Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All It Takes Is a Little Storm To Make People Sit Up And Take Notice.

Hurricane Sandy has made a mess of the East Coast. The pictures are horrific. Suddenly
we are all concerned for each other. People are reaching out to help and other news doesn't
seem so important.
Why does it take a disaster to wake us up? It not so hard to be nice to others. Today, I had two
good examples. Our car battery died. Elinor had to get to a doctor's appointment. She called several
people. Finally, she reached our home teachers and Sheri came and took her. Meanwhile, I called
AAA and they came and installled a nice new battery.
Later this morning, our "Jack of all Trades" from across the street brought over a new phone system
he had picked up for us at Cosco(that's a discount place). He then proceeded to install it for us.
Finally, my Domino chum decided to have a game tonight so I didn't have to deal with Trick-or-Treaters which was really nice because we don't get many anyway so I didn't have to sit upstairs and wait for the few we might get.
All in all a good day. We have managed to talk or get in touch with most of our family in the East and all seem to have survived.(Thank You, God).
It is so much easier being nice and friendly.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ghost Town?

 I feel lke a ghost town: Kinda broken down and worn out. The wood is rotting away slowly but there are still some good pieces left. I am not depressed so don't send the guys in the white coats yet but things are changing more rapidly then I can keep up with. I see all these new fangled gadgets and I can't figure them out for the life of me.I miss some of the things in the past but not everything. There were a lot of things from my childhood that I DO NOT MISS AT ALL. Luckily, I am forgetting them daily.

 So what now? Changes keep happening and I miss being able to do things. It seems that my feet and my legs just won't cooperate. There is NO JUSTICE, I've got the time but not the ability.

There are more changes coming. Election time is here again. I'm not crazy about either candidate but I did my  duty and voted. We shall see. The rain is falling gently tonight. Luckily we will not see any of Sandy here in the Northwest. Changes.......can't stop them.......Sometimes, I'm not sure I want to.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Picture With A Past

I have been looking for this picture for a while. It is a picture I took at the Graffitti House near Brandy Station, VA. Brandy Station is near Culpepper. What most people don't realize is that it was the site of the largest cavelry battle during the Civil War. The Southern Cavelry under Jeb Stuart was holding a review for General Robert E. Lee. The Yanks came in and surprised them. It was a fierce battle and both sides took losses. Eventually, the South prevailed but the war could have ended here. The Yanks didn't know that Lee was there. They could have captured him.

It is my belief that this battle had a lot to do with Lee's defeat up in Gettysburg. Jeb Stuart was so embarrassed by Brandy Station, he set out to show off in PA....hence, he was not where he should have been.

During the Battle of Brandy Station, the Graffitti House, which was an old house near the railroad tracks, was used as a hospital for both sides. The soldiers used the walls to draw on, leave their names, etc.  They have found over 120 names there. With the help of rosters, they have been able to trace both future and past movements of these men. How cool is that? This picture might have been a wife or sister or a lady of the evening. Who knows?

My buddy, Carolyn, and I discovered the Graffitti house just before it offically opened. We were allowed to take picures as long as we didn't use a flash. We were also given a tour by the curator. It was a day I will never forget.