Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Fiesty Little Lady

My Dad's second wife died on the 27th of January but I just found out today. I had been trying to reach MJ but no answer. I called my nephew, Ross Bailey, because he lives in NJ and not that far from CT. He contacted the police and they told him she had fallen on the 25th and died two days later.
I have tried to keep in touch with MJ because I always liked her. I remember when I met her for the
first time.....she made my Dad laugh. I loved that. I enjoyed being around her. I liked going with them when they visited her Mom in NJ. I liked what she did for my Dad.

I made a horrible mistake by asking her not to come out to California for my Dad's birthday. She and Elinor didn't get along and I thought things would go better. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!! She never forgave me and I have never forgiven myself. I tried to make up for it but I don't think she ever forgot.

I am sorry, MJ. I tried to show you in every way I could that I really loved you and I was just stupid.
I hope you can forgive me now.

I will always be glad I knew you.