Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, World!!!!!!!!

It is 11 minutes before midnight here in Washington State. There are already fireworks going off but they are too soon. People like to shoot off fireworks just to make a lot of noise and to scare my cat. Cashew is nowhere to be found. Can't blame her for that.
Elinor and I celebrated by going to see "Saving Mr. Banks" this morning. It was a delightful film but the part I liked best was the end when you see Mr. Banks sing "Let's Go Fly A Kite". What a happy song and what a good idea. Let's all go and fly a kite. Let us be happy and share that happiness with others.
I know we all have problems but being miserable about them isn't helpful. Being hopeful is the key.
There is a solution if we are willing to look and try and work. Sitting back and doing nothing gets nothing. Doing a little bit is better then not. I am one of the worst offenders but I think I will try to change that. It is a thought.
Happy New Year World, especially to you, Cuz.

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DC Cuz said...

Happy New Year to you Cuz!!! Sorry I'm a little late! Loved your New Year's thoughts and ideas. I think we all could benefit from that positive outlook! Looking forward to numerous movies - Mr. Banks being one of them. We're just waiting for everyone to go back to school! Talk about fireworks, we are having a very cold, windy, snowy night and someone was out there setting off fireworks! Actually, it might be kinda cool to see...but my dogs are like Cashew...they don't care for the noise! Congrats on buying the Old Woman in Purple! Love those! Tell Elinor I sent her an email after seeing the "We Love You Mom" video. Good stuff! :)