Monday, December 31, 2012

SHAME ON YOU, Members of Congress!!!!

How dare you? What are you thinking putting your wishes before the people you are suppose to be serving? This is the end of a difficult year and you want next year to start badly too? What good does it do?
We have to start thinking about what will get this country back on its feet. We need to work together. It is time to stop thinking about who will get the credit and start caring about what will help the most.
Now is the time to pull together. Let us harmonize and not sing off key. Let us bind up our wounds and heal. With God's help, we can do that. Differences are fine but we don't have to relish them quite so much. Let us dwell on what we share in common for a change. It is nice to share a little good.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gather Ye Good Films While Ye May

There are some great movies out at this time and you had better see them now because there is nothing worth anything for the next few months. At least that is my opinion. Elinor and I have seen five of the most amazing films that we have seen in a long while. First came LINCOLN. An incredible cast, a fantastic story and a film that is high on my list to own. Then came THE LIFE OF PI. Beautifully filmed, wonderful story, delightful photography.  Next came THE HOBBIT which was kind of a prelude to the LORD OF THE RINGS. Elinor has seen this twice now...the second was with her son, Ross. She enjoyed it more seeing it with him. I liked it but I didn't feel the connection with the characters that I did with the LORD OF THE RINGS. Who knows, it may grow on me.  LES MISERABLES was overwhelming. The music, the acting, the story. People stood and cheered at the end. I cried. Finally, THE CIRQUE DE SOLEIL: The customes, the makeup, the incredible artists who performed. In my wildest dreams I could never see my body doing anything like what they did. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I can say is that it was a feast for the eyes, the stomach(well we did have popcorn) and the soul. Tighten your belts, the famine is coming. Who knows.....I might actually loose some weight.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pass It Forward

In her own way, she reminds me of my Mom....the hostess with the mostest. I celebrated Christmas Eve with Maureen and her family and friends. It was delightful. She had in sister-in-law, Trish and her family of three kids and the Harrington, another family of three kids. Eight boys and one girl....what a crowd. We had pasta and a salad and hot chocolate and cookies. Maureen read the Nativity and added some interesting trivia which the children enjoyed. There was plenty of running around by the boys. We watched the movie ELF...the kids all knew the lines and the funny parts.
Maureen gave me a box of lovely gifts from she and  Evie and Laura. There was a picture frame and the promise of a picture to go in it, a journal, a plastic envelope to hold stickers for my calenders, and a dvd of Carol Burnett which I will enjoy alot. It was a lovely gift. There was plenty of chocolate to last a while.
Mom would have had a good time at this party. It was right up her alley. Well done, MO and thanks.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Memory

This is how I see her....always with a book in her hand. She love to read but more important to me, she loved to read aloud. She read aloud to me from my earliest memories to just a few months before she died. We read sooooo many wonderful books but one of my favorites was The Best Christmas Pagent Ever. It was a short funny little book about 6 wild kids who discover what Christmas is all about by being in a Christmas pagent.
When Mom first read it to me, she laughed and laughed and her laughter was catching. The first chapter had me on the floor. My cousin, Margaret, had a video camera and we decided to record Mom reading this book. I AM SO GLAD WE DID because now I have her with me forever. And what's more, I have her at her best. She wore one of her favorite dresses for the taping. Elinor had made it for her for Evie's wedding to Joe Coleman. We added a wreath that we got at the Renassaince Fair over in Maryland. She looks delightful and was so happy to be doing this. During the filming, you occasionally see the camera shake. That is because Margaret and I are laughing too hard. What a good time we had.
Elinor and I took the video over and showed it to the Fox Family. They enjoyed it too although the boys got a little restless towards the end. The reading takes 1 hr and 20 min but for that time, Mom
was with us again. How lucky I am. Thanks, God.    

Saturday, December 8, 2012

You Go, Girl!!!!!!!

