Saturday, May 26, 2012

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

We had a storm tonight and it was a doosey but look what we got afterward. Right now, I am listening to a symphony of frogs croaking their little heads off. It is absolutely amazing. I read a book once about Native American culture and in some tribes, the frog is a healer. Listening to them tonight, I am inclined to agree. What a lovely ending to a nice day: A symphony of frogs and a reaffirmation of our Heavenly Father's covenant with us. 

How sweet it is. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Feeling Like A Bear

They have changed my blog around and I hate it.
The old blog was so much easier to use. I wish they had had the courtesy to ask if I wanted to change. This is a pain.

Lately, I have feeling like a bear about everything. I am not sure what is going on with me but there is definate anger. I have had two mini fights with Elinor who I really don't want to fight with at all.
I am trying to get myself out of this crabby feeling but so far, I haven't succeeded.
Maybe I am just a grump.
Maybe I should just go back into hibernation.
No, sleep is a sign of depression. I know that.
Guess I will just have to put a little spring back in my heart.
                                                        There we go.  That's better

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

This is how I see her....always with a book in hand. It didn't matter where we were, she always carried a book.

 She was a friendly person. She rarely went without a smile. She didn't believe in holding a grudge and she didn't want anyone mad at her. She may have made mistakes in her life but she certainly tried to be a good person. I always felt she succeeded more often then not.
She introduced me to some of the most wonderful books I have ever read. She also got me interested in classical music and opera. As hard as I fought that, she never gave up. We could and did talk about everything. She told me all her mishaps and frailities but that did not diminish her in my eyes. She faced her life with courage and generosity of spirit.   

Look at that face. Did you ever see a more precious soul? You never lost that little girl, Mom. She was always there....vulnerable, sweet, hopeful. Thank you for all your efforts. I hear you still and I smile. I bet you are talking with St. Peter even now.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

She Is Amazing

Whenever Elinor goes on a trip, I always go through a checklist.
Like most travelers, Elinor has been known to forget things. Sometimes it is toothpaste, sometimes it is
medicine, once it was her nightgown. She left yesterday for Ellie Coleman's wedding. She drove with Maureen and Thomas and Sam. Boy, did we go thru the checklist and yet, something was missing. I got a  frantic call asking if her wallet was there. I looked in the obvious places but I didn't see said wallet. What to do? What to do?
Then I had a  vision. I remembered that when we came back from doing errands, Elinor threw out the crappy mail. She also threw out her wallet. Sure enough, there it was sitting in the recycling bin which is deep I might add. It took me a moment to fish it out but SUCCESS. I called her back and told her. Naturally, she was very relieved. It really is a major problem when you loose your wallet. You have to cancel all those cards, get a new driver's license, get new checks. Thank goodness, she didn't have her temple recommend in there(that's her get in to the wedding ceremony ticket). Anyway, a major mess was averted. Luckily, Maureen has Elinor's credit card so at least, she can still help with money.

It is funny how things work out but at the moment I am a hero. Yea ME!