Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Shampoo High

Now I ask you....does she look like she has a thing for shampoo?  Well she does: Head and Shoulders to be exact. She has a real thing for it. So much so that she jumps on my shoulder and nuzzles me like crazy. And it is not just me....she went after one of  the missionaries. Poor Elder Carr had this cat all over him. She perched on his shoulder with her tail under his chin and purred like a motor boat.

I have heard that when someone blows in your ear it is really sexy but it doesn't even come close to a cat purring in your ear and nuzzling you. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!

 This is one crazy feline but I wouldn't trade her for the world.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Just Purring

You are looking at a picture of a very contented cat named Cashew but if I were a cat, this is how I would look today. I turned 64 today and it was a joyous birthday. I got a wakeup call from my dear friend, Annie Wiehe at 7:15am. She can wake me up anytime. Her voice is so cheerful and pleasant. It brings forth a ton of great memories. I went on my computer and opened the most ridiculous ecard from my cousin, Margaret, that I have ever seen. It was these four characters doing a hoe down. The four characters Margaret' s dogs, Nani and Stolli( I hope that's right), her horse, Punky and my sister, Elinor. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Then I got a delightful call from my niece, Cindy Foster.  Cindy is presently in Utah helping to care for her son, Kelly , who has been suffering from a spinal infection. Luckily, he is on the mend for which we are all grateful. Cindy is a woman of great courage. She has had to deal with a lot in her life but she is a champion all the way.

Next, Elinor and I drove over to my friend, Carleen's, house and joined the rest of the Domino Queens for a lovely Mexican lunch. There was good talk, tasty food, and lovely sentiments. I even had a sombrero placed on my head and was sung to. After lunch, it was back to Carleen's house for a rousing game of Mexican Train Dominos. I managed to come in second place. The Queens gave me birthday cards, an angel, and Carleen gave me some of her beautiful homemade cards.

I returned home to find that I had missed calls from my nieces, Evie and Laura and my brother, Ross.
I will get you guys tomorrow but thanks for remembering me. I did get a call from my nephews, Ross and George so that was really nice. I got some cards in the mail from Lynn, Carolyn, JJ, The Golden Girls, Annie Wiehe and the DMV telling me I had to get my licsence renewed ( oh joy).

Like my sweet cat above, I am one contented lady.......purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Want Of A Nail......

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.  For want of the shoe.......I'm afraid my brain just doesn't
remember the rest of it.

It has been a long time since I have been to Curves. I am going to try and get back there tomorrow but I don't know. I use to love going there. When I worked there, we cared about our clients. If we didn't see them for a week, we called to see if they were all right. I haven't heard a thing from this Curves and it saddens me because it makes me just a number and not a person. I'm friendly. I have tried to be helpful to the new owner but obviously it doesn't change anything.

How sad.  We have become a nation of numbers, not people. It certainly makes you appreciate those
people who do know your name.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tenacious.....It's A Good Word

This is my neighbor, Cooper. He is one tenacious little guy. Doesn't he look it? Well, Cooper and I have this quality in common.... at least according to my sister.

It was one of those know, when everything that can go wrong does? It started out with my going downstairs to finish a job I was doing for Elinor. She asked me to copy a pattern for her onto the computer. They needed to have it so it could be reprinted but not cost an arm and a leg. I had started it, just as Elinor had told me and I was half way through it when I quit yesterday. I made my way downstairs and turned on the computer.  We'v been having a bit of trouble with both of our little lovelies and our neighborhood computer doctor, Jack Burkman, had managed to get them both up and going or so we thought. I waited patiently but nothing so I turned it off and started it up again...10 times.  NOTHING. I called Jack and reported the problem. He is tuned into our computers from his house so he got back to me and I tried again. Finally:  SUCCESS!   I went into her documents and couldn't find the pattern.. I was about ready to cry and gnash my teeth when I finally came across it. By this time, I was about ready to say the hell with it and in fact, I did at least for a while.

Elinor was stirring around so we had breakfast and went out to do some shopping.  As I looked through the car windows, I realized that I could barely see so we went to a local car wash and had our van soaped and washed.  That car was so happy!!!! So was I because now I could see. I love going through a car wash.....what a hoot!!!!

We came home and decided to watch a Nexflix. My neice, Evie gave us this Blu-ray machine that also has Nexflix with it and we can watch movies. It's fun because Elinor and I have discovered the British Murder Mysteries. We've watched Miss Marple, The Murdoch Mysteries, Rosemary and Thyme and now we have Inspector Lewis. We were all set to get into one when I tried to get into Nexflix and NOTHING. It said we were not connected to the internet. I proceeded to turn everything off and start everything again. NADA. So I called Nexflix. They said we needed to call the Dynex people who were the ones who made the Blu-Ray product. They said they needed the wireless password and we would have to call the router people.

Now this is where it gets really good. I called the router people and they said our router was outdated (the warrenty was expired) and it would cost us $39.95 to get the password. Now I was really ticked off. I finally called Comcast (our tv,phone and internet provider) and after holding for about 20-25 min. I finally talked to a real person. I truely managed to keep my cool and we finally got the password and got Nexflix back up.

I am one pooped pup. Frustration does not begin to describe how I feel about this experience. I made one suggestion to the young lady who finally helped me. I told her that they should tape what the people are saying while listening to that AWFUL MUSIC AND ADS.
Now I'm a pussy cat.........meow!