We had a ball yesterday. My niece, Maureen Fox is preparing for a marathon and Elinor and I
went out to cheer her on. We grabbed some water (so she could fill her water bottles), bagels (so we could have some breakfast) and bells. Well, you have to have bells so you can shake them and yell at
the top of your lungs. We then proceeded to drive out Mill Plain Blvd heading west. We saw this lonely figure dressed in pink chugging along and we just knew that was our girl. We pulled off the road and waited and she arrived.
She was delighted with the water and loved the bells. We let her fill her water bottles and then she went on her merry way. We decided to follow and pass her and to wait further up the road. When we saw her again, Elinor got out of the car and stood along the road clapping and yelling. I leaned out the window and shook the bells and yelled. What a sight we must have been. We repeated this one more time then went home. It was fun and our marathoner appreciated our efforts.
YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are wondering about the picture, it is because I don't have a recent picture of Mo that is worthy of her. This seemed to fit.

Monday, November 26, 2012

A Visual Masterpiece

Living in Virginia for 39 years, I got a chance to visit alot of historical places...many of them Civil War Battlefields. Before I go any further.....Carolyn, I am well aware that the bottom picture is NOT
Virginia but Antietem which is in Maryland. Anyway, I became interested in the history of the period and the people who lived at the time, especially, Lincoln.
If you haven't seen the new movie "LINCOLN", you must see it. It is incredible.  The acting is superb and you will probably come out knowing some things you didn't know before. For me, perhaps the two most enduring scenes were towards the end:1) Lincoln deliviering the second Inagural Address - there were no mics then. You had to know how to project your voice. What beautiful words.2) Lincoln walking down the hallway of the White House on his way to the Theatre. I have often heard about the Lincoln ghost and that is just the way I pictured him: shoulders slumped a little from carrying the weight of the world on them; his gait a kinda clumping along, and a stove top hat on his head.
This was truely an amazing film. I am so glad I saw it. Well worth the time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving The Way I Like It

 What a lucky girl I am. I have been loved by two wonderful parents and a sister and brother.
I have had the opportunity to travel and to see fantastic sights. I have had a good education I have been allowed to work. I live in the best country in the world. I can vote. I get to see my friends and play games with them. I can read the books I want. I can see the movies I want. I can sing out loud(if I dare). I can wear what I want. I can worship my God and praise His name when I want.

 I have been Blessed and I am Blessed. I thank God for my life and all that He has provided me.
I celebrate Thanksgiving every day and I hope I never stop saying how grateful I am.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking A Second Look

Tuesday was not a great day for me. I don't really like elections and I am sick to death of the ads. On top of that, I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I decided to go and get the oil changed in the car. Usually this is not a problem but it sure developed into one. I drove into the bay and the guy asks if we got a new car. He said the plates showed we should be driving a Silverado. I said he was nuts. It got more heated from there. I almost drove off and said to hell with it but I got the oil change and just left angry.
Yesterday, I thought about it and decided to find an old invoice in the hopes that the problem could be corrected. I drove over and the head guy came out. The guy I had had the problem was reluctent to come over but finally he did. I told him that I had come to apologize. He was so surprised he couldn't believe it. I realized that I really did feel badly about the way I had acted. The apology was real and it felt good. They found that someone had entered information into the computer incorrectly and had messed us up. They managed to correct it.
I am really glad I went back. It was the right decision.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All It Takes Is a Little Storm To Make People Sit Up And Take Notice.

Hurricane Sandy has made a mess of the East Coast. The pictures are horrific. Suddenly
we are all concerned for each other. People are reaching out to help and other news doesn't
seem so important.
Why does it take a disaster to wake us up? It not so hard to be nice to others. Today, I had two
good examples. Our car battery died. Elinor had to get to a doctor's appointment. She called several
people. Finally, she reached our home teachers and Sheri came and took her. Meanwhile, I called
AAA and they came and installled a nice new battery.
Later this morning, our "Jack of all Trades" from across the street brought over a new phone system
he had picked up for us at Cosco(that's a discount place). He then proceeded to install it for us.
Finally, my Domino chum decided to have a game tonight so I didn't have to deal with Trick-or-Treaters which was really nice because we don't get many anyway so I didn't have to sit upstairs and wait for the few we might get.
All in all a good day. We have managed to talk or get in touch with most of our family in the East and all seem to have survived.(Thank You, God).
It is so much easier being nice and friendly.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ghost Town?

