Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Birthday, Marrrrr grit!

Now I ask you......what could be funnier than this? Here we are in Old Tucson all dressed up with no where to go. But that has never stopped us from going anyway.
My cousin, Margaret, still is one cool lady. Me. I've got no neck or at least a permanent crick. becomes you
Tomorrow is Margaret's birthday. Elinor and I have already seranaded her because we called just after 9pm here which is just after midnight in Virginia. We like being the first to wish Margaret a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and until you've been sung to by just hasn't happened for you.
Elinor and I have a rendtition of Happy Birthday that is uni que.
We had a lovely chat and then said goodnight.
My dear cousin and friend.......I'll stand with you anywhere......if not in body....definately in spirit.
Many happy returns of the day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where Are The Snows Of Yesteryears

I'd settle for just a little cool. It is sooooo hot! It was 100 degrees today and for this fat old broad that was tooooooo darn hot. I never thought I would say this but I actually miss the snow.....alot!
Elinor and I went to the movies for some relief. We saw The Odd lLfe Of Timothy Green. It was pleasant but not the greatest movie I have seen. We saw Hope Springs last week and that was fantastic.
We've got another day of heat tomorrow so I will think cool thoughts.
The more it snows...tiddily pum, the colder my nose tiddily pum
The colder my nose is growing.
This is me being positive. 
Many thanks to A.A. Milne and Winnie the Pooh/ 
Oh bother.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Neighborhood Kleptomaniac

Now isn't he the sweetest little cat you have ever seen? Well, don't laugh but this guy is a kleptomaniac. He is....honest. Lately, he sneaks into our garage and steals paint brushes, little bottles of paint, pencils, whatever tickles his fancy. 

His name is Achmed. When he first showed himself at our kitchen door, Cashew fell in love. She rolled on her back and mewed and rolled and made a royal fool of herself. Now she doesn't even turn her head. Well, she's a fickled female....what do you want?

One time I watched Achmed dragging something from our neighbor's on the right. At first I thought it might be a bird but then as he drew nearer I saw it was a pair of pool goggles. The neighbors on the right have a swimming pool in the backyard. Achmed was hauling the goggles like they were solid gold. He took them to his home( our neighbor on the left) and proudly left them on the back terrace. I asked Sharlie if she found them and she said yes. She was wondering where they came from so I told her. We both had a good laugh on that one.
What do you do with a kleptomaniac cat?e

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busy Week

I apologize to my great nephew, Sam Fox and to my sister, Elinor for using old pictures. However, when you don't have your camera with you, you use what you have. Last Saturday was Elinor's birthday. she turned 72. She declared that all she wanted was to hear from her children and that is what happened. It started with a 8:30am call from Kazaknstan where her oldest daughter, Cindy resides. Then throughout the day, the other kids responded with loving calls.
The day was also special because Sam was being baptised. I had never seen a Mormon baptism and I was delighted to be attending this one. His father, Christian was doing the dunking and there were about 40 loving friends and relatives witnessing the event. Elinor was giving a talk on baptism and I delivered the closing prayer.
It wa a lovely day and we all enjoyed it.   

This year has brought changes in both these people. For Sam, it is a new beginning. Children are not baptised until they are eight and can make the choice to do so themselves. Sam has been studying about this in primary.
As for Elinor, she also is changing. She has decided to let her hair grow out as to the color. The bleaching she goes through to have it dyed is bothering her scalp so maybe it is time. Also, she is not teaching as much. She still is being creative and doing some amazing art  which I hope will never abate. And just in case she reads this blog, colored hair does not the woman make.
Love you both..........may good changes abound.