Monday, December 31, 2012

SHAME ON YOU, Members of Congress!!!!

How dare you? What are you thinking putting your wishes before the people you are suppose to be serving? This is the end of a difficult year and you want next year to start badly too? What good does it do?
We have to start thinking about what will get this country back on its feet. We need to work together. It is time to stop thinking about who will get the credit and start caring about what will help the most.
Now is the time to pull together. Let us harmonize and not sing off key. Let us bind up our wounds and heal. With God's help, we can do that. Differences are fine but we don't have to relish them quite so much. Let us dwell on what we share in common for a change. It is nice to share a little good.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gather Ye Good Films While Ye May

There are some great movies out at this time and you had better see them now because there is nothing worth anything for the next few months. At least that is my opinion. Elinor and I have seen five of the most amazing films that we have seen in a long while. First came LINCOLN. An incredible cast, a fantastic story and a film that is high on my list to own. Then came THE LIFE OF PI. Beautifully filmed, wonderful story, delightful photography.  Next came THE HOBBIT which was kind of a prelude to the LORD OF THE RINGS. Elinor has seen this twice now...the second was with her son, Ross. She enjoyed it more seeing it with him. I liked it but I didn't feel the connection with the characters that I did with the LORD OF THE RINGS. Who knows, it may grow on me.  LES MISERABLES was overwhelming. The music, the acting, the story. People stood and cheered at the end. I cried. Finally, THE CIRQUE DE SOLEIL: The customes, the makeup, the incredible artists who performed. In my wildest dreams I could never see my body doing anything like what they did. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
All I can say is that it was a feast for the eyes, the stomach(well we did have popcorn) and the soul. Tighten your belts, the famine is coming. Who knows.....I might actually loose some weight.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pass It Forward

In her own way, she reminds me of my Mom....the hostess with the mostest. I celebrated Christmas Eve with Maureen and her family and friends. It was delightful. She had in sister-in-law, Trish and her family of three kids and the Harrington, another family of three kids. Eight boys and one girl....what a crowd. We had pasta and a salad and hot chocolate and cookies. Maureen read the Nativity and added some interesting trivia which the children enjoyed. There was plenty of running around by the boys. We watched the movie ELF...the kids all knew the lines and the funny parts.
Maureen gave me a box of lovely gifts from she and  Evie and Laura. There was a picture frame and the promise of a picture to go in it, a journal, a plastic envelope to hold stickers for my calenders, and a dvd of Carol Burnett which I will enjoy alot. It was a lovely gift. There was plenty of chocolate to last a while.
Mom would have had a good time at this party. It was right up her alley. Well done, MO and thanks.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Christmas Memory

This is how I see her....always with a book in her hand. She love to read but more important to me, she loved to read aloud. She read aloud to me from my earliest memories to just a few months before she died. We read sooooo many wonderful books but one of my favorites was The Best Christmas Pagent Ever. It was a short funny little book about 6 wild kids who discover what Christmas is all about by being in a Christmas pagent.
When Mom first read it to me, she laughed and laughed and her laughter was catching. The first chapter had me on the floor. My cousin, Margaret, had a video camera and we decided to record Mom reading this book. I AM SO GLAD WE DID because now I have her with me forever. And what's more, I have her at her best. She wore one of her favorite dresses for the taping. Elinor had made it for her for Evie's wedding to Joe Coleman. We added a wreath that we got at the Renassaince Fair over in Maryland. She looks delightful and was so happy to be doing this. During the filming, you occasionally see the camera shake. That is because Margaret and I are laughing too hard. What a good time we had.
Elinor and I took the video over and showed it to the Fox Family. They enjoyed it too although the boys got a little restless towards the end. The reading takes 1 hr and 20 min but for that time, Mom
was with us again. How lucky I am. Thanks, God.    

Saturday, December 8, 2012

You Go, Girl!!!!!!!

We had a ball yesterday. My niece, Maureen Fox is preparing for a marathon and Elinor and I
went out to cheer her on. We grabbed some water (so she could fill her water bottles), bagels (so we could have some breakfast) and bells. Well, you have to have bells so you can shake them and yell at
the top of your lungs. We then proceeded to drive out Mill Plain Blvd heading west. We saw this lonely figure dressed in pink chugging along and we just knew that was our girl. We pulled off the road and waited and she arrived.
She was delighted with the water and loved the bells. We let her fill her water bottles and then she went on her merry way. We decided to follow and pass her and to wait further up the road. When we saw her again, Elinor got out of the car and stood along the road clapping and yelling. I leaned out the window and shook the bells and yelled. What a sight we must have been. We repeated this one more time then went home. It was fun and our marathoner appreciated our efforts.
YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are wondering about the picture, it is because I don't have a recent picture of Mo that is worthy of her. This seemed to fit.