 I feel lke a ghost town: Kinda broken down and worn out. The wood is rotting away slowly but there are still some good pieces left. I am not depressed so don't send the guys in the white coats yet but things are changing more rapidly then I can keep up with. I see all these new fangled gadgets and I can't figure them out for the life of me.I miss some of the things in the past but not everything. There were a lot of things from my childhood that I DO NOT MISS AT ALL. Luckily, I am forgetting them daily.

 So what now? Changes keep happening and I miss being able to do things. It seems that my feet and my legs just won't cooperate. There is NO JUSTICE, I've got the time but not the ability.

There are more changes coming. Election time is here again. I'm not crazy about either candidate but I did my  duty and voted. We shall see. The rain is falling gently tonight. Luckily we will not see any of Sandy here in the Northwest. Changes.......can't stop them.......Sometimes, I'm not sure I want to.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Picture With A Past

I have been looking for this picture for a while. It is a picture I took at the Graffitti House near Brandy Station, VA. Brandy Station is near Culpepper. What most people don't realize is that it was the site of the largest cavelry battle during the Civil War. The Southern Cavelry under Jeb Stuart was holding a review for General Robert E. Lee. The Yanks came in and surprised them. It was a fierce battle and both sides took losses. Eventually, the South prevailed but the war could have ended here. The Yanks didn't know that Lee was there. They could have captured him.

It is my belief that this battle had a lot to do with Lee's defeat up in Gettysburg. Jeb Stuart was so embarrassed by Brandy Station, he set out to show off in PA....hence, he was not where he should have been.

During the Battle of Brandy Station, the Graffitti House, which was an old house near the railroad tracks, was used as a hospital for both sides. The soldiers used the walls to draw on, leave their names, etc.  They have found over 120 names there. With the help of rosters, they have been able to trace both future and past movements of these men. How cool is that? This picture might have been a wife or sister or a lady of the evening. Who knows?

My buddy, Carolyn, and I discovered the Graffitti house just before it offically opened. We were allowed to take picures as long as we didn't use a flash. We were also given a tour by the curator. It was a day I will never forget.      

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Shampoo High

Now I ask you....does she look like she has a thing for shampoo?  Well she does: Head and Shoulders to be exact. She has a real thing for it. So much so that she jumps on my shoulder and nuzzles me like crazy. And it is not just me....she went after one of  the missionaries. Poor Elder Carr had this cat all over him. She perched on his shoulder with her tail under his chin and purred like a motor boat.

I have heard that when someone blows in your ear it is really sexy but it doesn't even come close to a cat purring in your ear and nuzzling you. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!

 This is one crazy feline but I wouldn't trade her for the world.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Just Purring

You are looking at a picture of a very contented cat named Cashew but if I were a cat, this is how I would look today. I turned 64 today and it was a joyous birthday. I got a wakeup call from my dear friend, Annie Wiehe at 7:15am. She can wake me up anytime. Her voice is so cheerful and pleasant. It brings forth a ton of great memories. I went on my computer and opened the most ridiculous ecard from my cousin, Margaret, that I have ever seen. It was these four characters doing a hoe down. The four characters Margaret' s dogs, Nani and Stolli( I hope that's right), her horse, Punky and my sister, Elinor. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Then I got a delightful call from my niece, Cindy Foster.  Cindy is presently in Utah helping to care for her son, Kelly , who has been suffering from a spinal infection. Luckily, he is on the mend for which we are all grateful. Cindy is a woman of great courage. She has had to deal with a lot in her life but she is a champion all the way.

Next, Elinor and I drove over to my friend, Carleen's, house and joined the rest of the Domino Queens for a lovely Mexican lunch. There was good talk, tasty food, and lovely sentiments. I even had a sombrero placed on my head and was sung to. After lunch, it was back to Carleen's house for a rousing game of Mexican Train Dominos. I managed to come in second place. The Queens gave me birthday cards, an angel, and Carleen gave me some of her beautiful homemade cards.

