Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Lot To Be Thankful For

Elinor and I have just returned home from a lovely Thanksgiving meal at my niece, Maureen's
home. There were 19 of us sitting around a beautiful table with the most delicious food ever.
There was a big turkey which had been cooked at our house(boy, does it smell good here. I might
sleepwalk tonight to make myself a turkey sandwich except there is no turkey), mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and apples, brussel sprouts, rolls. cranberry jello salad, stuffing, gravy and pies.
As usual, we ate and enjoyed good conversation and then we began my favorite part which is telling
what we are grateful for. We go around the table and each person gives their list. The kids are basic but then you get to the adults and we get all misty-eyed because we realize how blessed we really are.
We have so much and as we talk about it, it becomes clearer. It is the little things that make the special differences in each of our lives. For me, it is doing things with my sister that make her life a little easier. It is helping Maureen by taking Thomas to band practice at 6am when she can't or buying Sam a concrete at Sherry's (getting Sam to eat is a major victory any time). It is getting a hug from John and knowing that he means it.. It is talking about my tv shows with my cousin, Margaret or doing my Bible study long distance with my good friend, Lynn. Little things mean a lot.
I am very grateful and I do thank you, God, for being in my life.   

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Henry James and Izzy Harris

 Now there's that face....a face that somehow I trust.......and love.
What a kid!!!!!!! This is my great great nephew: Henry James Harris. He is as cute as a bug's ear and
happy to boot.
Here he is sitting with his Great Grandma and Mom and he is just lovin' life.
And who wouldn't love having a Mom like this? Izzy is as beautiful as ever. Motherhood agrees with her and she is good at it. I am happy for her and I am glad to finally meet Henry. He is a keeper.

Christmas is Coming.......

 Christmas is coming and so is Elinor's newest creation: This years Nativity.
It is made from one of those things used to grow tomatoes. The Angel is shouting for joy the
great tidings. Next come the Kings and then Mary, the Babe and Joseph inside the circle with the
shepherds outside.
 I love the Angel. She is joyous.

 The other figures are made of wire, masking tape, and paper mache.  Then they were painted.
There are doves and mirrors all over. It is a masterful piece and I am sorry my pictures do not
begin to do it justice. I am so proud of my incredible sister. Her art fills my whole being and brings
the true meaning of Christmas to my heart. This Nativity will join some of her others at the LDS
Celebration of the Nativity the first weekend in December. The Church brings together several hundred Nativities from all over the world along with musical concerts. It is a fun place to see
and a great way to start the Christmas Season. You can have your Black Friday....I will take this anytime.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It Was A Colorful Summer

It really has been an amazing year of color..... at least out here in the Northwest. The fall hasn't been bad either. In fact, we are just finishing up. Since I haven't been able to write about it, I just thought I would show a little of it. I'm not real sure what these are but aren't they cool?
God definitely did a great job with color and aren't we lucky to be able to see it !!!!!!!!   

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Frustration Personified

I have been trying for months to update this blog but to no avail. Finally, a good friend cleaned up my computer and now it seems to be working. I am not a tech person. I admit to being an old fogey but all technology drives me crazy. I like some things about it but most of it just stinks. Here's to the beautiful things in life. Have you stopped and smelled a rose today or were you texting.