Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Golden Girls Do it Again !

The 65's and 70's teams both brought home the silver medals from this year's Senior Olympics in Houston. These pictures are actually ones I took in Kentucky a while ago but these people were in Houston(I think) and they were probably doing what they are doing in these pictures. I'm sure Lynne was napping. I'm sure Margaret was running to second and I'm sure Weeksey was catching a fly ball.

I am proud of these ladies and I am proud to be affilitated with them. It is truely an honor.

Well Done, Ladies. Well done indeed!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Did You Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Did you ever have one of those days where everything just seems to work?

Today was such a day. I woke up at 5am and said if I go back to bed I will not make it to church today. For some reason, I felt I had to be there. You just never know when God will choose to speak to you or how He will send his message. I have learned that when you get a"feeling" that you should do something........then you should definately do that something. So I turned my light on and kind of just lay there and willed myself not to fall back alseep. It worked because I got up and made it to church on time. Our church has three services but I choose to go to the first one because then I get my choice of parking spaces. I also like to hear the Worship Team(our music people) go thru the numbers so I can hear them before we sing them at the service. I hate not knowing the songs.

I have become friends with the Worship Team. We generally have four singers(usually two ladies and two men), we have a guitar, a bass guitar,a piano, and drummer. Sometimes we have an electric piano and sometimes we also have a mandolin. Occasionally, we have soloists like a violin or trumpet. There are no set people; it varies from week to week but we do have three people who are usually there. Colleen and Nathan who are in charge and Joe Stuart who sings and plays guitar/bass guitar.

Joe's family comes to the 9am service and when I attended that service, they sat behind me. We became friendly. Joe's wife is a lovely woman named Sunshine (perfect name for her). They have six wonderful kids: Analise(sp), Eon, Catherine, Henry, Harrison, and Lillian. Sunshine was carrying Harrison when I first met her. She has since had Lillian. The children are homeschooled and very bright. I have become special friends with Eon, the eldest boy. He is very polite and considerate and very interesting. He has a keen appreciation of military things. Today he showed me a new testament which he thought might have been printed during the Second World War. He couldn't find any date in it but I did when I looked thru it....1942. He was delighted.

Recently, Eon told me the family was going on vacation to Glacier National Park. I had some travel material at home so I brought it and gave it to them. Unfortunately, it was snowing at Glacier so they went to the Grand Canyon instead. On the way, they visited the Redwoods and they bought me a new walking stick complete with a whistle and compass. I was deeply touched.

They are truely a lovely family and they made me feel good. God sends His love in many wonderous ways. Thank you, God.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Cows....We're remarkable Cows and wherever we go, it's a fabulous show. Yes, you know we are Cows.

This is from one of the most enchanting records I have ever heard. It was written by Sandra Boynton and it is a classic. It is called "Philadelphia Chickens".

The girls in the picture are Elinor's creation for her dear friend in Lincoln, Nebraska who owns a fabric store called the Cosmic Cow. In July, she will be opening another store in the town of Seward called ...what else but The Udder Store. Elinor has been having a ball helping in her unique way and she created these gems. I am not sure they will ever get to Nebraska because I have fallen in love with them but................anyway, we both remembered the Cow Song and it has been strolling thru our minds ever since. If you want to hear it, go to YouTube and type in Cowshow. Then try and get that tune out of your head. OY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy birthday, Mom!!!! You would have been 96 today and you probably wouldn't have liked that. I'd prefer to think of you when you were younger and feeling good.

I will always see you with flowers somewhere. Hopefully in the sunshine. Maybe a nice chair and definately a good book. Oprah has her tree but you would probably prefer a chair. In the background, your classical music(Dennis Owen putting in a few words). You might like a little Zinfandel and some toasted pecans. Yeah, that would be good.

I miss ya, Mom. Elinor and I sang to you today. Your Great Grandson, John Fox , is pulling weeds out in our garden so if you feel like sending a little love in his direction, it would be nice. We called Ross earlier but he wasn't home. We will try again. If you are looking out on a meadow and you see a nice horse named Laurel, say hello. It's her birthday too. Have a good day, darling. You are remembered with love.