I returned home to find that I had missed calls from my nieces, Evie and Laura and my brother, Ross.
I will get you guys tomorrow but thanks for remembering me. I did get a call from my nephews, Ross and George so that was really nice. I got some cards in the mail from Lynn, Carolyn, JJ, The Golden Girls, Annie Wiehe and the DMV telling me I had to get my licsence renewed ( oh joy).

Like my sweet cat above, I am one contented lady.......purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Want Of A Nail......

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.  For want of the shoe.......I'm afraid my brain just doesn't
remember the rest of it.

It has been a long time since I have been to Curves. I am going to try and get back there tomorrow but I don't know. I use to love going there. When I worked there, we cared about our clients. If we didn't see them for a week, we called to see if they were all right. I haven't heard a thing from this Curves and it saddens me because it makes me just a number and not a person. I'm friendly. I have tried to be helpful to the new owner but obviously it doesn't change anything.

How sad.  We have become a nation of numbers, not people. It certainly makes you appreciate those
people who do know your name.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tenacious.....It's A Good Word

This is my neighbor, Cooper. He is one tenacious little guy. Doesn't he look it? Well, Cooper and I have this quality in common.... at least according to my sister.

It was one of those know, when everything that can go wrong does? It started out with my going downstairs to finish a job I was doing for Elinor. She asked me to copy a pattern for her onto the computer. They needed to have it so it could be reprinted but not cost an arm and a leg. I had started it, just as Elinor had told me and I was half way through it when I quit yesterday. I made my way downstairs and turned on the computer.  We'v been having a bit of trouble with both of our little lovelies and our neighborhood computer doctor, Jack Burkman, had managed to get them both up and going or so we thought. I waited patiently but nothing so I turned it off and started it up again...10 times.  NOTHING. I called Jack and reported the problem. He is tuned into our computers from his house so he got back to me and I tried again. Finally:  SUCCESS!   I went into her documents and couldn't find the pattern.. I was about ready to cry and gnash my teeth when I finally came across it. By this time, I was about ready to say the hell with it and in fact, I did at least for a while.

Elinor was stirring around so we had breakfast and went out to do some shopping.  As I looked through the car windows, I realized that I could barely see so we went to a local car wash and had our van soaped and washed.  That car was so happy!!!! So was I because now I could see. I love going through a car wash.....what a hoot!!!!

We came home and decided to watch a Nexflix. My neice, Evie gave us this Blu-ray machine that also has Nexflix with it and we can watch movies. It's fun because Elinor and I have discovered the British Murder Mysteries. We've watched Miss Marple, The Murdoch Mysteries, Rosemary and Thyme and now we have Inspector Lewis. We were all set to get into one when I tried to get into Nexflix and NOTHING. It said we were not connected to the internet. I proceeded to turn everything off and start everything again. NADA. So I called Nexflix. They said we needed to call the Dynex people who were the ones who made the Blu-Ray product. They said they needed the wireless password and we would have to call the router people.

Now this is where it gets really good. I called the router people and they said our router was outdated (the warrenty was expired) and it would cost us $39.95 to get the password. Now I was really ticked off. I finally called Comcast (our tv,phone and internet provider) and after holding for about 20-25 min. I finally talked to a real person. I truely managed to keep my cool and we finally got the password and got Nexflix back up.

I am one pooped pup. Frustration does not begin to describe how I feel about this experience. I made one suggestion to the young lady who finally helped me. I told her that they should tape what the people are saying while listening to that AWFUL MUSIC AND ADS.
Now I'm a pussy cat.........meow!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marrrrr grit!

