleen invited Elinor as well and she brought tulips for Carleen. After lunch, I took Ellie home because dominos is not her thing and we got down to serious business. I kept score and awarded gifties as I saw fit. Everyone received three prizes but you never knew what it was going to be for. It was such fun. Before we all left to go home, Carleen had her Grandson take a picture so maybe there will be a copy of it on the blog at a later date.
These very special friends were the real gift and I thank my wonderful sister for her thoughtful present.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We are a home of collections. Elinor has hers and I have mine. Since we have been doing genealogy, we have come upon another collection: family. It is amazing the treasures we have uncovered like letters my Dad wrote to my Mom; a poem my Mom wrote when she was just a child that was published in the newspaper; lots of information about people. I found a write up about my Great Aunt Eloise's wedding. It told what she wore, who was there, and where she would be living after she was wed. We googled the address and the house is still standing so now we have a picture of the house.

Elinor has made contact with the Fairfield Historic Society in Fairfield, Maine. They have given us the name of a photographer who may have pictures of the Totman Lumber Mill which was owned by our Great,Great Grandfather, Nahum Totman. Elinor wants to get a feel for the people by seeing where they lived and worked. We are now working on putting together a little book telling the story of "When Christmas Went Insane". This was a story that written for my Mom's Mom by her sister, Great Aunt Laura and passed down to my sister, her daughter, Evie and Evie's daughter, Ellie. We think the whole family should have it so we are adding pictures of the story's players.

Collections are fun when shared.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Why Do We Always Wait Too Long?

The one thing about doing genealogy is that you always wish you had the opportunity to talk to your relatives once more.

Unfortunately, they are mostly gone. You have waited too long. The problem is when you are growing up, you don't think you will ever be interested in the "old days"; then all of a sudden, you get interested and there is no one left to ask. How I wish I had paid more attention to my Grandfather Totman or asked more questions of my Grandfather McDonald. What I wouldn't give to talk to my Uncle Jack or Aunt Evie. And then there were those that we didn't realize were relatives, like Doty Bragg or Lorelei Robie.....what a treasure trove we missed. Why didn't this interest show itself earlier in my life? Although we have a lot of records, it is the stories we are missing. How I would have liked to have heard the stories because they are what makes the people come alive. If anyone reading this has any old relatives.....TALK TO THEM NOW!!! Find out what they remember. Write it down. What we have missed is our history, our path to where we are now. Many of our relatives experience similar things that we are experiencing now. After all, history does repeat itself.....maybe we might learn something.