Monday, April 29, 2013


Feeling old again. This happens every so often. I am revising my will and it makes me think. I don't have much to leave; certainly nothing of value. The only thing I had that was of any worth was a ring from my mother. I gave it to my niece but I wonder if she still has it. It makes me wonder if anyone will remember me for me. Of course, my sister and brother will and my cuz, Margaret but who else?
I leave nothing of value. Was I really here?
I remember my great aunts but this future generation that is coming of age don't really know me. I'm not that much fun to be around with anymore so and most of them don't see me at all. I'm just a name.
They won't know about the pictures, the knickknacks, the medals, the blog. They won't know me.
Too bad. But I was here.