Now I ask you......what could be funnier than this? Here we are in Old Tucson all dressed up with no where to go. But that has never stopped us from going anyway.
My cousin, Margaret, still is one cool lady. Me. I've got no neck or at least a permanent crick. becomes you
Tomorrow is Margaret's birthday. Elinor and I have already seranaded her because we called just after 9pm here which is just after midnight in Virginia. We like being the first to wish Margaret a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and until you've been sung to by just hasn't happened for you.
Elinor and I have a rendtition of Happy Birthday that is uni que.
We had a lovely chat and then said goodnight.
My dear cousin and friend.......I'll stand with you anywhere......if not in body....definately in spirit.
Many happy returns of the day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where Are The Snows Of Yesteryears

I'd settle for just a little cool. It is sooooo hot! It was 100 degrees today and for this fat old broad that was tooooooo darn hot. I never thought I would say this but I actually miss the snow.....alot!
Elinor and I went to the movies for some relief. We saw The Odd lLfe Of Timothy Green. It was pleasant but not the greatest movie I have seen. We saw Hope Springs last week and that was fantastic.
We've got another day of heat tomorrow so I will think cool thoughts.
The more it snows...tiddily pum, the colder my nose tiddily pum
The colder my nose is growing.
This is me being positive. 
Many thanks to A.A. Milne and Winnie the Pooh/ 
Oh bother.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Neighborhood Kleptomaniac

Now isn't he the sweetest little cat you have ever seen? Well, don't laugh but this guy is a kleptomaniac. He is....honest. Lately, he sneaks into our garage and steals paint brushes, little bottles of paint, pencils, whatever tickles his fancy. 

His name is Achmed. When he first showed himself at our kitchen door, Cashew fell in love. She rolled on her back and mewed and rolled and made a royal fool of herself. Now she doesn't even turn her head. Well, she's a fickled female....what do you want?

One time I watched Achmed dragging something from our neighbor's on the right. At first I thought it might be a bird but then as he drew nearer I saw it was a pair of pool goggles. The neighbors on the right have a swimming pool in the backyard. Achmed was hauling the goggles like they were solid gold. He took them to his home( our neighbor on the left) and proudly left them on the back terrace. I asked Sharlie if she found them and she said yes. She was wondering where they came from so I told her. We both had a good laugh on that one.
What do you do with a kleptomaniac cat?e

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busy Week

I apologize to my great nephew, Sam Fox and to my sister, Elinor for using old pictures. However, when you don't have your camera with you, you use what you have. Last Saturday was Elinor's birthday. she turned 72. She declared that all she wanted was to hear from her children and that is what happened. It started with a 8:30am call from Kazaknstan where her oldest daughter, Cindy resides. Then throughout the day, the other kids responded with loving calls.
The day was also special because Sam was being baptised. I had never seen a Mormon baptism and I was delighted to be attending this one. His father, Christian was doing the dunking and there were about 40 loving friends and relatives witnessing the event. Elinor was giving a talk on baptism and I delivered the closing prayer.
It wa a lovely day and we all enjoyed it.   

This year has brought changes in both these people. For Sam, it is a new beginning. Children are not baptised until they are eight and can make the choice to do so themselves. Sam has been studying about this in primary.
As for Elinor, she also is changing. She has decided to let her hair grow out as to the color. The bleaching she goes through to have it dyed is bothering her scalp so maybe it is time. Also, she is not teaching as much. She still is being creative and doing some amazing art  which I hope will never abate. And just in case she reads this blog, colored hair does not the woman make.
Love you both..........may good changes abound.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Just Across The Fence

Right out my kitchen window, across the fence
stands a beautiful garden, its colors intense.
Each morning I'm greeted this sight to behold.
Tis a wonderous place as its colors unfold.

This lovely garden belongs to my neighbor, Sharlie by name.
She has a green thumb. She is known for its fame.

