Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Like Being Run Over By A Mack Truck

I hate colds. Elinor and I have both got one and it is lousy. It is like being run over and then rolled over and run over again. PIT CITY!!!!!!!!!!!
We feel cranky, we are coughing and short...we don't feel good.
However, tonight we tried a new strategy: we prayed. If nothing else, we do have each other.
This is just one of those trials we are suppose to overcome and we will (with God's help).
We are going to get up tomorrow with positive attitudes and tell these colds to VAMOOSE.
So there!!!!!!! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

For Someone Who Is Retired, She Sure Is Traveling

She says she is retired but she is still going strong. Already she is traveling to Utah, Reno, St. Louis,
and Australia. two of these trips are for graduations but what the heck. The Utah one is for Izzy and Johnny Harris's Graduation from BYU. I still think Izzy might have her baby on the stage but Elinor says no. The Reno one is a gig that her partner, Beth Watts, set up. St. Louis is her youngest son, George's Graduation from law school. Too Cool, George.

The Australia is a last hurrah gig with four of Elinor's dearest friends and hosted by the Grand Dame of Australia. Don't ask me her name but Elinor says she is fantastic.

Great Ceaser's ghost! I forgot the trip to Nebraska. That is happening in July. I love it. You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!!