Friday, January 3, 2014

Bye Bye Love

I just read that Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers died. All I can hear in my head is  "Bye, Bye
Love" and Wake Up Little Susie". It brings back memories of Horse Haven Inn and Jeanetta
La Rosa cooking up some of the best French fries I have ever eaten. It was there I learned the "Twist". It is the only dance I could ever do. I didn't have the rythem for anything else. Oh well, the gal standing next to me could do it all. If you are wondering what she is wearing, that was our gym
uniform. Can you believe it?
As I have watched the end of the year memories of those who have passed away, I wonder how many will remember the Everly Brothers and Peter O'Toole and Jean Stapleton. Well I remember them and as long as someone does, then they are still here. "Bye Bye, My Love, Goodbye.

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DC Cuz said...

I think we all learned how to dance at HH Inn! My favorite Netta dish was a grilled cheese samich! And to this day I still love a strawberry Twizzler! Good times - but not good fashion sense! No wonder I got so many demerits for cut offs, shirt tails out, and no socks or stockings. Look what they made us wear! LOL! How about this one...Hooka Tooka my soda cracker! LOL