Monday, November 26, 2012

A Visual Masterpiece

Living in Virginia for 39 years, I got a chance to visit alot of historical places...many of them Civil War Battlefields. Before I go any further.....Carolyn, I am well aware that the bottom picture is NOT
Virginia but Antietem which is in Maryland. Anyway, I became interested in the history of the period and the people who lived at the time, especially, Lincoln.
If you haven't seen the new movie "LINCOLN", you must see it. It is incredible.  The acting is superb and you will probably come out knowing some things you didn't know before. For me, perhaps the two most enduring scenes were towards the end:1) Lincoln deliviering the second Inagural Address - there were no mics then. You had to know how to project your voice. What beautiful words.2) Lincoln walking down the hallway of the White House on his way to the Theatre. I have often heard about the Lincoln ghost and that is just the way I pictured him: shoulders slumped a little from carrying the weight of the world on them; his gait a kinda clumping along, and a stove top hat on his head.
This was truely an amazing film. I am so glad I saw it. Well worth the time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving The Way I Like It

 What a lucky girl I am. I have been loved by two wonderful parents and a sister and brother.
I have had the opportunity to travel and to see fantastic sights. I have had a good education I have been allowed to work. I live in the best country in the world. I can vote. I get to see my friends and play games with them. I can read the books I want. I can see the movies I want. I can sing out loud(if I dare). I can wear what I want. I can worship my God and praise His name when I want.

 I have been Blessed and I am Blessed. I thank God for my life and all that He has provided me.
I celebrate Thanksgiving every day and I hope I never stop saying how grateful I am.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking A Second Look

Tuesday was not a great day for me. I don't really like elections and I am sick to death of the ads. On top of that, I think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I decided to go and get the oil changed in the car. Usually this is not a problem but it sure developed into one. I drove into the bay and the guy asks if we got a new car. He said the plates showed we should be driving a Silverado. I said he was nuts. It got more heated from there. I almost drove off and said to hell with it but I got the oil change and just left angry.
Yesterday, I thought about it and decided to find an old invoice in the hopes that the problem could be corrected. I drove over and the head guy came out. The guy I had had the problem was reluctent to come over but finally he did. I told him that I had come to apologize. He was so surprised he couldn't believe it. I realized that I really did feel badly about the way I had acted. The apology was real and it felt good. They found that someone had entered information into the computer incorrectly and had messed us up. They managed to correct it.
I am really glad I went back. It was the right decision.