Thursday, June 27, 2013

Witch Hunt: Salem Is Alive And Kicking

Salem is alive and well. There is a real witch hunt going on and the witch who is being burned at the stake is Paula Dean. I do not know the woman nor have I watched her show but to try and convict someone for something they said 30 years ago is wrong.
These companies who have dropped her are cowards in my opinion. She has done a lot of good for them and now .......nothing! I have never liked Walmart and now I like them less. As for Target, well, they lost me with their Spanish ad. Sorry but this is the USA and our language is English. It is alright to put a Spanish ad on the Spanish speaking stations but not on the regular stations. When they make Spanish the national language, then I will have to change my tune but I hope I am dead when that happens. Meanwhile, I support Paula Dean. If I had had a gun to my head, I might have used the "N"word too.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Am Technically Out Of It

All you hear nowadays is texting, tweeting, aps, insta-grams........ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!  There is such a thing as tooooo much info, too quick, and tooo much time looking at a little hand held instrument. People have things growing out of their ears. They are always looking down. That is great if you are looking for change but we are going to have some bad postured people walking around before long. And for what? What is so important that we have to know right now?  It is like this stupid blog. I use to be able to put things where i wanted to, go back in and edit but not now. My mother use to love reading a letter but she would have one hell of a time now. We are so busy tweeting and texting that we have accidents on the road. And I getting real sick of BING and GOGGLE. Frankly, they are both lousy. Looking up stuff used to be fun but not anymore. And no one carries pictures anymore. They just whip out their phones or ipads or whatever and show them. Somewhere out there is a four generation picture of Elinor, Evalyn, Isabel and Henry but do I have it? NO! Can I look it up? NO! I am fed up with technology. Yes there are some good things but my money, I have had my share and then some. PHOOEY!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                               

Monday, June 24, 2013

Motherhood Blooming

 Elinor Coleman Cox in any shape is nice but  pregnant is truely a joy. She look lovely and healthy and vibrant. Ellie came to visit us while she was in Portland for a Peace For Paul meeting. Peace For Paul is Ellie's foundation which rescues children in Uganda from the streets.

 When you have a creative Grandmother, you have to have a project and what more fun then a banner
for the new baby's bedroom. There was the discussion about what colors to make it, what size it should be and all  that. The results were fabulous. This is one lucky little girl.
And this is one happy Grandma.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do Not Forget The Old Ones

Do not forget the old ones. You will lose something so valuable and once lost, you can not get it back. Include us in your gatherings. Listen to our stories. We are your history.

 For some, you are already too late but there are still those that remember. Do not forget us.