Monday, January 28, 2013

A Ray Of Sunshine From Nebraska

 Her name is Roxann OHare and she hales from Lincoln, Nebraska. She is one of Elinor's dearest friends and mine too. She came for a visit and to create and boy, have they been creating up a storm.
 Elinor has taken Roxann to all her special places such as Camas Antiques, Bolt, Scrap and Cargo. At Cargo, they saw these necklesses that sold for $80.00. Roxann and Elinor looked at each other and said "We Can Do That!!!!"
 And so they did just that. Here are their creations. Is that wild or what?
As you can see, Cashew was not impressed but I was. It is fun to be in this environment. I love it.and I will miss Roxann when she leaves tomorrow. Come back soon, Rox!!!