My neighbor is a treasure, as kind as can be.
She does all the work and shares the results with me.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


When I was traveling, I use to purchase a pin from any place that I visited. I also 
                                      have pins representing achievements like my CLIA award and my Princess Cruise expert. There are pins from softball tournaments and some pins that I just liked but my favorite are the pins from my trips.
There is a pin from Athens, Greece of  the Parthenon.  Carolyn Shoup, her father, David Adison and I all climbed to the top. It was a hot day and David was no youngster. We made him stop and rest and drink lots of water but he made it and we each got a pin to remember the experience.
There is another pin from the Effil Tower. David wanted to go up and so did I but Carolyn had a problem with heights so she stay on the street level. David and I journeyed to the top and were rewarded with an incredible view. I bought David and I each a pin to show that we had accomplished a shared dream. Carolyn got some great shots looking up so she had fun too.
These pins bring back lots of memories. I'm glad I have them.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Consider The Lilies...And The Hydrengia too

 I think the Bible has it right. You should consider the lilies. They sure are pretty. Our backyard is full of them and they bask in the sunlight of the early afternoon.
 It is also nice to check out the hydrengia as well. We've got a big old bush located over by our shed. It doesn't always get all the water it should but it manages to survive anyway. Tough little bugger. I love our garden. God sure knew what he was doing when He gave us flowers. It sure does lift ones spirit. Thanks, God.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Three Days Of Fun

We have had a wild three days here this past week. Elinor had a journaling class with her new found friend, Elaine Frenett. Elaine is an artist who uses watercolors to enhance her journals. If you want to see what her work looks like, check out Elinor's blog. She and Elinor have been exchanging journal entries for a while and they are truely fantastic. Elaine invited Elinor to join her in teaching a class. They had nine students from as far as Connecticut to Montana to right here in Vancouver. The ladies were wonderful. Elinor took them to her favorite gathering places to pick up various things to use in their journals. Then, Elaine took them to the Vista House in the Columbia River Gorge and a nearby area where they painted. Saturday, they put it all together. 

These picture show Elaine and one of Elinor's dearest friends, Sally Lampi, making sandwiches.Sally is the one with short hair.  Don't they look intent? Well the food was good.

It was a fun three days. I had as much fun as the students and I made several new friends in the process. The one who was in seventh heaven was Cashew. She got patted and scratched and made a fuss of the whole time.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, USA !

Oh. say can you see by the dawn's early light?

And the rocket's red glare....the bombs bursting in air.

Oh say doth that star spangled banner yet wave....o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.Amen
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Thank you, God.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What A Gift !!!!!!!!!!!

This is what our garage looked like yesterday morning. There was junk everywhere but low and behold, there were heroes waiting to help us out. With Elinor safely in Nebraska, my niece, Evie and her husband, Joe Coleman attacked.
In true honestly, Evie was assisted by her sister, Maureen, Maureen's husband, Christian and their two older sons, John and Thomas.

Old patterns of Elinor's dolls were tossed, gardening tools were sent to our shed in the back yard along with lawn mower; stuff that we hadn't seen in years was sent to Goodwill or the recycling center or the dump.

 Shelves were organized, some were actually taken down, tables shifted, boxes moved to the chicken room closet.....IT WAS GLORIOUS!
This is what it looks like now. Elinor is going to just die. I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the two major stars of the show. Boy, are we going to miss these two. They are leaving on Saturday and heading East where Joe will be attending the War College before he gets his command. I hope the Navy knows how lucky they are. I have to admit, I feel a little safer having Joe on our side.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Family Next To The Door

 We have a bird condo which is standing out by the garage door. We've had it for a couple years now but until recently, it has remained empty. Well, it ain't empty no more. There is a family of chicadees living there.


This is the papa. At least, I think it is the papa. He was the first one we saw. He came bearing bits of grass and twigs and kept going in the yellow house. Then recently, I saw him going in with a worm or catepiller in his mouth. I listened and that is when I heard the cheep cheep from inside. Little chicadees. I don't know how many but more than one for sure. I am afraid to look in because I don't want to scare them. It is so funny because the papa announces his arrival with a chicadeeedeeeedeee. He flies to the camilla tree and then the rose bush near the garage door and then inside the house. His announcement gets louder if there is any danger: CHICADEEEDEEDEE!!!!!! Like that is going to do something? Oh well, we are grateful to be use to the little birds. Hope they return next year.