Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Answer To A Letter

Last month I read the biography of Thomas S. Monson who is the President of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints better known as the Mormon Church. I was deeply moved by this book and even more so by this incredible man.

I was so moved that I actually wrote a letter to him. I never in a million years expected to hear a reply but today I received one.....not exactly the way I thought but perhaps even better.

President Monson sent two missionaries to personally answer my questions. They were not the missionaries who are attached to Elinor's ward. These two were two I hadn't met before. I must say I was a little taken aback when I answered the door. Elinor hadn't come home from Church so I couldn't figure out who they were. I was slightly confused and then my niece, Evie, arrived. When I finally understood that they were here because of the letter I had written, I was dumbfounded.

I figured that the letter had gotten lost or he was just too busy to write. I wasn't angry.....just a little disappointed but not anymore.

The two missionaries explained that they had been sent by the Mission President on behalf of the Prophet(President Monson). They had come to answer any questions that I had about the Church. Actually, the only question I had asked President Monson was whether I could partake of the Sacrement with Elinor when I was visiting her Church. The answer was yes I could.

We had a lovely discussion joined in by my niece and sister. It was really a cool experience and one I shall never forget. President Monson wanted me to have a complete answer and a letter would not have done that because there could be not give and take. This way I got my answer and he made sure I got the correct information. I knew I liked this man. It was a wonderful "open" letter from a very busy individual who took time from his schedule to reach out to another person and let them know that he cared.

Please, Heavenly Father, Bless this man and take good care of him. The world needs more like Thomas S. Monson.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bouquet

I lost a friend today... Ruth Gil.

She was my mother's friend first but she was my friend last. She was a crusty old gal full of spunk. She had class as well. She always looked good. She had a good sense of humor and a great love of people. She believed in service. She spent years touring around in the book mobile taking books to senior homes and the home bound. She brought a cheerful smile along with her friendly face. My mother use to help her. That is how they became pals. When my mother died, Ruth became my pal. I would visit her down at the Westminister Retirement Cottages in Lake

Ridge, Virginia. We would go out to lunch or do errands or just talk. As Ruth became older, she took some nasty spills and finally, her daughter, Sally, moved her closer to her near New Market.

I am glad I knew Ruth Gil. I will always treasure our friendship. I am sure my mom will have a pleasant welcome for her. Have fun catching up, ladies.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yesterday was my brother's birthday. He turned 69 years old. It is funny because he sure doesn't sound like he is 69 although I am not sure what 69 sounds like.

He sounds like he has always sounded to me....loving. Dearest friend, protective brother, clown, all-around good guy.....that's my bro.

I love this man with all my heart. How did I get to be sooooooo lucky to be a part of his life. I treasure every day I know him. I ask my Heavenly Father to watch over him and his wonderful wife, Sharon, and keep them safe. I am so Blessed to have my Rossy in my life.

You are the best, Bro.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well I made it!

63...Good grief! Who would have thought it? Surely not me. Does this picture look like someone who would be 63 someday? I don't think so. Nevertheless, here I is.

It has been quite a birthday. Elinor began it by making me a bag for my scriptures. It is beautiful. It goes over my shoulder and I love it. She made it out of material designed by my niece, Laura Gunn. I have to take a picture of it so you can see.

Then I got serenaded by my cousin, Margaretta, at 9:01 pm on the 11th. She said I was officially 63 because it was midnight in the East. The next day, I received an emails from my nieces Cindy Foster,Lynn McDonald-Burks, and Mo Fox; facebook hits from Ashton Bailey, Wendy Bailey,and Ellie Coleman; I got taken out to brunch by the Domino's Queens and then we played(I came in 4th). I got phone calls from Cindy Foster, Ross Bailey, Evie Coleman, Annie Wiehe, and Lonnie Schmidt. I got cards from Lynn Smith, Carolyn Shoup, JJ Gualtieri, The Golden Girls,and Twinbrook Chiropractic. E-cards from Ace Adams and Margaret Darby. A

beautiful print from Donna Turgeon of a seagull that we both took pictures of on the Eastern Shore. I also received a cute cap and a sock purse from my brother, Ross and his lovely wife, Sharon and fresh flowers from my friends, the Larsens.

In other words, today I was treated like royalty. It was a lovely birthday and I will treasure the memories for a long while. Thank you one and all.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Our New Sink

This picture does NOT do this project justice by any means.

What you can not see is the lovely shelves in front of the chest of drawers. They are red and white and are now holding all of Elinor's dyes and paints. There is a nice long table there as well. There will be a counter running from the sink towards the table. The back wall is the Grandchildren's art display and I must say we have some real talent and imagination in our family(no surprise).

Our incredible neighbor, Todd Dixon, has done a masterful job and we are so excited. We are planning on having a Garage Warming Party to welcome our lovely new sink.

It sure does make coming into our home a real treat. Thanks, Todd. Well done, dear friend.