Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Can't Believe I Did That!!!!

I can't believe I did that!!!! One of the Domino Queens, Sue Moore, asked me to speak at the Relief
Society meeting on the 13th about genealogy and I said yes. I hate speaking in front of people and I certainly don't want to be involved that much in the Relief Society. It is not that they aren't a great group and they definitely get a lot done for the Church but that is too involved for me. Yet I said yes.

I love genealogy and if I can spark someone to jump in and get their feet wet than that is good. For me, genealogy is more than just names and dates: it is the stories. The stories are what make the people real. I am so sorry I didn't get caught up in this sooner. I would have listened more closely to my Grandfather Totman's stories about his childhood. I would have tried getting some information from my Grandmother McDonald or listened to my Grandfather McDonald. Maybe he would have told me when he changed his name. He did it somewhere between 1900 and 1906. I know this because he was Oliver Ross Ewing on the 1900 census and he was O. Ross McDonald when he married my Grandmother in 1907. I figured he wouldn't have changed his name after he met her

. We always wait too long........bummers.

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DC Cuz said...

I KNOW how you don't like speaking in front of a crowd - but when you talk about something you are passionate about then you tend to get lost in the moment and forget all about that unease. Way to go! I'm sure the folks all got caught up in your enthusiasm and have probably sent several folks home just waiting to get started on their own searches.

I have often said the same thing - that I wish I had paid closed attention to the various stories told by our parents and grandparents. I just thought they would always be around to tell the stories or that I wouldn't forget. Wrong on both counts! In the meanwhile, I'll just enjoy the stories you dig up! :)